If You’re Ever Going to Buy A Standing Desk- NOW Is the Time- HUGE Sale!

If You’re Ever Going to Buy A Standing Desk- NOW Is the Time- HUGE Sale!

Hi folks, I’m Bob Schrupp physical therapist, Brad Heineck physical therapist, together we are the most famous physical therapists on the internet, In our opinion of course, Bob, all right If you’re ever gonna buy a standing desk now is the time because there’s a huge sale going on. We’re at Amazon Prime day So that’s July 16th and 17th. If you’re watching this video after the fact, sorry you missed out Well, you know, that’s the way it goes Bob. So you want to jump on this thing right away, you know, we’ve talked about the standing desk a lot I have one and I use it all the time We’ll go over to some of those benefits But before we do that Brad, yes, if you are new to our channel, please take a second to subscribe to us We provide videos on how to stay healthy fit pain-free and we upload every day Also go over to Facebook and like us it’s Bob and Brad Brad’s having a little trouble there if you can see the Bob and Brad right there There we are, you like us we like you we give out positive vibes. You can feel them. I’m sure, oh yeah, things are just vibrating So we got a whole bunch of products here that Flexispot sent to us Again I want to talk about just some of the benefits first Why do you want to consider that you may want to stand up during the day while you’re working, right Particularly those people who are sitting at a computer workstation for most of the day or maybe the full 8 hours of work or more Boy that constant sitting causes some potential problems over the long term. It’s like, they’re saying it’s worse than smoking It’s like you’re sitting yourself to death. I mean these are the statements they’re putting out there You’ve got increased high blood pressure. You’ve got elevated cholesterol with prolonged sweating. Sweating? Sitting increased cardiovascular disease increased diabetes increased colon breast and endometrial cancer So a lot of bad things, right and we’re getting these from studies, right these aren’t just us making these up There’s a whole host of studies that are backing us up on this one Brad So increased weight gain and this is the one where I saw the benefit, after I used one of these for about six months I had less pain, I was getting pain right between my shoulder blades and I was just mentioning to one my co-workers here today is that The other day I put my desk back down again to give myself a break and I looked over and there was a mirror Right by me and there I was all hunched over The mirror doesn’t lie, so as soon as I stand this thing up, I’m in good posture So, you know that alone for back pain and maybe even a little bit of neck issues You can sometimes really make a difference. So we got four products here Brad that we were given by Flexispot. Thank you And they got some really decent sales going on here So if you’re ever gonna buy one now is the time, right save a little money. Let’s talk about the first basic one Brad So they got different numbers for these and such. Let’s, can we pull out that board right here? Oh, absolutely Prime day, so let’s come on over here So hopefully you can read this, how are we looking here? This is gonna give us a thumbs up hopefully, so they got weird numbers on here If you ask me Brad, but I mean But the one probably the standard one is called the M2B M2MG standing desks You’ll see a link below. That’s this one and this one right here, right That’s just a regular desk converter. It was $329.99 now it’s $224.99. Let’s just talk about this first then So that’s a good price You can obviously, you know, put it on pretty much any surface We got it on another desk right here and then we have it on a table here It’s got multiple adjustment heights. They say twelve of them, right, there’s different heights. Yeah, it’s one sided So you just easily go up and easily go down When you have all your gear on there it’s a little more difficult to Push it down I found believe it or not Well, no maybe bringing it up was a little harder I guess, that would make sense wouldn’t it It doesn’t just go flying up. It’s a little more difficult, which is okay You don’t want things to go up too fast anyway and off it goes so it’s got a deep workspace here And they did testing on this 6000 times before it broke down So I’m not ever worried about doing it a couple times a day because that’s a lot of times They’re gonna years out of that and you want to show how it’s got the removable spot there for the keyboard. There’s just two little some pedals there you can take that off and easily remove it if you don’t want it you can use, you know laptop Desk only, right, and you can see its got like a mahogany type here and a black one there So you got oh, yeah, I don’t know. Can you see that? So this one, you know This is definitely a great one for the starter kit basically You want to give this a try the second one let’s pull up that again Brad the thing here I hope I’m correct here, M3B Standing desk converter. Thats was $349 Now it’s $244.99 what a deal that’s chopping off a lot of money. That’s over a hundred dollars, right Yeah over a third, 30% saving now, that’s a wider one We don’t have that one here, but it’ll handle like two monitors Real easily if you got the double screen But the mechanics is all the same. They just widened it out Yeah, if you go on Amazon when you go to the link down below It’ll have all the specs on it. Sure. I don’t want to get boggled down with that, right We don’t want to bore our viewers, right, they already are falling asleep, that’s right Let’s go to the third product Brad, which is the desk bike. Oh, yeah It’s kind of a cool thing cuz now not only can you stand because you can actually stand So we can bring this up, right? Mmm-hmm. So this can come up like this So you can work this and you can move it over like this too. So see like this Yep, so you can actually stand here on this side with your laptop and work on it as a matter of fact Bob There’s no reason why you couldn’t bring it over that way Stand here and whatever you want. That’s pretty versatile that way, yeah it gives you options So and then of course, you know the cool thing about this is you actually can get a workout in here, right, It’s got an adjustable seat here for different heights’ of people and it’s got different resistance on there too. Yeah I’m gonna go up a little higher there and I’m gonna go up a little higher with that and Easily adjustable and like here there’s eight resistance settings on here So if you really want to work here and work your body at the same time Typically, you’re not gonna get too aerobic while you’re working, but it keeps your legs moving You’re more alert because your blood flow is going and it’s just a wonderful combination We’ve actually been using this bike for a rehab bike at work here We have, it works out, people they like it because they’ll read a magazine While they’re working out, but it works really smooth and it works with a lot of our knee patients. Yeah, it is smooth Another little possibility. Alright, let’s go to the last one Brad. This is the creme de la creme as they would say You know if you want to really get the the ultimate in desks This would be the electric standing desk, like electric height adjustable desk. Let’s bring over What kind of savings we got on that one. Let’s bring the sign over I love this thing. This is really a nice product electric standing desk frame 30% off so the frame itself, we’re not talking about the top, the frame itself is $409.99 Now, it’s down to $286.99, right that’s significant, that’s significant So you’re still gonna have to buy a top. So we’re talking about the frame the black frame it also comes in gray but the black really rocks it if you ask me, we got black on black here and and then also If you want to get the top with the top the whole desk is normally $560 So you’re gonna have to do the math on that what it would be without the top now You really can’t appreciate it until you see what this frame does It’s just not a metal frame But we’ve got some mechanics in here that really bring this up and down you can load this down with You’re not going to get enough Computer weight and book weight, it’ll hold up to 250 pounds The tops by the way, come in black Mahogany and maple, sure, would this be mahogany? What is this? Yes, it’s probably mahogany? We’re guessing We don’t know, why don’t we take this one off Brad, sure I’m gonna pull this out. So it’s a little easier to move and this is called moving on the fly Let’s show these people All right one cool thing about this again because it’s electric now you don’t need to worry about Using the manual system, you’re gonna go ahead and you got these controls here. There’s seven controls. That’s alright You don’t need to focus in on them. Okay, and we’re just gonna go ahead I’m gonna take it I have some preset you can set Three heights, three different heights. So I’m gonna go Let’s see, which one oh, we’re on number two. That’s why it doesn’t do anything I’m gonna take it down to the lowest setting. So this is you know, if you’re on the shorter side And really on the shorter side You’re gonna want to go ahead and you can put it down to this, you could actually use this as a little kid’s table here at this point Sure so yeah, we’re at 24.4 inches, okay So now Brad you’re gonna demonstrate that this actually will hold weight. Yeah So I’ve been trying to remember which one was the upper one. I’m not afraid Bob bring me up Okay, beam me up Scotty. But yeah the mechanics on this Is just really built for industrial use I mean commercial built. You’re not gonna wear it out And as you can see, it really puts the weight on it. Don’t hit your head we can change lightbulbs here So I mean the other thing is that the sound of the motor is not that loud. Oh, no, it sounds great So now you can buy one of their tops or you can also get your own top Maybe they don’t like that fact, but you could get a top from Ikea or something like that Right, you could get a less expensive top if you wanted to If you had someone handy then you could make a nice oak one and finish it. That’s right You can make your own one and it would really work out great. Mm-hm the other feature I really like on here It’s actually got an alarm system on here To wake you up? No, well, maybe to wake you up but what you can do with this I’m trying to get you down so you can get off Oh, don’t worry about it Bob. I’ll just roll up one way or another The alarm system can be set for let’s say every 20 minutes You want to make sure you’re gonna stand or maybe every 20 minutes you’re gonna sit or you may want to do some stretching exercises That we recommend, you do that, you know so you can set the alarm I’m not going to go through that right now because we’ve done a whole video on that but So I think that’s a great feature because that’s one thing I’ve found is I get so focused on my work I either stay Sitting or I stay standing, right, So that’s the the thing that’s gonna work out well for that, and the alarm is not Terribly- it’s audible, but it’s not gonna drive people crazy in the rest of the office You know, it’s a real pleasant noise. It just reminds you your time is up. They maybe don’t like us already So we don’t want to give them another reason so Well take a look at those links below and hopefully you can find something that’ll work for you. There you go.

9 thoughts to “If You’re Ever Going to Buy A Standing Desk- NOW Is the Time- HUGE Sale!”

  1. thanks Bob and Brad, I am a student and spend a lot of time sitting at the computer. Live in Australia so not sure if I can take advantage of the sale on Amazon Prime. Good to get the info about standing desks though!

  2. When I made the switch to a standing desk. I was surprised how hard the floor feels after just a little bit of standing. I highly recommend anyone that gets a standing desk gets a fatigue mat to stand on.

  3. The standing Desk Frame would be perfect for quilters and/or crafters! Thanks, as always, for an informative video 🙂

  4. Bob and Brad. Any advice for carpel tunnel to avoid surgery? I often get the tight spots in my shoulder and above in my neck. Most nights I cannot get comfortable sleeping which does not help. Thanks

  5. What do you guys think about a treadmill for light walking at a standing desk? I'm recovering from two herniated discs in my lumbar spine, as well as dealing with spondylolisthesis grade I, so I guess I really just need a lying down desk lol.

  6. Just bought a standing desk from Amazon on the daily deal. I've been having significant pain in my hips after sitting for prolonged (and not so prolonged) periods. Xrays of the hips were clear. At any rate I'm really liking this setup. I added an anti fatigue mat to stand on. No more hip pain after spending all those hours on facebook and youtube. Lol.

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