I built a working Lego® Computer out of 2,192 bricks #TheBrixtyFour #SpeedBuild

I built a working Lego® Computer out of 2,192 bricks #TheBrixtyFour #SpeedBuild

Hello, Perifractic here, your friend in Retro The Commodore 64 is the best-selling home computer of all time So when I saw a miniature Lego one, I wondered if it might be possible to build a full-sized To use either as a replacement Lego case with a real motherboard and keyboard in there Or the fully Lego motherboard and sprung mechanical Lego keyboard To make the ultimate executive desk toy! Here’s a short time lapse of the journey that followed And I thank you for joining me on it By the way if you’ve ever thought about building your own PCB Not a Lego one I recommend PCB way They really create people to deal with They’ve been helping me out with an upcoming Commodore project As we all know PCB stands for Perfractic’s Commodore Bricks Thanks for watching! Comment below and Cheerio!

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  1. Also, did anyone else have a 1541 with “singing” vents on the top? One of the two drives I had would would emit a frequency if you ran your hand over it from back to front (similar to making a crystal wine glass “sing” by running your finger around the edge).

    I’ve never seen mention of this, but maybe it’s just because it’s something lots of people noticed, but never brought up?

  2. Honestly, for me, your LEGO C64 design with the fully Lego sprung keyboard is top notch and outclassifies the original c 64 by miles! You did a super work!!

  3. This was an amazing feat of engineering and creativity and that's what LEGO is all about. And you helped the preservation of one of the most important computers in history! You deserve more praise than even my verbosity can express. Well done; very well done.

  4. Very well done 🙂
    I bet here in Germany they would charge 300€+ for the LEGO C64 kit (w/ LEGO Keyboard) if they would produce it

  5. um you didn't put the internals back in how is it suppost to look and work like one if i just powers on but yet doesn't hook up to a tv.

  6. O/ Yay my Lego Space coloured idea for #TheBrixtyFour with Benny Minifig finishes off the video. Thanks 🙂 I couldn't hit the like button hard enough XD

  7. Was a bit disappointed that you didn't build a working computer with LEGO case and LEGO keyboard, but with the real motherboard.

  8. 3:17 careful not to fry your board another time, ahaha! (I remember that from the foo video… no I meant the first video)

  9. ** looks at my current keyboard ……… looks at the lego keyboard ………. looks back at my keyboard ** …… *sigh lol

  10. Really great signature music in your episodes- this channel is consistently creative & uplifting. Thanks a lot Perifractic, your retro recipes are intergalactic! My usual greetings from the Cape of Good Hope peninsula-

  11. this project is cool but it was already talked about in the previous few episodes ….when You will have new content 🙂 ??

  12. That's an impressive build man.

    Congratulations on your dedication to revive this piece of tech history… Well, it was never dead actually, but you know what I mean 😉

  13. What an amazing achievement. I can't imagine how many hours you put into this. Next project? How about a Lego joystick or Lego Power Brick for the C64?

  14. The craziest of all C64 related things I saw. Not because of an idea but because of the thinking, time and effort that were put into this. I got tired only from thinking about building it… 😉 And the keyboard that works! Wow… Congrats, Peri!

  15. I've liked this video ca. 4 hours ago, turned PC off. Now I've turned PC on, restarted the browser and I see this video hasn't my like indicated! :-O YT is cheating! 🙁 May I suggest investigating this, if you have time for such thing, dear Peri? 🙂

  16. I've just voted for this project on the LEGO website. I had to spend time to set an account there and all this nonsense just to vote so I hope it will count. 🙂

  17. LaWL the multimeter part
    Okay unexpected edit
    … i think you should reheart this cuz ACCIDENTALLY edit the comment lawl

  18. The title is very misleading and convinced people that you made a computer purely out of legos. But all you did is make a shell and put a motherboard inside.

  19. Very cool, love your videos, very entertaining. Might have to investigate building an Amiga version in Lego and place a Raspberry Pi 4 inside 🙂 Keep up the great work.

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