It’s that time once again, I have asked you to send me your silliest daftest redstone ideas on Twitter And you guys have responded it in your thousands so today I’ve picked out 10 of them that we’re going to be showing in today’s video This episode is a bit of an interesting one now this first one comes from Captain Obvious who has asked me to make a wither powered sugar cane farm now This is a bit of an interesting idea as you can see we’ve got to our wither Trapped in this setup right here now This is the standard wither cage of having the wither down here Inside the bedrock obviously if you were to build this in survival mode And you have to do it pretty low in the world so you get this out out We then have an iron golem above him that the central head is focusing on and then inside here We’ve got ourselves a little witch Which can heal herself? One of the only ones that can heal themselves can heal herself from the wither which means that it stays there meaning that this entire setup Can stay inside your wells and then of course down here? We’ve got ourselves some Sugar cane which is growing and being broken by the wither heads with the sugar cane being placed inside this chest That’s pretty cool. Isn’t it? I kinda want one of these in my own world Anyway moving on from that incredibly loud sugar cane farm is probably the loudest who came from ever had this next idea comes from Sebastian Jensen who was asked for a working diagonal escalator if it works, try it with mobs.. well I have to say this was a little bit tricky the first design that I came up with was something a little bit like this So we do this, and then I thought I’d get caught up in the piston arm and kind of be pulled backwards And then be pulled upwards, but that didn’t end up working so instead I opted for this design Which I think it’s fair to say actually the work surprisingly very well. Oh, did you see how fast we travel up that thing? We absolutely fly up it, but I have to say I’m a little bit nervous because I haven’t tried this thing with mobs yet so let’s grab ourselves villager and See exactly what happens hopefully he doesn’t decide to run off. Okay if we give this a flick *laughs* Well there we go it works perfectly ah That’s fantastic highly doubt it would on servers though. Yes servers and these sorts of piston setups Don’t really mix too. Well gamer science has asked me to make a working time bomb now this is the system that I’ve created as you can see this is a Relatively big piece of TNT and if we take a look around the back. It is definitely packing a bit of a punch We’ve got a big wall of TNT here, and it’s also two blocks thick now the way this thing works This is a very long time bomb the way that this thing works is We have got items inside all of these double chests and what we’re waiting for with this ticking noise Which we’ve added in is we’re waiting for all of these items to be cleared out And then eventually once all of the items are cleared this comparator will switch off Which will turn on this redstone torch igniting this TNT which will cause the entire thing to explode I don’t know about you guys, but that ticking is definitely making me feel a little bit tense I mean that is that is not a nice sound to have with this much TNT lying around Speaking of time this redstone contraption is going to take a very long time to kick into action Forceful gamer has asked me to make the most complex single piston extender and although this isn’t necessarily the most complex system It’s definitely the most long-winded what we have here is 10 Stacked etho hopper clocks running into a piston that we have out the back right here now that piston is Probably not going to extend it in my lifetime I am gonna have to ask you guys to do the maths on this one, but let me just quickly explain the concept What we have here is we’ve got a standard etho hopper clock So you can see there are items traveling back and forth between these Pistons And as you just saw right there these Pistons moved across it pushed that redstone block across which then caused this little monostable circuit to extend and Every single time this redstone block moves from this position to this position on this side it will allow one item Just one item to leave from this hopper and move into this hopper now obviously We’ve got a lot of item moving to do here We’ve got 320 items inside this hopper And they have to travel from that hopper into this hopper and then back it into this hopper To move this redstone block from there to here and then back to there again and once that has happened 640 times this redstone clock has to go back and forth once that’s happened. Then it will allow one item to travel from this hopper into this hopper So as you can imagine once you scale that process up through 10 different hopper timers It’s going to take a very Very long time for this piston to extend you guys can do the maths down the description This is just a quick disclaimer to say that after I recorded this I remembered the spun work is actually an ex-member of the hermit craft server did a very interesting video Talking about exactly the same thing. I mean that’s funny How brains work that must have been somewhere in my the back ends of my brain? I’ll put a link to it down the description because it’s super interesting Anyway moving on from that maths lesson of a redstone contraption Carl Ben has asked for mumbo-jumbo meeting his twin So here we have mumbo jumbo and here is the twin the long-lost twin And they are currently being separated by this sand wall now Let’s see what happens when we flip this lever right here, so the sand is falling. Oh my word it looks like he’s quite shocked to see and ah it’s blown his little mind his little minds been blown and ah That looks like something out of a horror movie doesn’t it oh? I don’t know if I can look at that anymore, and you know what he’s twin doesn’t sound like he’s doing much better He’s got he’s got spiders skeletons zombies living in his head Consideratejoker has asked me to make a fully functional sink or basin now. I have to say I Tried my best on this one This was the best that I could do so what we’ve got is if we throw an item Inside this sink here what I wanted to try and do is I want to try and create the motion of an item inside a basin so as you can see we throw the item inside here, and it will wind its way around and Eventually it will kind of squirm its way down through into the center and then drop out through the middle Did I do a good job on this I feel like I did a half decent job on this I mean you know I’m sure you’ll let me know down in the comment section Sebastian Jansen again for the second time in today’s video has asked me to make a system that when you blow out the candles on A birthday cake or a redstone torch the cake will open up with the president inside And if possible add fireworks instead of confetti and tried to have the birthday song playing in the background There’s a lot of requests inside that tweet right there And the only one that I couldn’t do is the Happy Birthday song because for those you don’t know Disney actually owns the rights to The happy birthday song and if you play it you owe them copyright money I know that seems completely ridiculous doesn’t it but anyway if we break these redstone torches Then as you can see we get our fireworks they’re shot up into the sky and Also, all of the cherries drop down and they reveal a bunch of presents for you hidden inside the birthday cake Which does make you think I mean? It’s kind of ruin the birthday cake I’d be quite annoyed if someone put my presence inside the birthday cake because not only have you Now got loads of cake on your presents, but I also can’t eat my cake because it’s filled with presents Maybe that’s useless Another person who’s managed to get into this video twice is Captain Obvious who has asked me to build a redstone Corridor basically door so that layered horizontally together to open one after the other Now I managed to do this and of course. I am using the trusty observers to pull this off these things They still don’t look quite like redstone contraptions to me But if we stand on these pressure plates out the front you can see that the piston doors will open up and we can run On through and then if we look behind us they all closed up behind now one Interesting fact about this system is of course with a corridor of this length. We’re fine We’re safe, but if you were to build this longer Obviously these Pistons close up faster than the player can sprint Can you imagine how horrible that would feel if you’re running and that things catching up with you knowing that you’re about to be crushed Noah holly has asked me to recreate the infamous chicken explosion from hermitcraft season 4, but with even more chickens It’s been too long now the reason that there haven’t been any more chicken explosions is Because of the new entity cramming rule the new game rule this in minecraft this stops you being able to create things like this Thankfully you can actually switch it off in the settings and right there. We have got How many how many entities do we have there? I think it’s about 140 That’s there’s quite a few and one thing that I quite like is if we stand in here Things get a little bit crazy as you can see where we’re being bounced around by all of these chickens, but anyway Let’s see what happens If you if you break one of the blocks I Was kind of expecting more to happen So clearly Clearly we can’t have chicken explosions anymore. What happens if I jump in Okay, that’s a little bit more like it, but still not particularly spectacular Are you serious? Oh? What a total failure which brings me quite nicely onto the final piece of today’s video Which I guess you could say has been a failure of the series because every single time I’ve done one of these episodes this request has come up. This time. It’s come from Artemus redstone They’re not the one that requests every single time, but they have asked for a redstone machine that makes a redstone machine And I can’t do it. I can’t do I can’t even think how I would do it I mean obviously I could create like a self building don’t visit extendo using observers and things like that But it wouldn’t it wouldn’t look that cool. It wouldn’t be that impressive So I think for this one I’m going To ask for a little bit help what I want you to do is I want you to head off to your redstone Testing worlds wherever they may be and I want you guys to create the craziest most insane Self building redstone contraptions you possibly can I want you to build them? And then I want you to record videos of them putting the world download down the description of those videos with the title Mumbos self building redstone contraption and then in a month’s time. I’m going to be searching that on YouTube I’ll take a look through the results and if there’s enough which there may not be enough as this is quite a complicated redstone challenge Then I will download those worlds, and I will make videos on all of my favorites I’m very excited to see if you guys can come up with anything and what you guys come up with and I think That just about rounds everything up for today’s redstone video if you’ve enjoyed it Please be sure to hit that like button and if you really loved it then make sure to subscribe, but thanks for watching guys This is the mumbo I’m out. I’ll see you later

100 thoughts to “I BUILD your SILLY REDSTONE IDEAS! #13”

  1. Build a trap that shoots arrows everytime someone presses the wrong button!!!! That'll be fun, right?

  2. You know that corridor sorta reminds me of the wind waker earth temple staircase puzzles where the wall opens up and slices just slide from side to side

  3. How'd u make those stairs and the multiple doors that open at one so fast u need to do a tutorial for that plz

  4. a crazy thing that you can build is a machine that makes a machine that makes a machine that makes a machine

  5. Man its easy to make i ve made 328 of them and one of them makes a player launcher but sorry i cant sent u because no u tube channel and also my private server mumbo and i have one that makes u

  6. Spectacular!!!! I love your basin, time bomb, diagonal elevator, piston corridor.. perfect ! 🙂 I wish I had brains for redstone contraptions. These are awesome 🙂

  7. Mumbo had trouble building a diagonal elevator while pewds made a spiral elevator using redstone xD

  8. When I was younger, I chose to just turn off my computer's volume whenever my redstone machines (or nether portal) were to loud. But guess what… when I was mining diamonds next to a lava lake I couldn't hear that "zzzzz" which would have saved my life- or diamonds

  9. About that piston extender:
    "High up in the North in the land called Svithjod, there stands a rock. It is a hundred miles high and a hundred miles wide. Once every thousand years a little bird comes to this rock to sharpen its beak. When the rock has thus been worn away, then a single day of eternity will have gone by."

  10. It would be significantly faster to wait for the piston to extend because of a glitch than to wait for that piston to extend because of the red stone connected to it.

    It would also be significantly faster to wait for the computer to fall apart, or the hard drive the world is stored on to become unusable.

  11. for the time
    bomb your could of use a preasure plate and use diamonds to activate the TNT, diamonds or gold will preasure the plate. (heavy pressure plate)

  12. The happy birthday song is owned by warner chappel not disney, and since end of 2016 you can openly play the happy birthday song without having to pay fees! Google it!

  13. I know how to have a chicken explosion, have them all in a glass box, like you did and then just place a water source at the top so they all spray out.

  14. You could have also used a redstone lamp and some redstone so that when it would turn into night time the tnt would blow up. Imagine your friend is a miner, he goes out on a mining adventure, you place my redstone lamp tnt contraption in his house, he comes back after two days, sees his house blown up.

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