How to use the Wineware Bespoke Traditional Wine Rack Calculator

How to use the Wineware Bespoke Traditional Wine Rack Calculator

Here we have the Wineware Bespoke Traditional Wine Rack Calculator tool which is perfect for a space in your home or an area in your restaurant or bar you’d like to fill with your collection of wine Our helpful calculator will tell you exactly how many bottles you can store in your desired space So as you can see we offer four different
types of wine racking, standard bottles half bottles Magnum bottles and we do racks for champagne as well.
So you choose your racking type, If I go for standard Each rack has a different depth available aswell so this one for example a three different options If I go for 220 you can then put in your height So if I put in here two thousand…in here Tells me I can get 20 bottles and I put in here 1850…puts in the width aswell So each measurement has
to be in millimeters so a if I do 20 by 19 in that space. You can finish your rack
off as well so natural pine is standard, and we also do six different stains. We’ve got dark oak, oak, light oak, cuprinol, black and mahogany So if I go for natural pine…you can then hit the big red calculator button this then gives you your pricing, so you can get three hundred and eighty bottles in your space at 99 pence per bottle hole and then you’ve got your total there. You can also choose a stain if you wish, so click back on here Click back onto calculate and it gives you
different price here So you can have a play about here, you can choose your different colours, make sure you’ve got your measurments correct Then once you’re happy you can give us a call on 01903 786148.

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  1. Great place to learn how to make it yourself much much cheaper. Just google for 'woodprix' website:)

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