I can’t hear audio from my computer

I can’t hear audio from my computer

Hello everyone. Welcome to kundanstech.com Today I am going
to talk about one common problem in Windows and that is the audio device is not working
or I can’t hear audio from my computer. So, basically there are few things which you
can do in order to find out, in order to solve this problem. The first thing you need to do is to check
the wires which are connected to the volume jack in your system is in good condition or
not. Just check the wire of the microphone or the
speaker in order to see whether it is broken at any point or not. If the wires are okay then the next thing
you need to check is to check the volume label of the speaker or the headphone connected
to the volume jack. Just check the volume label to see if it is
high or it is mute. So, after you check these two things and if
they are okay then the next thing you need to do is to check the volume icon on the taskbar. Click on the volume icon and just see whether
the label of this sound is okay or it is mute. If you see that the volume icon is mute then
un mute it. Okay, now sometimes this volume icon may not
be visible on the notification tray on the taskbar. In that case what you need to do is you need
to go to the controlpanel. You need to the taskbar and start menu, then
from here, under the taskbar tab, you need to click on this “Customize” button and you
need to check, you need to make sure that this one “Show icon notification” is enabled. If you select this one “Hide icon and notification”
and click on “OK” now you can see that the volume icon has disappeared. So, if the volume icon is disappeared then
what you need to do is just click on “Customize” and select “Show icons and notification” so
that the volume icon is enabled on the taskbar and make sure that it is not mute. So, you checked the wires are okay, you checked
the volume icon it’s okay. It’s available and the level of the sound
is okay. Then the next step you can do in order to
solve this troubleshooting is to check whether the headphones or the speakers are disabled. So, for that what you need to do is just right
click on this icon and click on “Playback devices”. You can see in this case the speaker is disabled,
the headphone it is the default audio device. if I disabled this one then the headphone
will not work. So, make sure that the headphone, the speaker
what you are going to use is enabled. If it is disabled then you need to make it
enable. Suppose if I want to make this enable, I will
just right click on this one and click on “enable”. Then “OK”. Now we have headphones and the speakers are
enabled and you can hear the sound. So, in this way you can remove the troubleshooting. Now the next thing is suppose if the driver
for your audio device is not installed in your computer then in that case also you will
not hear the audio. You can’t see the volume icon on the taskbar. So, what can you do if you can’t see the audio
icon on the taskbar or if the driver for the audio is not installed. The first thing you need to do is find out
which driver, which hardware, which audio hardware is installed in the motherboard. This you can do by clicking on this start
button. Then you can on “Run”. Type “msinfo32” and click on “OK”. This gives information about the system in
your computer. You can click on “components”. You can see in the system summary that the
operating system installed is Windows 7 professional. The version is given there, system name, system
manufacturer whether it is 32 bit or 64 bit, the processor type. Everything is given. You can see the BIOS version and date. So, you can see all the information about
your system here. Now you can go to “components” and click on
this “sound device”. The name of this sound is high definition
audio. It is the generic driver for the audio hardware
which is installed in my computer. How can you check whether the driver is installed
in your computer or not. For that one what you need to do is we need
to right click on this computer icon on the desktop. Click on “properties” then you have to click
on this “Advanced system settings”. Then click on “Device manager” or you can
directly click on this “Device manager” on the left side. Then just expand this “sound, video and games
controller”. You an see my driver, the driver for my audio
device is already installed.if it is not installed in that case you will not be able to see anything
here. So, what to do if the audio driver is not
installed in your computer. Generally nowadays with windows vista, windows
7, Windows 8 when you install it automatically the driver for your audio hardware is installed
but before when we had windows xp or windows 2000 at that time we had to install the driver
separately. So, what to do if the audio driver is not
installed. If you have a branded laptop or branded desktop
then in that case you can go the manufacturer website. Suppose if you have an hp laptop then you
can go to the website, hp website and just put the model number. Like if you have an hp pavilion 6000 series
laptop then what you can do is you can just go the manufacturer’s website
then you can click on support and drivers. Then you can click on this drivers and download
link. Then you can just click the product name. You can tye hp pavilion dv6000. Then you can select what is your laptop series. In this case it is hp pavilion 6000 CTU notebook. Then you can go and select the operating system
what kind of operating system is installed in your laptop. Suppose it is Microsoft vista 64 bit. Select it and click on “Next”. Then you can see you have the drivers for
the different hardware. In my case I will click on audio. Then I will click on download and in this
way I can download the driver for the audio device for hp pavilion dv 6000 series and
I will install it and it will work fine. But what if you don’t know the hardware which
is installed in your device. In that case you can use a utility software
which will look for the best driver for your audio device and install it. That one is called “Driver max”. What you can do is you can go the website
drivermax.com. Then you can download it. In my case I have already downloaded this
software. Remember this software comes in two forms
one is free to use and there is premium version. If you are using free version then you are
only allowed to download two drivers per day and you need to register in order to download
the drivers. So, what trick you can do in this case is
you can have two or three email address and you can register with those email addresses
separately so that you will be able to download more than two drivers in a day. So, let’s look for the software. This is the one which is already installed
in my device. I will click on open. Remember the first time when you click open
it will scan the hardware which are installed in your computer then it will ask for you
to register before you can download the drivers. You can use your email address for registration
and remember to register with two or three email addresses so that you can download more
than two drivers per day. So, what I can do after everything i set,
I will click on “Scan for update”. You can see that it is mentioned here Free
edition. At the moment it is scanning the drivers. Okay. So, now you can see that these are the drivers
which are missing from my computer. So, you can see the drivers either they are
missing from my computer or there is an updated version. In my case if I see this audio drive device,
my driver which are installed is 2009 version and now it’s 2012 version is available. So, what I will do is I will click on this
download button and you can see there is a box appeared here which shows that the divers
is downloading. You can see the progress indicator on this
bar which shows that the diver for the audio device is downloading. Remember this driver max it will download
the best matching software for the hardware which is installed in your computer. So, after you download this device you can
just install it and it should work fine. This is the version 2012 version. Mine was 2009 . So, it’s new updated driver
for my device. Okay so, the drier for audio device is downloaded. Now I need to install it. Here you can see that there are two drivers
one is for realteak wireless adapter and the other one is for audio device. So, I want to select both of these drivers
to be installed then I have to put a tick mark on this check box.if I want to select
only the audio device then I will put a tick mark here. Now click on “install”. Now this is asking me whether I want to install
the driver. I will click on “yes”. Then this is asking me permission in order
to install this driver. I will click on “yes”. Now again I am getting a message that Do I
want to create a restore point before installing. Why it asks is in case if the driver does
not suit the audio device, in case if it does not installs then it that case you can always
revert back to the old driver. Let me just click No in this case. Still the installation process is going on. Just for the driver to install. Okay now I can see that the driver installation
is completed. I will just click on “OK’ and it is asking
me that the reboot is required after the driver is installed. So, I will just click on “OK” and I will restart
the computer and the driver for the audio device will be installed. So, in this way you can remove the troubleshooting
if the audio driver , if the audio is not, if the audio is not enabled in your computer

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    He'll, it even says the speakers are working on both Realtek and normal windows speakers.

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    3.i use Realtek High Definition Audio then right click update driver software.
    – if no update driver software uninstall the audio driver u use.
    4.after that restart your computer/pc.
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