If You LET GO You LOSE! (Human Fall Flat)

If You LET GO You LOSE! (Human Fall Flat)

Pipe on this side. Wait, how do we Tosh you? Come over here? Come on, come on. Come on go on How would we do that? I’ve got an idea. So you turn this lever Josh if you stand away this one opens, wait, what? No way. I thought yeah, that’s like carry it over. We don’t have to carry over. We just have to fix the pipes Easier look I can I’ll bring the pipe and I need to turn it around. Yeah, like this way Oh connect it Come on. Wait, that’s we need two of them. Where do we get another one from we need to open this? No No, no, just yank this one off Appropriate Josh, we cannot just break other people’s stuff. There we go Just let go. All right. Sorry, sorry. Okay. So what’s up with me like that? Alright, that was great We are doing really really well. We’ve got another one of these pipes is issues Josh. Look at look over here Well, there’s a pipe up there. So I guess we just need to get that down somehow Oh, and we’ve got a little barrel here so I get it ordered And then that lifts this up I get it Josh if we uh, if we push the barrel, it’ll it’ll push the pipe Come on, Josh. Come on. Push push you think We need to push it a little harder than that, maybe we just push it harder Maybe is this – it is something I’m telling you No, no, wait Kelly Oh Josh I’ve got plan. Can you push it? I’ll catch it easy. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay, Josh Okay I’m trying Yes, it’s working it’s actually Ricky don’t doing anything pull the power line clearly have Josh go Jenni try and grab the barrel idiot standing on me. Okay. Try guard the barrel, okay Looking straight up my butt What if I stand on the barrel no barrel coming at ya already, I’m all ready. I’m ready. Hurry up then Oh Josh I I was sitting on top of the barrel and it worked so let’s put the barrel behind it and then push it forward so it yeah, that’s Falling off that’s not good jelly. Okay, lift it up lift it roll it. Yeah, push it all the way to the edge wait No, no, no, don’t get it stuck in the barrel. Don’t get it stuck in this hole like this Josh. No. No, this is perfect No, it’s not and then we climb up this no Josh you need to use this thing to push off the blue tube this edge Is longer than the top part if we just never sure would we flip it the whole way other way Josh obviously Okay, so get rid of the blue barrel. We got to push it from the front. That’s how we do it Josh, okay Wait, let me try and go to the top Josh. Maybe I could just jump it now. Oh That’s it how wait if I just browse yes, yes, yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Oh No, it’s stuck because that they are always not there. We would have done it Josh. We move it I’m gonna try I can’t it’s stuck. The barrel is stopped Oh You’re moving it kind of yeah, but maybe the wrong way. I don’t know. There’s not a lot I can do what I need the Bears get to the side and then pull pull Pull it put no, no not from there from the side from here. Pull it out of the hole. I Might need your help on this one Josh, like if a hell cuz and this will flip No, I need to be up there though. You got a person of portal stop working Go and I’ll pull it out. Pull it out. Yes Wait, push the blue tube off wait. Oh Oh, yeah Josh, you need to get out of the way Josh you’re gonna get stuck Josh Danny the doors open. Thanks, Josh. Erick’s don’t worry about it Josh. It’ll be fine All right on an even try and get away use the lever. I think we got to put this fuel in here. Yeah cool Stick see it’s like Minecraft. What? No, I think we gotta cook it. Oh Wait, why? Oh, I get it. I thought we have to use the call for something Maybe I can hit you in the face with the call. I wasn’t gonna do that I’ve always wanted to do that jelly. We’ve got to set these sticks on fire and then put them in here. Ah Wait, come on Josh grab a stick This along first jelly. Oh, it’s fine. Okay you throw and then off you turn it off you go. No. No, it’s fine Josh pull it pull it along. Come on go. All right a stick each and On our way to the furnace. I I want to set stick on fire wait Wait a minute. Wait, what do they jump down? Not really working the way it’s supposed to I think alright I’ll be standing right over here Josh right here Alright, you bring it to the flame Josh. Yes Yeah, ah But baby bun. Alright Josh into the fire beautiful God jump back jump back you can do it Didn’t work Lose the state dummy. Can you let go? Hey nothing other than oh, okay Now look let go let go let go let go let go let go let go now get up jelly. Let’s go It’s fine. It’s fine know who you’re gonna fool off whale away. Okay move to the left I can make it – I can make it. I’m gonna swing you’re not on it right now I’m gonna swing I’m going to swing wait where to this platform to the stairs? No. Oh my goodness Did he go on the metal pop wall? Yeah. Well I was on there the whole time Yeah, and then jump across that’s exactly what I wanted to do. But you said I can’t make that Hey Jay, wait, wait, wait, wait, give me this thing. Give me the statehood Erik take it No, you have it now I’m off you’ve got it you got it just You you didn’t have it. You said I had it jelly Well, you did would you let go I didn’t let go but what that doesn’t make any sense? Can I not set this on fire? Oh, I can Josh. I did it. Okay, wait wait you wait there? Let me see if I can get the bridge back. Yeah, take give me the bridge then I’ll just I’ll just use this as a bridge. This is a huge stick. Okay quickly Josh, it’s burning up. Okay Now I can now I’ll hold it unlike you Yes That’s amazing, okay, so that’s good enough some pressure will come out twitch the lever switch the lever Yes, I fell off. Whoo. So now we’ve got a truck with another barrel. We’ve got a red brake Freyal let’s go No, that was your idea dodge How about we just push the plank is back. That’s what I said. That’s exactly what I said. Look. Oh, yeah. That was great How close it worked I said it Clearly Josh, yeah, I’m telling Seat. I was exactly what we meant to do This is what we’re bringing though, because I think because of the next-best over now. What are you doing? I’m not doing anything There we go. We got it catch it. They’ll catch you this time this next one. I got it. I got it Josh. Oh My goodness, you just got squashed. Alright, we’ve got the barrel and can now use to climb up. Yes Oh good. We are the best stars. This teamwork is on a whole different level golf. We’ve all got that. Whoo quibble who luckily Haha, the ladder here that does I just broke it Wait, actually this might it’s my work wait wait, you can use that to break the lock we can break it Give me it give me one side. Give me one side and we’re like, we’ll push it 3/8 How hard can it really be – well they said it’s got stuff on it. So yeah use the other end then, okay Hold that end. Hold that end. Okay, which way we’re going People but I’m floating of these Old the main stake – all right. I’m pushing you’re pulling It doesn’t do anything That doesn’t do anything Josh you can take any piece any piece weights to put that one on instead. There we go There we go. Yes. Yes Difficult, okay, then we access to the oh wait, I just oh I get it the pressure puts so much like thing on it We’re on it. And I blew the door open great So that’s how you grab those tubes I can just break it down like this Wait, how did we don’t know that cuz I guess we didn’t try wastin now we can replace the pieces that we need Yeah, so here I’ve just brought in a piece Josh That does not work because it needs to not release anything right now Hey, if you’re gonna make a shape like more of a complicated Suzy Oh wait, we can take even this bit out. You think I think everything we can yeah not taking this one out So this one’s very stuck All right, so we have hey, we have to work together here Josh without leaving any gaps open What Plus wait why did this door open? What do we have to do back here? I mean not just opened right Josh like this you put this one right over there Oh and then we cook that and then use the other lost piece to fill the gap. Yeah, exactly Perfect. Oh Look how smart we are charge Hey Look at that. There we go. Ma do it. I’ll go to levar. Yes Numbers already open alright or a righty? Yeah, Josh, this is science signs on a different level. Ah Okay, don’t worry about it. We do. So, uh, there’s a tube up there that we’re gonna need got it jelly I got it. There we go. What are you do with the barrels and everything bring it back? Yes boy. Yes Oh, I think we can move the crane to go get all the pieces. Aha. Alright, I’ll take this one out and You put the new one in plumber Extraordinaire look at that. Okay. We just turned something on wait. Dr. Aulick systems working now because of it Josh So yeah, but we need to turn the crane. I think yeah. Alright break the glass There we go Yes Excuse me. Alright, so you move the crane. I’ll stand on the platform. Okay. I’m at the crane jetties. Hello, Josh Do I put it? So I think if you hit the barrels that way yes Wait Josh not too far. Oh my goodness. This is a roller coaster There’s a pipe bit over there. You can climb over this guy. I can’t get back in here easily So thank you. Can you’ll be fine? Um, it’s a little bit swingy Oh Josh you like it that oh, look at Josh go. Um, Jelly, yes, you’ll be okay. Don’t worry about it All right. Nice. No No, I honestly don’t really know but I can do something with this think we got a whole bunch Oh bring that up I think I needed to get across. Yeah, wait, hold on hold on with this hold onto the top Josh and I’ll push it Further this down throw the hinge down and we’re gonna need that. So now we’ve already gonna eat that this is easy What would you use this one? Oh, we need to use all three of them Josh No, no, or maybe we do to get the full power. Ah Yeah, we haven’t got a part for that yeah, we need a different part Yolo see you later Josh that’s dangerous come on Pop it. Oh, that’s the part we needed Yeah This is great. I wonder if it makes it go so fast. There’s something happened. Come on Jenny time. Don’t lose it Jelly, jelly gonna lose it holding on to it. Look Okay, wait Oh, should we line this up? Wait, this one needs to go on the other side. Hang on Let me grab this for the first here you get them into one in on it. Yeah, there we go I feel so ah was a weird playing this game. There we go. No, no. No, yeah You’re a little bit in the way Josh. No, it’s wrong way around you have to have that bit Yeah, I’m trying but you’re in the way clearly you had it wrong Josh. Are you kidding me? Your body was there I couldn’t rotate. Oh, yeah. Yeah So we’ve got a huge amount of power down Emily Josh hold on to it. We’re gonna be fine. We’re on foot Oh my god, it’s just broken entire platform. Where did you go? I’m right here behind you I respond Wait, I think we did it. No way. We finally find the way out Josh Kelly does nigger Great thank you guys so much for watching this video if you enjoyed it click on that subscribe button And also make sure to check out the new exclusive jelly army t-shirts on jelly store.com

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