Hyena On the Keyboard I 건반위의 하이에나 – Ep.7 [ENG/2018.05.02]

Hyena On the Keyboard I 건반위의 하이에나 – Ep.7 [ENG/2018.05.02]

(On a rainy spring day…) I like rainy days. I have for a while. Shooting has become a lot nicer. Yeah. (This place where a quiet conversation takes place) (Things are looking classy) (There’s even wine!) (Hyena on the Keyboard) (The new studio) Are you aching since it’s raining? My body aches but I’m in a good mood. (The rock legends of Korea) (Kim Taewon, Kim Jongseo) I’m really excited about today. (He’s written so many hit songs) (Korea’s greatest guitarist that’s naturally talented) (Kim Taewon) (The symbol of Korean rock for over 30 years) (His unique voice is so distinctive) (Kim Jongseo) (Today’s hyenas are Kim Taewon and Kim Jongseo) The weather… It’s raining, right? Aren’t you aching? – When it rains… / – I like rainy days. (Someone approaches the two old guys) Hello. Hello. I’m JB of GOT7. Nice to meet you. (The group’s new song “Look” charted 1st in March) (GOT7 is one of the hottest idol groups) (The second hyena is JB of GOT7) Nice to meet you. – You’re in GOT7? / – Yes. – That’s 7 members. / – Yes, that’s right. JYP. That’s right. Wow, JYP… You have no idea what I’m talking about, do you? Stop pretending like you know. Just ask. I know JYP. ♪ Don’t leave me ♪ ♪ Don’t leave me ♪ That’s Shin Seunghun. (He even got the lyrics wrong) He’s a progressive person, isn’t he? Yes, very. (Progressive) Hello. (Here come the hosts) ♪ On this day ♪ I haven’t seen you in ages, Jongseo. Is this Snoopy? He’s not Snoopy, Taewon! I’m Sleepy. Not Sleeper. I was shocked when I heard JB would be here. This show is about writing songs. I’ve always been interested in writing songs. I’ve dabbled in producing and sequencing. I see. Right. JB did their current title track and their last one. – Really? / – Yes, I wrote those songs. I heard we’d have 3 teams today. Why do you think there are empty seats here? The last team we’ll bring in will greet you on stage. Right now? (Who is the last hyena?) (We can’t believe this collaboration) (Loco and Hwasa) ♪ My finger lies ♪ ♪ Above your photo ♪ ♪ Even though you’ve been silent for a week now ♪ ♪ Um oh ah yeh ♪ ♪ There’s a question mark attached ♪ ♪ But I’m not sure where it is ♪ ♪ We’re living under the same sky ♪ ♪ The entire day went by but it’s not a waste ♪ ♪ That moment is still frozen in time ♪ ♪ Among the photos uploaded every second ♪ ♪ I wonder why you’re not there ♪ ♪ Day and night, I wonder about you ♪ ♪ Work hard, to be honest I can’t focus ♪ ♪ I miss you baby, where you at? ♪ ♪ I constantly wait for you ♪ ♪ All day ♪ ♪ Day and night, I wonder about you ♪ ♪ Work hard, to be honest I can’t focus ♪ ♪ I miss you baby, where you at? ♪ ♪ I constantly wait for you ♪ ♪ Please appear before me ♪ ♪ Draw a dot for me ♪ ♪ Please appear before me ♪ ♪ Even if it’s from a distance ♪ ♪ Even if I can’t touch you ♪ ♪ Even if I can’t have you ♪ ♪ I’m waiting for you ♪ ♪ I’m waiting for you ♪ ♪ The screen’s about to break ♪ ♪ If I rub hard on it ♪ ♪ Would there be a chance that you notice me? ♪ ♪ I keep trying to interpret the same photo ♪ ♪ How would it feel when we make eye contact? ♪ ♪ You like Sik-k ♪ ♪ Would you have heard “Nowhere”? ♪ ♪ You like Jay Park ♪ ♪ Would you have heard my album? ♪ ♪ Would you ever hear this song I made for you? ♪ ♪ Or will it never make it onto ♪ ♪ Your playlist? ♪ ♪ I wish you’d appear before my eyes ♪ ♪ I wish you’d read my emoji ♪ ♪ I want you to try me ♪ ♪ Just for once, you can do whatever you feel like ♪ ♪ Day and night, I wonder about you ♪ ♪ Work hard, to be honest I can’t focus ♪ ♪ I miss you baby, where you at? ♪ ♪ I constantly wait for you ♪ ♪ All day ♪ ♪ Day and night, I wonder about you ♪ ♪ Work hard, to be honest I can’t focus ♪ ♪ I miss you baby, where you at? ♪ ♪ I constantly wait for you ♪ ♪ Please appear before me ♪ ♪ Draw a dot for me ♪ ♪ Please appear before me ♪ ♪ Even if it’s from a distance ♪ ♪ Even if I can’t touch you ♪ ♪ Even if I can’t have you ♪ ♪ I’m waiting for you ♪ ♪ I’m waiting for you ♪ ♪ I’m waiting for your post ♪ ♪ I’m waiting for your reply ♪ ♪ You’re probably happy enough ♪ ♪ That you don’t need to do that ♪ ♪ I feel that yeah ♪ ♪ I feel that yeah ♪ (“POST IT” by Loco and Hwasa) Loco and Hwasa. Loco and Hwasa. (The last hyenas are Loco and Hwasa) How was it performing in front of such veterans? I’m sure you heard but my voice kept trembling subtly. It’s not easy to get all these people together. I feel like you’re meeting each other’s parents. (A meeting of the parents) (Strict looking in-laws) (Gosh…) I’m a fan of MAMAMOO. Thank you. – What? / – I’m a fan of MAMAMOO. She’s in MAMAMOO. You didn’t know that? I know. From “Immortal Songs.” Then what’s her name? I just know MAMAMOO. It’s an honor. Do you know how many members are in MAMAMOO? MAMAMOO, four. Do you know how many people are in Loco? Loco is the name of a team? So he knows. That’s my name. – That’s your name? / – Yes. Hwasa, why are you called Hwasa? Because it means “beautiful” in Korean. It’s not your real name though, right? Your real name is Hyejin, right? Yes, that’s right. Ahn Hyejin. How about you, JB? My name is Jaebeom. Im Jaebeom. I saw the name Im Jaebeom earlier. Oh, on the script? So I thought Yim Jaebeum would be coming. We were nervous. We really were. Let’s all try to relax. Let’s have a toast to a nice start. (They start off luxuriously) Cheers. (Surviving on the song charts) Man… This is just grape juice. It’ll start fermenting in here. Look at that. Such a big screen. Wow… (Who will be the first ones we watch?) (A sunny afternoon in spring) (Dark) It’s the afternoon but it’s still dark in here. (All the curtains are closed in this house) (Is nobody home?) (Beep, beep, beep) Whose house is this? (This hyena with a full schedule just got home) (Hwasa of MAMAMOO) They won 1st place nine times. Swept the charts. (The musician of musicians, Hwasa) This is the first time my house is being shown. That’s not easy to do. (She comes in like a ghost to show her house) Is your house always that dark? Yes, I keep it dark during the day. (She changed into comfortable clothes) Can’t you wear something brighter? It’s so dark. ♪ Stalk hair ♪ (What is this?) ♪ To tell you about myself ♪ (I’m Hwasa) ♪ Let me tell you ♪ ♪ I’m a girl with swag ♪ ♪ If you’re confident ♪ ♪ You can try to copy me ♪ You don’t normally do that. You just wanted to look sexy. It’s good to tie your hair like that. It’s true. (Agrees) (About to watch herself on “Music Bank”) – You perform live on TV, right? / – Yes. That’s one of MAMAMOO’s strengths. Kim Yongseon, Moonbyul, Jung Wheein, Ahn Hyejin. “Starry Night.” MAMAMOO. (Hwasa takes the lead with the first line) (Displeased) (I should’ve danced like this…) (She checks her mistake right away) What am I doing? You seem so different there. I look so skinny there. I gained weight. That dress didn’t fit anymore. You’re at your best weight for your comeback. Yes. It’s here. It’s here, it’s here! (What is?) (A video clip was emailed to her) (Connect) Goodness… What’s going on? (Song musical) What is this? Goodness! (Looks like a really old video clip) It’s a clip of a musical I did as a kid. It was on video. That’s me! Gosh! (Bright eyes) So cute. She looks the same. I played Patjwi. Kongjwi! Here I come! Gosh! (Hwasa torments Kongjwi as Patjwi) I was a baby then. (Patjwi’s solo performance) (She remembers the song and dance) – You remember that? / – Seriously… Hello? Mom. Where are you, dear? Remember I did “Kongjwi and Patjwi”? I watched the video of that. I remember when you were practicing for that. I thought you’d end up quitting school. So I pleaded the director not to cut you from that role. You were really into that musical then. Yes. Now you’re doing just fine on your own. What a relief. Mom. Yeah. Bye. I love you, my daughter. What’s wrong with me? I can tell you grew up in a loving household. Shall we lego? (Lego=Let’s go) Lego! (Not a single ray of sunshine in her house) Let some light in, please. Let some light in. That room can be used as a studio. As well as my playground. I watch movies, listen to music, get some thinking done, write lyrics… (A rice bowl?) (What’s that?) That’s… Gosh! (Taewon doesn’t seem to care) (What’s going on here?) I got that for a massage and I loved it. So I bought my own bell from abroad. That’s not a rice bowl? No, it’s not. It’s a bell to help you relax. That actually distracts me from the massage. Gosh! (Jaehyung just can’t relax today) Hello, manager. (Hehehe) Okay, send it to me. Did you get a song? No? (What was that conversation about?) What should I say? Whenever someone asks me which artist I want to work with, I say Loco. Loco has his own genre that only he does. I’ve wanted to collaborate with him in that genre. Did she get Loco’s number? Gosh! (She’s been waiting for Loco’s number) I can’t do it… What do I say? This is awkward. She’s calling now. (Making a fuss) I don’t want to do this… I bet she was nervous. Yeah, even I’m getting nervous just watching that. (The first call makes everyone nervous) He isn’t picking up. (She calms herself with some water…) (This is fun for the people watching) Why don’t you ring that bell again? (Fail) – Oh, no. / – He didn’t pick up! I don’t pick up if I don’t know the number. (She looks so sad) (She takes another sip) Gosh, that jittery feeling. (Meanwhile) (Hwasa has been waiting for him) (Loco) (A rapper that appeared like a comet) (He’s got commercial appeal and skills) (Loco) (He got a call from Hwasa) (I don’t know this number) – Deokhwa. / – Yes. Do you know this number? I don’t know that one. I should save it. (Save it when you don’t know who it is?) You can see the Kakao profile photo after saving it. Oh… I save a lot of numbers that way. (His contact list is full of “Who is this?”) “Who is this? It’s cold.” “Who is this? It’s cold.” (“Who is this? It’s cold,” MAMAMOO member) (“Who is this? It’s cold” picks up her phone again) Maybe I should text him. No, I should call. Yeah, it’s the polite thing to do. No. You get hung up over the little details. I’m really timid. She called again! (She tries again like a crazy person) (The caller ringback tone seems to go on endlessly) This number keeps calling. (He really saved her as “Who is this? It’s cold”) Who is this? (She tries a third time) Hello? Hello? (He picked up) – Hello? / – Hello? Hello, I’m Hwasa. Pardon? I’m Hwasa. – Hwasa? / – Yes. What’s wrong with me? I’m so embarrassed. Hwasa of MAMAMOO? Hwasa of MAMAMOO? Oh, yes. Hello. He suddenly got timid. I don’t pick up if I don’t know the number. (Got timid like a turtle) Actually… I’m going to work on a song. Yes. And I really like your music. (Shy) Thank you. I was wondering… If we could w-work t-together… I’d love that. – Really? / – Yes. (Did the “together” mean “together”?) I’ll call you. What was that? I bet that phone felt red hot. (He’s more concerned about his blood sugar) Hwasa? Wow. He looks so happy now. (So much…) (For getting any sleep today…) (On a starry night) (They’ll start the collaboration) (They meet at a studio that Loco picked) Look how your hair is swept to one side. It’s all swept to one side. (She arrives at the studio) (Hesitates) (Nervous about their first meeting) (Quiet…) (Why isn’t he coming out?) You can never seem to get in touch in one try. – He’s playing hard to get. / – Right. Such a dating expert. (It opened!) (She holds her breath) (He stops eating) (Everyone’s nervous) (Heart racing) Hello. (The two finally meet) Hello. Gosh… Look how happy he looks. – Hello. / – Hello. Nice to meet you. (This looks like) (Quite the studio) Turn the lights on. This is for TV. (Dark) – Make it brighter. / – Make it brighter. (We’ll introduce today’s studio) (It’s quite striking) (The purple lighting) (Purple lights all over the studio) (It stands out from outside too) The lighting was a color I loved. And he had a big palm tree. I totally loved the studio. Hello. I should buy a palm tree. There’s a very nice view here. I can look out here for hours. It really is nice. – Please sit here. / – Yes. – It’s our first time meeting, right? / – Yes. (They’re as distant as they are awkward) Why are you sitting there? This is what I usually do. This is amazing. I felt like I was watching TV. She showed up in full makeup. She had a strong first impression but I saw her cute side too. You were so eager to work with me too, which was touching. I was touched that you contacted me. Who’s the celebrity you most want to meet? Hwasa of MAMAMOO. She’s your ideal type? Hello, Hwasa. I’m Loco. Call me if you ever need my voice. Thank you. Let’s go, MAMAMOO! (Loco and Hwasa responded to each other) I’ve seen you from far away at a gig. – I remember that gig. / – Really? So you remember. It was very brief but I remember. You left a strong impression. – Oh, really? / – Yes. Strong… What is this? You’re in front of veteran artists here. It’s fine. We’re fine. Does this scene go on for a long time? I’m sorry. (The door suddenly opens) (He’s here) Woogie’s here. (Woogie?) Woogie. (Who is this?) Hello, I’m Woogie and I’m a producer. My signature sound is “Woogie on and on.” Some of the songs I made are “Still” by Loco, “Stay With Me” by Jay Park, and “Nostalgia” by Woo Wonjae among others. He’s a producer that can make the artist’s voice sound even better. That’s the greatest producer. I want to mix Hwasa’s nice voice… And… I don’t know if it sounds nice, but my voice… To make them sound even better. That’s why I wanted to work with Woogie. – This is his studio. / – Nice to meet you. – Have some strawberries. / – Thank you. A real celebrity. Celebrity. Are we all blood type A? – Make yourself at home. / – Okay. Did you eat? No yet. I’ll make some food. He’s going to make food? He’s attentive. He’s so thoughtful. (They suddenly get some alone time) (Quiet) (I should say something…) (Wary) (Glances) (Gosh!) (Avoids eye contact) I guess you’re not much of a talker. (Taewon’s unexpected comment gets laughs) I’m not much of a talker. Why do you keep glancing at her? (Why did I do that?) (An awkward laugh) (I should say something…) (He finally opens his mouth) I think you’ve lost weight. Even though it’s my first time seeing you in person… You might not recognize me after I’m done promoting. I’ll be much fatter. But even when you’re fat… (What is he going to say?) But even when you’re fat… (1. You’re pretty, 2. You’re charming) But even when you’re fat… Is there a clip of that I can see? Pardon? Of me when I’m fat? (Gosh) A clip… (I’m ruined) You should just keep your mouth shut. (Getting hit with hard facts) Of me when I’m fat? I’ll look for one… No. I think you’d look fi… Do you like bacon? (Nice timing, Woogie) Woogie is on the ball. Enjoy. Thank you for the food. (It’s like a restaurant) Woogie’s providing her everything. His studio, food, the mood. Wow, you sure eat fast. I think we should make a song now. Now that we’re full. Let’s work on a song. Let’s figure out what kind of song we’ll make. For the songs I listen to… I enjoy old pop songs. (Taewon loves old pop) I like Sting. You know Sting? I go crazy when I hear the guitar. Really? I love the guitar. This one is so deep. I love songs like this. (So this is the kind of music she likes) And you. What do you like? For me… – Hwasa. / – Hwasa… (Everything ends with Hwasa) (Nice one, Loco) I can’t believe he said that. I just said it as a joke. I don’t know how high you sing. How high are you comfortable with? How about 174? 174? (My height is 174cm) (Whoa) (How could you not fall in love with him?) Unbelievable… It’s always about Hwasa, huh? What about the theme? I have something in mind. When I like someone, I tend to get foolishly infatuated. So I wrote lyrics about that. For example… “If there’s something I want, I don’t know how to stay in check. If you’re at a traffic light, I can easily ignore a red light.” Like that… I get foolishly infatuated. It’s about me. When I start liking someone I go all in. Even if I seem pathetic, I don’t care. I forget about my pride. That’s really cool. That’s the love you can feel at that age. How foolish can the guy you love be? What if he can’t do math? (Hwasa is flustered) (Hahaha) I don’t think that’s what she meant. I just wrote what was on my mind. Oh, no! (Going through her phone) “It’s not unfamiliar at all. I want to show you my vulnerable side.” I want to show you my vulnerable side. “You already have me.” (Embarrassed) Wow, this is… Wow… I like it. I think those chords will suit these lyrics. He’s playing the chords right away. It’s automatic. I think these lyrics will suit these chords. I think it’ll sound nice. (Oh?) How nice. (Loco focuses and listens) Like this? I love it. How should I say… Hold on… Let me record this on the phone. Play a bunch of stuff and pick something out. (He raps a bunch of gibberish on the fly) (Hwasa feels the mood and joins in) (She’s so good) (Wow) You have a great voice. I’m sure you like everything about her. You’re pretty mushy too. Loco, do you have a melody in mind? Okay, okay. Hold on… Nice. Wow… From December 31, 2017. (What’s this sound?) (Loco starts his songs with gibberish) – That’s your voice, Loco? / – Yes. “POST IT”! Wow. Look. “POST IT.” ♪ Appear before me ♪ ♪ Draw a dot for me ♪ That’s how it goes. Listen. (Want to hear it again?) ♪ Draw a dot for me ♪ (She heard it!) What was that? It sounds like you’re drunk. Oh… I was drunk then. Sometimes I record stuff like this. I just thought of this. It was about how I shouldn’t drink. Oh… Or else I’ll… Or else… Or else… I’ll start liking you. (Heart attack) I just thought of this. I like to throw out ideas as I think of them. – I like it. / – It’s nice. I just thought of something. Drinking and ignorant love… So then… Since we came up with a theme… Woogie will do the rearrangement. We’ll focus on writing lyrics. Okay, good work today. (How will Loco and Hwasa’s story go?) (Next episode!) ♪ It’s dangerous and I barely have you ♪ (This drunk confession isn’t how I really feel) ♪ If you want the truth from me ♪ ♪ Don’t ever let me drink ♪ (Loco and Hwasa’s non-alcoholic love song) (“No Alcohol” by Loco and Hwasa) (You’ll hear it next episode) (Green room) The sound of coughing. (Women with long hair are seated here) You hair is untied today. It’s been a while. My hair is usually like this. He has white hair. This is natural. You have more white hair than Taewon. You keep it like that because you get so many. This is how you take care of your hair. You root-dye as soon as a white hair shows. He said root-dye. He meant dyeing the roots. I try to keep it yellow. Right, if you dye your hair too often it isn’t good for your hair and hair falls out. Our hair is black, so you keep yours white. – Really? / – Yeah. This is what rockers talk about. (This is what rockers actually talk about) What else do we have if you take away our hair? (They’re like corpses without their hair) (Someone comes in) Hello, Jongseo. (Kim Jongseo is their anchor) Your hair looks nice today. Why didn’t you wear a hat? Why? We were talking about our hair. Oh, hair… Look at Jongseo. His hair is a mess. Four guys talking about our hair. Let’s not do this. Think about our image. Did the four of you do something together? We did a project together. I wrote the song and Taewon wrote the lyrics. The four of us put a song out. – Right now? / – Yes, a single. It’s called “Promise.” (The 4 legends of Korean rock, FOURever) (Touching) It’s getting me choked up. I’ve listened to their music so much. (They were on “Happy Together” together) We put out an album. The reviews are good now. People like it. Nobody expected us to collaborate. People are happy to see us together. They’re pleased at this collaboration. I loved reading comments like that the most. One comment really stood out. “Thank you for making a song we can listen to.” I saw that one too. How nice. That alone makes me happy. We’re not done after “Promise,” right? – We can’t end with just that. / – We just started. Our team name is FOURever. So after reading the comments for “Promise” I wanted to suggest this. What is it? I wrote a new song. It’s a straight-up ballad. Not a rock ballad. – Oh, a ballad? / – A straight-up ballad. I guess you thought of a melody. Jongseo. If you think of a melody, just send it to us. Just like that? If I don’t respond, we won’t use it. (Is that what he meant?) (Disbelief) (How will these long-haired men collaborate?) (An apartment in Bucheon) (Guitars of various colors) Is this a guitar shop? (Whose house is this?) (The owner of all these guitars comes in) (Kim Jongseo, a legend of Korean rock) This isn’t what an average home looks like. I’ve been living apart from my family for 11 years. I love guitars. I’ve been collecting them for a while. And now I have a lot. It’s like this house is for guitars and I just share this space. Guys, where are you? Hey there. (These two cats like guitars just like their owner) Time to do my homework. (Does he take classes somewhere?) These guitars are as precious as my life. You came a long way from Japan. Gosh… All the way from Japan… John Lennon popularized this guitar. (John Lennon? Wow) (The same model of guitar that John Lennon used) (In Korea there’s a Jong Lennon) (Wow) Even looking at it makes me happy. This is such a pain… Wow, it’s a double neck guitar. This one… Led Zeppelin and Jimmy Page used a guitar like this when they played “Stairway to Heaven.” (Becoming Jimmy Page) My pretty. The tough guy’s guitar. Hello Kitty is for tough guys. (Tough guy) (Tough guy) (Tough guy) (Such a tough guy) Hello Kitty is for tough guys. (He plays like a tough guy) I should do the most important one… How many guitars do you have at home? Around 40. There are more over there. (A pile of guitars hidden in this room) This is always so confusing… (Jongseo looks for something) Do you use all of those? Yes, each of them has a story. (Found my baby) (It’s hard for him to even get out…) How long have we been together? 25 years! (Jongseo’s oldest guitar) Wow, that’s vintage. I wrote many songs with this. (Sniffing) That smell! That old smell. (What songs did he make with this vintage guitar?) ♪ Try to obtain everything ♪ ♪ But leave your dreams behind ♪ (“Plastic Syndrome”) ♪ Just live like this ♪ (What’s the next song?) (They join in) (“Beautiful Imprisonment”) ♪ I’ve fallen in love ♪ (Even the super hit “Winter Rain”) I think it’s that same guitar. That’s right. It’s that guitar. Wow. Wow, wow, wow. (A special friend that’s been with him a long time) Nice. (He cherishes this guitar like his own child) Alright… Go to bed. See you again tomorrow. They all have stories behind them. I have around 40 guitars. To me… Their value can’t be expressed in terms of money. The moment I got a guitar my dreams came true. That’s how I was able to achieve my dreams. Just being in the same space as those guitars… Makes me very happy. I don’t even get hungry. How much would you trade them in for if you did? The older, the more expensive. For the vintage models. Most of them are old. Those are priceless. In total, those should be worth hundreds of thousands. Probably. You wrote your hits with those guitars. Once Jongseo passes away… They’ll be worth even more. (Flustered) (Did I mishear?) Do you have to kill me off like that? You’ll die eventually. You should autograph all of them just in case. – I should. / – Yes, you should. (I should exercise) I have to play some music. Got to listen to Heize when I exercise. (He knows all the latest songs) You listen to recent songs too. I like Heize. (He even knows the lyrics) (He knows as much as youngsters do…) I feel like your leg will give out. (Done with exercising) I think I just saw you stagger. You just dribbled water! (This is so sad) Oh, dear! (This wasn’t this hard when I was younger…) (Don’t get so sad so soon) (Meanwhile…) (A house where another rock legend lives) (Just one guitar) (This is…) (One of Korea’s top 3 guitarists, Kim Taewon) (He starts by coughing) (Cough) (Cough) (Is he alright?) (Relieved) (Is he alive?) Hold on… Just the sight of him lying down… (Sad…) (Heave-ho) (Staggering) What are you doing? Putting shoes on. (Music on) (An old song) You all exercise. (1kg dumbbells) (Teetering) (He has trouble keeping his balance…) (Oh, dear…) (About to cry) (Toddling) (I can’t watch) (Embarrassed) (Don’t push yourself too hard…) He’s at a 1. I can’t run. (He walks a step at a time) (1kg is too heavy for Taewon…) – 1kg. / – It’s too heavy. (Switches to 0.5kg dumbbells) (He seems determined) (He even sings?) (His excitement comes out) (Whew…) He’s out of breath. He hasn’t even gotten through one song. (Cough, cough) (Starts coughing after a little bit of walking) (The coughing duo) (Never-ending coughing) He exercised for 3 minutes and 25 seconds. (Exhausted) (This guitarist might die while exercising) (He drags himself back to the sofa) What’s that? Mist. (Sprays mist and drinks some tonic) (Looks like he’s barely regained his strength) (Why does this look so sad?) Maybe you should have a nurse at home. I have a button to call the hospital. A button… (Taewon finally starts working) (Chestnut) Kiss. (This is a voice and not a melody) (Now a guitar starts playing?) (He’s already making everyone curious) I sing stuff I think of. I have around 30 songs. I’ve come up with thousands of melodies over 5 years and I got rid of the ones I didn’t like. I was left with 30. Dad. (Pleased) (He recorded a precious moment with his daughter) Isn’t 2 years old too young? We were both in the class of 1984. (Chestnut Park Wankyu Philippines) (A file with a strange conversation) The two of them are fighting. He was left behind a year in high school. He was not. What is this a recording of? Wankyu and my wife arguing. I just record random things from time to time. In that moment? Their arguing was so childish. And that funny moment made me think of a melody. And I record that. So the guitar melody was recorded with their argument. You can make songs like that? Well, I don’t have anything else to inspire me. Your wife was arguing… What am I supposed to say about that? You’re inspired by everyday life. I record moments that I want to remember. It was fun to hear them argue. Wankyu is saying that I’m a year older than my wife. And my wife is saying we’re the same age. And I was there making a song. (Yes, this is what I need today) (He starts by singing a melody) (Serious) (The argument inspires him to make a song) (It doesn’t suit the mood but it’s a beautiful melody) Wankyu and your wife are still arguing, right? (Coughing is added to the beautiful melody) Beautiful… (How does Jongseo work?) I should get to work. Yeah, I’ll play with this one. (He starts work by grabbing his guitar) I used to come up with songs so easily. How about a rocking song? Yeah, I have this one. You use Logic Pro? Yup. (He plays along to a file he made) (The sentiment of a man in his 50s) (Taewon is impressed) I don’t think this will do. (Jongseo tries playing along to various songs) (He sounds so youthful) That’s so cool. (But he can’t get past his age) (He thinks of a melody he likes) (The melody comes out as he gets in the mood) (Yes, this is it) (He writes down the chords before he forgets) Look at his eyes. You can tell he’s in his own world. – He’s imagining. / – Yes. (The melody flows out like water) (He starts flying through the song like a legend) Wow, he’s got the sentiment of a young man. The song sounds great. (This is what a veteran of 33 years can do) (That wasn’t bad) For this… The lyrics will be important. I want it to sound lonely and bleak. Taewon needs to get this done. (Meanwhile, back at Taewon’s house…) (Resting from 3 minutes of exercise and working) (Who is it?) Hey, Jongseo. Rock and roll! Rock and roll. What are you up to? – I bet you just woke up. / – Yeah. I’ve been up. I fed my cats… Fed my guitars, watered them… I did all that yet you’re just waking up now? You watered your guitars? Of course. Humidity control. That’s a beautiful way to say that. You’re always on the straight path. (I just watered myself) What’s up? I just made a song. Alright… You made a song? I made the melody. You never run out of ideas. It sounds great. I feel like it would be the perfect song for you to write the lyrics for. I need your writing. Send me the song. I’ve been feeling sentimental these days. – Really? / – Yeah. That’s when we come up with something good. When our emotions are right. We’re at that age. I feel like he’s writing more these days. He doesn’t write many songs now. Alright. Send me the melody. I’ll listen to it. Alright, give it a shot. I’ll try to write something as fast as I can. So he’s still got it… (Let’s see) “Post something.” Short and sweet. Easier said than done. (He plays the melody Jongseo sent) What’s that in your hand? A dumbbell. He’s still exercising. (He puts down the dumbbell and become immersed) He has a girlish side. (The younger artists listen to the veteran) I should be… A bit more classy when listening to music. I don’t have an amplifier. (An amplifier?) An amplifier? He means speakers. A speaker… (That’s a new term for Loco) You don’t have one? Nope. I’ve been in music for 33 years yet have no amplifier. (Sad) Why don’t you have speakers? I either lost them or someone took them. (Purchase some big ones…) (He suddenly goes into a coughing fit) (He picks something up) (A letter from his daughter) (He tries to video call his daughter in the U.S.) Hello? Hi, Seohyeon. Why can’t I see you? Right now… Oh, you must be about to sleep. It’s vacation. Do you talk to your mom these days? Yeah, all the time. Yeah? Did she say something? – About you? / – Yeah. She does but that’s between us. Your mom and I had a big fight recently. It was a really big fight. The thing is… In the end… We started that argument on purpose because I love your mom. You started an argument because you love her? But your mom doesn’t know that. Dad, I’m sorry to say this but… Consider your age now. What do you mean? Second puberty? Is that what your mom said about me? Is that what your mom said about me? No, I said that. I told her she should let it go since you’re going through your second puberty. She agreed with me. (Sad that his family doesn’t understand him) It’s not that I’m going through my second puberty. This is a secret. I’m writing lyrics about that argument. Really? How I felt then. I plan on letting her hear the song once it’s done. I’ll send it to you once it’s finished. Okay. Go to bed. You have school tomorrow. – I said it’s vacation. / – Oh, right. Good night. Bye. What did you argue with your wife about? You started a fight just to write lyrics? We’ve been together for 33 years. And that was our biggest fight. Really? What was it about? I suggested we split up. (This sounds very serious) – I said we should end things. / – Really? But you started that fight on purpose? I had to act that way for around 3 to 4 days. I didn’t speak to her in the Philippines. I didn’t leave my room. While I was in my room for those 3 days, it broke my heart. How I felt for those 3 days… It’s a metaphor… I tried to express the direction I was going in through my lyrics. I wanted to tell her how I felt about our future over those 3 days. Who are you calling? My eternal chestnut. Chestnut. You still love her that much after 30 years? That’s why I’m still with her. How did my outfit look then? Do you remember? Of course I do. What did I wear? You wore black pants and a black leather jacket. (“Memories III” was the first song about his wife) (She’s his girl forever in the song) (It was the title track on Boohwal’s 2nd album) (About his wife staying by his side during his slump) (He even recorded his wife’s voice) I’ll call it a letter to my wife. When things were bad between us… When I stopped speaking to you… This is how I felt. I want to tell her that. (He thinks of his wife…) (Taewon is in anguish) (He finally picks his pen up) (He writes his lyrics by hand) I can’t type. Or sharpen a pencil, it seems. (He writes his lyrics over the great melody) (What is this?) (He records ideas on a tape recorder) (Recording the melody from the smartphone on tape) (Taewon thinks of the song’s imagery as he works) You want an orchestra? Longing… (One letter) (Becomes one sentence) (He writes how he feels about his wife…) (His family is his greatest source of inspiration) I write about what’s closest to me. It feels like writing about what’s most distant. When you write about something distant it’s not that clear. Because you’re unsure about what’s distant. My family or my band members… The people that come to my concerts… I write about people that are closest to me. Stories about people close to me. (So cool) What am I saying? That’s very touching, Taewon. I feel strange now. (Taewon wants to send the lyrics to Jongseo) Now… I need to text him this… Will the words all fit? (He’s thinking of the older phones) He gets us choked up and then totally kills the mood. He really doesn’t need a smartphone. (Scratches) (Texting is even harder than writing lyrics for him) How do I make spaces? Two words… Is that how you spell it? Or is it this way? Hold on… (He’s so unpredictable) (Taking him longer to write the text than the lyrics) (Slow) Gosh, this is so frustrating. Let me just take a photo. (Trembling) The photo came out all blurry. It was from my hands trembling. I have hand tremors… (He barely manages to take a photo) Jong… Seo… (I wrote the lyrics and texted it to you all by myself) (His work process ends sadly with coughing) (A song dedicated to Taewon’s wife) ♪ The word that is pain ♪ ♪ The word that is longing ♪ ♪ They creep ♪ ♪ Inside my heart ♪ ♪ As much as I long for you ♪ (Kim Taewon and Kim Jongseo’s “Light”) (Will be revealed next episode) (Last episode, one hyena was really nervous) (Because of top producer JYP) (One hyena approaches) I’m so nervous. (Anxious) (Peeks) Hello. Hello. (The day he played his songs for JYP) Jinyoung cuts it off during the verse. He listens to half the verse and turns it off. If he doesn’t like it, he cuts it off in 5 seconds. What’s the first one called? – It’s called “Let Go.” / – “Let Go”? (One second feels like one year!) (Stop) This is… – This is… / – Yes… It’s not good for just listening to. That one’s called “Lose My Mind.” “Lose My Mind.” “You make me lose my mind.” (He looks a bit different this time) (He cuts it off again) It sounds like a foreign song. (Sigh…) I thought he’d like those songs. He’s really picky. I like them. When I first send him the demos he barely listens to them. “This is no good. Can’t use this.” (He’s so mean…) That’s how it is for comedian auditions. You go to the audition and… “Hello.” “Alright, you can leave.” – Really? / – Yes. They don’t even give you 10 seconds. What’s the last one? It’s called “Feel Me.” (His third song is “Feel Me”) (He’s nervous as the song plays) He seems so depressed. (JYP focuses on the song) This is a JYP style song. (JYP taps his fingers to the rhythm?) (Stop) For this one… For this one… (Will he approve of this song?) It’s like the melody supports the instrumentals. It should be the other way around. (Poor JB…) It means he doesn’t like it. So all 3 songs were rejected? These days artists your age use the same method. You make the instrumentals first and then you make the melody and lyrics for that track. So the instrumentals overshadow everything. Melody and lyrics that Koreans would like. Just using a guitar or a keyboard. Or just hum a melody without lyrics. (Jongseo makes music the JYP way) (This is how music was made in the 1990s) I see. It’s fine to write a song over an existing track but that has its limits. Start however way you want but at the end… You always have to consider how the average person who doesn’t work in music will hear it. That’s why I always say to start at the heart and finish it with your brain. (Start at the heart and finish it with your brain) (Wow) JYP was Kim Hyeongseok’s student. That’s probably why he thinks that. Hyeongseok says the most important reason to learn music is so that you can analyze the songs. That’s what he meant. Write with your feelings but mentally analyze how you should make it. He tells me to really think about how listeners will feel. That’s good advice from JYP. In the end, he wants JB to start from scratch. That’s so hard. (After all 3 of his songs were rejected by JYP…) (He trudges back home) – He seems so dispirited. / – Gosh… I should do better. (Creak) What is this place? My personal studio. – You have your own? / – Yes. (A ray of light shines into the basement room) (Just a keyboard and computer in the living room) (The first time revealing JB’s studio) It’s not as nice as I thought. That’s a place to write rock songs. That’s your own space that you set up. There’s no place like your own place. – Right. / – It’s true. (This is) (Where so many songs are made) (Does he work on a new song right away?) (Nope) (An angry journal entry) (I let JYP hear my songs) He yelled at me. I have to make better songs. (Today’s journal entry) Let’s do a good job. That’s all I need to do. (So cool) Did you write in a journal? I always write that stuff down. For self-reflecting? It was hard for the staff to make it TV-appropriate. They saw his journal and it was full of red ink. JYP, JYP, JYP, JYP… Like “Death Note”? It was hard to write the captions for that. Aha… What kind of style should I make? (He listens to other people’s hits when he’s stuck!) Or how about a song like this? (It’s so easy to listen to music…) I feel like JYP will like a song like this. ♪ Show you off ♪ Even if they’re not my songs, I listen to songs that I like because they give me ideas. And moving around helps me come up with ideas. (He also paces around when he’s stuck) (And the highlight!) (Photos all around his room) (JB is also inspired by photos) What would fit the theme? Photography is my hobby. Those photos help me look back on those times. And sometimes I’m inspired. (He even had a photo exhibit last year) Me too. – I use a film camera. / – Me too. That’s so cool. What would fit the theme? That one’s nice too… (He gathers some photos) (He gathers the ones that might inspire him) Like this one… When I’m stuck… The best thing is eating my mom’s yogurt while lying down. He’s stuck because he’s feeling down. I had no idea what to do. That’s when you need to drink. You should go out and party. – Right, you need to party then. / – That’s right. (The path to becoming a musician is a hard one…) When I’m stuck, I take a sip of my mom’s yogurt drink… (Slurp) (Yogurt drink, give me strength!) (He gets started again after the yogurt!) On a rainy day… Even with an umbrella… You get wet. It was always us two… But know I’m alone. The problem is night. It’s raining… Rainy… It’s raining… (He grabs his notepad again) Rainy… (He writes everything down) (How will JB’s song “Rainy” sound?) That’s unique. You made a sentence using photos. Gosh… It’s like image training. He’s creating his ideal image. With photos… Everything around you can seem meaningless until you focus on one thing and take a photo. It gives you a new view. You can find meaning in things you might not have noticed. That’s why photos are very… They help me a lot when I make music too. (Time to express the photos through music) Rainy… Rainy… So… It shouldn’t be too cheerful. Just using a keyboard. Or just hum a melody without lyrics. (He looks serious and immersed) (JYP should be pleased!) I think JB will do a good job. He takes in the advice he gets. Guys like that always improve. (Pleased) (Last episode JB went somewhere to relieve stress) (He went bowling with his members!) Oh, whatever! Oh, whatever! Are those pins JYP? JYP is preventing you from using your songs. (Don’t stop me from using my songs) These days artists your age use the same method. I’ll think of him as a wall and smash through. (He bowled the ball!) (What happened?) (The last pin falls) (Strike) (Now JB’s world…) (Is open) (They take a break after knocking down JYP) JYP rejected this song. Want to hear it? I’m really curious. (He photographs this embarrassing moment) (Focusing) I like it. Yeah. But he rejected it. That’s life. “Delete it now. That goes into the recycle bin.” That’s what he says. What I was talking about… It all depends on how his face looks. Right, that’s true. Whether JYP had something good to eat or not. (Really?) It’s like that when we record too. I was singing the song the same way. Our manager brought all of us ice cream as snacks. As soon as he took a bite… “I think you’ll be done in 5 more tries.” All of a sudden? He didn’t like your singing before that? – After eating ice cream? / – Yes. Hwasa seems really surprised. That’s surprising… Jinyoung has a pure heart. If you ever said that to him I bet he’d laugh. (They’re 25 years apart) That’s true. Even calling him by his name… Right. I call him “director.” He’s a year older than my dad. (Big news) (Really?) JYP was born in 1972. So we’d be like older uncles. But I call him by his name. I thought I was about to choke on a tomato. Born in 1969. This is the song I’m working on. It’s about me feeling confused. Feeling depressed during spring. It’s about me getting anxiety… Honestly, I like it. I’m confident in it. It’s a good song. But how should I tell that to JYP? Right. I think I should bring him food first. The best thing is to get him in a good mood. How about sushi? He really liked the sushi in Japan. He got so happy after eating sushi. Sushi? Is there something more simple? What does he eat these days? He’s really into jade these days. (Come on…) A jade belt. A jade belt, jade anklet… Jade bracelet… Should I just bring him food? I don’t have any jade to bring him. Jade is going overboard. This meeting today is confusing me more. Don’t worry too much. It’ll all work out. – Let’s go! / – Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go! I’m really curious. JB, let’s say a bunch of people heard your song. They all like it but JYP doesn’t. What do you do then? In the past, if it was a no from him, that was it. But the system at our agency changed. – We vote. / – That’s a good method. So you have a reasonable system. And I was really envious. When he’s feeling down he has his members to encourage him. – He was very envious of that. / – I really was. That’s something only a team can do. Right, that positive energy. They’re on your side when the world is against you. I bet that’s really encouraging. Now you have FOURever. I put all that together. You have Taewon. Is that what you’re going to talk about after keeping it bottled up? (The next day) (Noisy) Someone’s here. (Who are these visitors at JB’s studio?) Hello. Yeong-in and Byeongseon. They’re known as Royal Dive. They made NU’EST W’s “Where You At.” As well as Weki Meki’s “La La La.” (Royal Dive made “Teenager” with JB) (Hong Yeong-in, Jeon Byeongseon) People work on songs together a lot now. The more people, the more ideas. It’s a lot more fun working with more people. This is the photo of Youngjae that I like. (Youngjae of GOT7) (Embarrassed) Let’s start quick. Let’s start quick to end quick. What was that? He’s in a rush right now. He already made the song. Play it. We’ll listen to it. (Serious) It sounds like a tribute song at a funeral. A tribute song… Why? What’s wrong with it this time? I think you can turn the speakers off. Can’t you work on that with your earphones? (Humiliated…) I don’t really want to hear that. The chords sound jazzy. It does sound dark. Go with jazz. Make it sound dark. That would be a better theme. – Dark? / – And sad… What do you think? I always like sad songs. (They get to work) I played the basic melody and Byeongseon changes the chords up to make them nicer. The EP lines… Yeong-in handles the other sounds. (The three of them work in a small room) Can you lower it by two keys? This is it. That’s the theme. (The sound got a lot richer) It sounds nice. It’ll be boring if it just loops like that. It needs a variation in the middle. – Yeah, just like that. / – Like this? We’ll use this as the verse and hook. Let’s make a variation. Alright. It’s not completely done yet and some ideas might lead to a better song, so I like to collaborate with others. (Is it my turn now?) (JB adds the top line) It’s really hard to come up with a top line. He needs to make a hook. That sounds pretty good. Okay, okay. (Now it’s time to add the drums) (Displeased) (Walks over) I’m not too crazy about that source. That’s just me personally. You’re not usually like this. You’re known for picking only good sources. He’s like JYP now. That’s my signal. “I like it, but…” As soon as he heard it, he complained. It’s easy to pick up bad habits. Becoming like the mother-in-law you badmouth. (A bad habit he picked up from JYP) This is just to stay on beat with the piano. I’ll change the source. (It sound much better) Nice, right? Yeah. (The three of them work together again) (Different methods used to create one song) That melody was nice just now. It was nice. Let me sit and take a break. (Now he feels relieved) It looks like you’re on the right track. It’s starting to take shape… Like a sketch. (I was pleased then) (JB’s new song is finished) Wow, his voice… (He shows a different side of himself unseen in GOT7) (Don’t miss the entire song next episode!) Since we have him here… Jongseo, can you sing one of your old, beautiful songs? I thought back to when I first started as a singer as I prepared for this show. When I first made the song “You Who Doesn’t Answer.” – Your debut track. / – Yes, I was reminded of that. Then for this episode we’ll end the show with Kim Jongseo’s “You Do Not Answer.” (“You Do Not Answer”) (Written and composed by Kim Jongseo) (He sings as he thinks of his debut 26 years ago) ♪ The pale hand that stopped so lifelessly ♪ ♪ Your eyes become cold ♪ ♪ I couldn’t even do ♪ ♪ Anything for you ♪ ♪ I hoped it would at least rain ♪ ♪ I didn’t know how many days passed ♪ ♪ Just breathing ♪ ♪ Felt so meaningless ♪ ♪ Must I be held now in someone’s arms ♪ ♪ And talk about my pain? ♪ ♪ I want to say how hard it is ♪ ♪ But you’re not there to listen ♪ (Kim Jongseo’s title track from his 1st album) (It became a hit as soon as it was released in 1992) (His first track as a soloist) (Brought Korean rock into the mainstream) ♪ I hoped it would at least rain ♪ ♪ I didn’t know how many days passed ♪ ♪ Just breathing ♪ ♪ Felt so meaningless ♪ ♪ Must I be held now in someone’s arms ♪ ♪ And talk about my pain? ♪ ♪ I want to say how hard it is ♪ ♪ But you’re not there to listen ♪ ♪ Must I be held now in someone’s arms ♪ ♪ And talk about my pain? ♪ ♪ I want to say how hard it is ♪ ♪ But you’re not there to listen ♪ What is this? I picked it up on the way. (His romantic surprise was a success) B flat. Play the third. You just played it. (How dare you?) Shall we do this? No. (He cautiously retaliates) You’re not sulking, are you? (He takes the headphones) (He demonstrates the vocals himself?) (They changed roles to record) Did you make another song? Let’s hear it. (Please approve of this one…) Can we listen to the song? You heard from Big Jinyoung. Now you should hear from Small Jinyoung. (What will the two Jinyoungs say?) (“LADY” by EXID)

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