I Ordered a Deadly Dinner from the Internet...

I Ordered a Deadly Dinner from the Internet…

[Laughter] [Applause] right now I take the PP to start the video it's my intro but you know that's what's up a little bit so the content doesn't get dried you know you got to switch it up be entertaining and also pin for the intro for the win thank you but anyways kids always screaming in my ear during my intro but anyways my name is jake tupman every single day upload bangers for you guys right now I look so weird as my settings messed up hold on if you're new to the channel please do me a favor and hit that subscribe button we just hit half a million subscribers and we're only going up from here guys half a million that's crazy our I've never thought in a million years I would hit that milestone but we did and we're only going up from here so join the Duffy's doing a journey heythat's up button and yeah it'll should be a great day every single day thank you very much how you doing you got the shades on looking in fresh okay I see I see okay yeah we you could tell that we're just like the flyest crew in town I got a kirby shirt on with hot dog pants and he's got pineapples and shit yep we're awesome sick with really slow everything he does is just slow motion now because he smokes I think that's the opposite no stop I think you're doing it wrong yeah just that's not the right drug he's still gone oh all know what's going up yo I think I found a solution though okay now he's not I don't know what he's done but he's going crazy okay so I'm on my computer right now and I'm on Amazon Prime I'm looking for the most exotic crazy foods that we can possibly buy on the internet was doing all research all day so I decided to call on Amazon and there's three items that I just ordered there's on my way to my house right now should be here in the next couple of days the first one is Deathwish ground coffee the world's strongest coffee there's like a skull on it and everything I don't know if it's gonna instantly give me a heart attack Oh what's gonna happen but I'm definitely super excited to try that because I love coffee you guys know that so the world's strongest coffee never saw youtuber ever do before I'm gonna be the first to ever do that also number two there's Satan's blood chilli extract hot sauce is 800,000 sold Vil units or whatever it's called I don't know that proper terms I dropped out of school apparently it is the third hottest substance on planet earth like the hottest thing your pasta dude it's way higher than jalapenos or what do they call them pala Rana ghost peppers and always way way more hot than any of that stuff it's called Satan's blood it's literally like crazy stuff and then the third one we got an edible dehydrated zebra tarantula so if you guys know what a tarantula is it is like a really big spider a big hairy spider so pretty much I guess they just dehydrated it and made it edible and I'm not gonna be I wonder if it's a you're gonna get that one yeah but I wonder if it's like the ones from Brazil cuz the ones from reserved like the size of dinner plates imagine bro it came and was like this big so sad dude I hate spiders bro if you eat that now oh dude I would literally so hard I'll do that the savings blood and like the death coffee but 2000 years later the dog the da da da da da da da got the package I don't know if it's all of the items that I ordered out here three of them I don't know if they're gonna be shipped separately or if they're all on this box but I'm super excited I don't know what it is hopefully it's all through them but we're gonna open it right now what was that yeah do that again do that again yeah one more time yo Oh your head wasn't in it it was just a body bro that's why I backed up bro all right ready Waverly I say go oh that was hard bro I wish I could do that way that's a strong box I'll try to make it all dramatic and I can't even open the box that's crazy let me get that point of view you know I'm saying oh dude is it all if all of them it's all three dude I'm pumped okay so so we gotta get you I can't speak English as I'm so excited oh my god [Laughter] okay first object bring it over waiter chop-chop vegetables and flowers sir thank you very much right here okay so the first oh my god this is kind of dense what'd they put a brick in here we got the Deathwish coffee it is apparently the world's strongest coffee that you can possibly buy there's even a warning sign on the back that says warning the world's strongest coffee that's how you know it's legit and on the top it says warning don't world stronger so I'm pretty sure it's the world's strongest coffee and on the bottom it says the world's strongest coffee so yeah it's the world's strongest coffee so all jokes aside guys I know a lot of people do like dark web boxing it's not like one of those bullshit videos where you just kind of grab a random box go to the dollar store and throw things in and say it's haunted this is like actually like legit stuff I went on Amazon that did some research and I mean you can tell obviously I didn't make make any of this up there's this and there's other objects that are apparently though like I don't know if I'm gonna say those foreign objects of eating but they're definitely super weird and crazy objects of eating wow I suck at talking so I'm back up the deadly coffee it says high caffeinated both of our signature blend and roasted process we're designed to deliver you that extra kick in the pants you need to get going huh I don't need an extra kick are they saying I'm flaccid harness your super powers let your mind and body super powered by 100% organic ingredients instead of toxic chemical stimulants okay so apparently even though it's super super super strong it is organic and there's not like these crazy chemicals in it so it's good about this it's not a brand oh by the way I just wanted to get some deadly coffee for the me and the boys okay with that being said next object waiter thank you very much oh my god well I said hot that's against my chest sir why is this Boggs hot it is hot sauce this is the third world this is the third hottest hot sauce in the entire world it's not the number one you couldn't buy the number one hot sauce anywhere so this is the third hottest I think it's like 1 million Scoville units if that's how you say I don't know the proper term but it's called Satan's blood and I thought that was a supercool name and which made me want to buy it because I know that all of you guys are probably gonna make this blood drink the whole bottle and die for us thank you okay so I thought the bottle was gonna be a lot bigger oh my god is so tiny what the heck there came a sticker though so it makes up for it but I thought the bottle like when I saw it online I didn't read Indians like the description or anything like that probably told me how big it actually was but I assumed it was gonna be like a big like bong sized bottle here it is right here Satan's blood this thing smells gnarly it's 800,000 Scoville units it's chilli extract and it is 40 milliliters of it so there's not that much but it's definitely enough to put someone in the emergency room I read up about this kind of stuff and I said it's so hot that people literally get put into the hospital and I'm gonna get like their stomach pumped and stuff like that I can do damage to you if you drink too much of it so we've got to be super careful with this but me and the boys are still probably gonna chug it and send it because it's all we do on this channel is full scent right here it says conceived on Friday the 13th in October 2000 during a full moon avoid any and all contact with skin and body parts keep away from children wow that sounds kind of scary okay next entre winter this is my personal fear please okay we got a zebra tarantula and it's edible so which means that do CH I open it or do think about open it and it goes bad I'm not open it you wanted to stare questions can be okay so apparently I'm not gonna open this right now but it is a tarantula straight from Australia that is edible they dehydrated it and I guess defamed it and deem venom eyes dit or whatever they had to do to make it edible but I'm not gonna be eating this because that's way too gnarly for me pile but this idiot over here is it's an actual tarantula if you don't know what that is it's like one of those spiders that everybody is scared of like when you think of scary spider you think of a spider it's like the big hairy ones with the big back on it and stuff like that you guys can see it right there it says zebra tarantula and it has all the ingredients or whatever the hell it is on here it's super light dog thought it was gonna be heavy not too heavy so I guess that it's a spider than the big package intoo sold out big it is you guys can't see it yet because I can't see yet tomorrow I think steps are gonna be sending it and gonna be eating this this big boy right here so if you guys want to see that you better make sure you hit that subscribe button if you haven't already and make sure you never miss an upload cuz if you're here right away then you're an OG and I'm going to come to your house and lick your nipples this tarantula thing though and this is like actually so weird it's like it's a huge there's no tarantulas in New Jersey I don't know where they are obviously they're from Australia I know that but there could be other place in the world I don't know it's like one of those spiders that you literally see on a cartoon those big-ass hairy ones and it's in this bag right now and I just want to open it so bad but I can't yet because I wanted to stay as fresh as possible and it says on my package that it's super delicate and the hairs are still the hairs are still on and everything so this man's gonna be swallowing that big you gotta try to stay tuned for this one good guys let me know what one you guys want to see first and also I could be ordering a whole bunch of more stuff like this because I found a really awesome website called Amazon and it literally has all the weirdest stuff that I can possibly buy that as edible and that we can eat the most foreign things possible let us know in the comments right now what you want to see first you want to see sub eat that tarantula do you want to see me and all the boys do the Satan's blood do you want to see us do the death coffee we're gonna do all three of them but let me know which one you want to see first in the comments right now guys well I hope you enjoyed today's video guys and if you did please do me a favor and drop a like on and if you're brand new once again hit that subscribe button join the family we just hit a half a million subscribers and we're only going up from here and I'm super pumped on that that's crazy milestone and I just can't wait to just keep growing with you guys and take this journey to a whole new level so hit that subscribe button join the duffy's guys first link in the description will also be merchandise Dufner brand.com first link in the description cop your donor brand right now he said I didn't hottest merch in the game serious down right down there take it and then send it to your friends be like yo I'm about to get another one who else wants on buh-bye number one bone you send it to your friend boom go yo go on this link right here does the brand a cop just tell your friends little ball no cotta Smurfs in the game everybody's gonna want everybody should want them because they don't be sold out and then you're not gonna happen and you're gonna start crying any gonna be like mama why didn't I have it no no well I'm just talking but I'm not just talking I'm spittin facts cuz it is darkness merch it the game first look at the description baby I love you today because you never do say [Applause]

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  1. But didn’t eat anything! Lol w as stoked tos see u actually do it. Click baiterrrr lmao post those sonnnn

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