I finally got a Standing Desk!!!

I finally got a Standing Desk!!!

– Guys, guess what? Today’s the day. I finally got myself a standing desk. For the past few years, I’ve been talking to you guys
and asking for suggestions on which desks to get, and the problem was I
really like the desks that I already have. So this is super exciting. VARIDESK reached out and said hey, we have a solution for you. This allows me to use the
desks that I already have so I can basically turn
this into a standing desk or I can still sit down if I choose to. So huge thank you to VARIDESK
for sponsoring this video. I can’t wait to unbox this. This is the VARIDESK ProPlus 36. And what’s great about this one is it’s made for dual monitors. They also have the ProPlus 30 model which is good for single monitors, but as you guys can tell,
this monitor is massive. I also sometimes do have duel monitors and I thought that this is
probably the best option for me. I’m so excited about this. I’m so excited that I was actually looking up standing facts. Did you guys know that
each hour of sitting erases eight percent
from the health benefits of an hour of running. (sighs) Yeah, I know. So let’s stop wasting time and unbox this. Matty look at this, look at this. Are you excited about the VARIDESK? This is so mommy can stand up. K bye. One thing I did notice
is this is way heavier than I thought. Oh okay. I’m completely doing this totally wrong. I was definitely doing it wrong because all I have to do is lift this up. I was expecting that I was gonna have to go get a tool kit and put stuff together. But this looks like it’s
already put together. I wish everything shipped like this. Active workspace essentials. Oh what’s this? Is this like a coaster to put my drink on? What a surprise, I think it might be. Oh my gosh is it? No way. Oh! I love cable wraps. I’m not very good with cable management as many of you know. These are great. Okay, he looks happy. He looks healthy. He looks like he’s
really enjoying his work. This is what I like to
see, no tools required. Holds up to 35 pounds. With another person’s assistance. Oh, I might need your assistance Tyler. The thing is, this one is
actually made for a straight desk. They have another version too
that’s made for curved desks, but because this curved
desk I have is really deep, this should work with no problem. But I was really surprised
how many accessories they do have on the website, so if you guys wanna check it out for more information on this
or any of their other products, check out VARIDESK.com. They have LED lights, they
have stool that’s over there that I’m gonna unbox in a second. They have so many things. Alright. Let me free you little friend. This looks really well made too, which is good because if
you’re putting your computer or your monitor or something on this, you don’t want it to feel
like it’s not sturdy. And this already feels like super, like industrial. That actually fits perfect. So there’s little handles right here and you just lift it up. Oh my gosh, the whole thing goes! No way! I thought this whole thing stayed down. Okay I’m gonna put it back down. Oh wow. Just snaps right in place. Okay I’m gonna put my monitor up there. Oh my gosh, this looks perfect. The one thing that I was
just thinking right now is if I do turn this
into the standing option, this cable is gonna be too short. But guess what? There’s also a solution for that. This is the VARIDESK power hub. So I was a little bit concerned because when this is in the standing mode, the cables that I have are plugged in pretty low to the ground. But this I can plug in my Mac Mini which is what I’m editing off
of right now for this desk. I can plug the monitor in, and this has just like this little clamp so I can clamp it to whatever I need. Like it can clamp to the desk, it can clamp to the actual desk itself. Yeah, so it has three plugs here. It also has two USB ports,
which is great as well. Just clamp this to the desk. I am so glad I got this because it makes so much sense. Like I can put my little
Mac Mini right here. I have to work on my cable
management back here, but. It’s looking good so far. This is a professional work place. Okay, I’m gonna clean up a little and finish the set up process. It’s almost set up and look at this little loaf that I found. This is Matty. Matty, take a look at this desk. See what you think. What do you think? Do you like it? Do you like it? The tail’s wagging, that means yes. What do you think? Oh my heart. It is all set up, I love how easy this is to adjust the different heights, so if you are taller you can make it whatever
height you need it to be. I’m a little on the shorter side, so I’m gonna move it down just a little. But this is the height
when it’s all the way up. And for my height, I’m thinking. Right there, this is nice. Look at me typing. Now watch me type, now watch me nae nae. Let’s watch a YouTube video, shall we. Let’s see what Jenna’s been up to. – What’s going on guys, so right now I’m actually in Yosemite National Park. – She’s in Yosemite. Oh she changed her little header. Little adventure girl. Okay so now if I wanna sit. Look at me sit. Now watch me stand. Oh man, I’m loving this so much. I never thought that a standing desk would be something that I needed. And now I feel like I
can’t live without it, and it’s only been an hour. Standing is cool, but I’ve
also seen people in offices, they have like little chairs and sometimes you can lean. So they have a VARIDESK chair
which is just over here, so I’m gonna just squeeze through here. Also got a little mat for my little feet. This is so great. Yeah that’s nice. Let’s test out the chair. This is already put together too. What kind of incredible luck is this? I don’t have to do anything. This the best unboxing
I’ve ever experienced. I’m gonna be so cool now, watch this. I feel healthier already. So if I decide I wanna sit, pop that down. Oh, like my posture. It feels, I feel good. So I know I’ve only been
using this for about 45 minutes, but already I
can tell that I just feel more comfortable, like everything
just feels like it should. Like when I’m sitting in other chairs, I just don’t feel comfortable. I like the mat too. Like my little toes just feel super comfy, it’s like a nice little squish. Oh another thing that’s good, is if I have my Macbook. Yeah this is really great. I gotta lean. This is just really awesome
and I’m so excited about this as an addition to my office. But also as an addition to my health, because I feel like I sit down so much. Like I am at my computer way too long sitting down and just
not really moving around. So this I already feel like
I’m already gonna be kinda like chilling, lounging, I’ll be standing up, I’ll be walking around. I also promised you guys some more facts. Let me get you guys some
facts before I let you go. It is believed. Should I put glasses on? I need glasses for this. It is believed that Leonardo
DaVinci painted the Mona Lisa at a standing desk as
far back as the 1400s. Thomas Jefferson had a tall desk designed so that he could stand
to work on his blueprints. That’s not it. Charles Dickens, oh, Benjamin Franklin, and Winston Churchill are also
reported to have preferred to work at a standing desk. You guys, I have been looking
up so many standing desk facts and that’s what I like
to do in my free time. So if you guys wanna share
any standing desk facts with me below, or any health benefits that you guys have found, I would love to read those
in the comments below. And now I’m gonna go because
clearly I’ve got a new toy that needs to be tended to. A huge thank you to VARIDESK again for sponsoring this video,
you guys are amazing. And if you guys wanna
check out more information about the desk or any of the accessories, check out VARIDESK.com. I’ll put a link in the description. Okay, this is actually
the end of the video. (playful music)

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