This is a tutorial on our new Tascam external
sound card. We have two of them now in the MIDI lab and they’re both beside each other
and they’re both the exact same so I’m gonna just describe one, and it will be the same
for both. So first in this tutorial I’m going to describe the actual panel, and then
I’ll do another tutorial on how to record using Cubase. So this is our Tascam external
sound card, we have multiple inputs as you can see, we have XLR inputs, we have 1/4 inputs.
This will allow us to record microphones, keyboards, guitars that kind of thing. So
it’s a pretty powerful sound card. So there’s our microphone in number one, then we have
our line in, which we can plug our keyboard into. Then we have our headphone, so this
right now is going to our headphone box at our station, so we can listen with multiple
headphones. Then we have our second line in and guitar in, so we can plug our guitar into
there, and then our second microphone in, XLR microphone in. So our MON mix, is our
monitor mix, so it’s what we hear, so when its turned to input, we are gonna hear all
of our inputs, so microphone, keyboard, guitar, when we are recording, and when we turn it
to computer we’re gonna hear all of our tracks that are on the actual computer software,
so Cubase. Then our phones/line out is just our volume level for our headphones. Next
we have our mono switch, so you could either listen back, if your just recording one source
you can have it on, so mono because you are only listening to one source. if you have
both sources plugged in you can have it off and you’ll be listening to a stereo mix,
of both of your input signals. Then we have our gain control knob, so it will control
the volume of our input, so our microphone or our keyboard, make it louder or softer.
Then we have our phantom button, if we are using microphone’s that are using phantom
power, which is a large condenser microphone, everything in the MIDI lab does not require
phantom power so we can leave it off. This is just a toggle switch to go between microphone
and guitar, so depending on what you have plugged into the front of the sound card you’ll
have to decide which toggle to use, whether it’s the microphone or the guitar switch.
Then on the back we have our USB which is plugged into the computer, then our line out,
which is going into our sound system so that we can hear over our speakers. And that’s
our overview of our Tascam US 122 mkII external sound card. Enjoy.

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  1. @EZwayTech im using a laptop and fruity loops and when i use to many sounds it crackles alot so will this work with my laptop and put a stop to that?

  2. I got this to use with Cubase 5 on Windows 7 and I've had nothing but problems trying to get anything happening…the metronome is out of sync and anything you record is like a 16th note late…..bizarre…apparently it's a Win 7 driver problem.

  3. Does anyone know what kind of sound card you hook up to your turntable and computer. So you can be able to convert vinyl to mp3 b/c i heard the usb turntables suck

  4. This is a pretty good soundcard i own it aswell , but if you got 300-500 bucks to spend then deffnitly get what u can thats above the 300 mark! but this does the trick for sure!

  5. @carlmilton1 I cant get sound to come out of my speakers or headphones when I am recording but it does show that the mic is connected, can you help?

  6. Real noob question, my apologies. With a Rode NT1-A condenser mic with XLR in either the L or R XLR input port (front of unit), after I record and I want to listen to the track, I only hear playback out of either the left or right headphone. How do I get it to playback in stereo?

  7. @georgesq21 sorry to say, but with other things going on, and time constraints I haven't even taken it out of the box. don't really have a clue. :/ sorry.

  8. I'm sorry but these are useless. There is no sensitivity on he output level. I don't even bother useing mine. Waste of money.

  9. Why is it that when I record with the tascam US-144 even if the mono switch is off, it records mono on Mixcraft 5 ?

  10. I have a question, i bought the us-122mk2 track pack with cubase L4, this trackpack also have a TM-78 microphone what im using connecting with the interface, my problem is that when i connected the microphone to the interface and the interface to the computer, when i try to record or do something the microphone do not work… i dont know if you could tell me something that maybe im doing wrong idk.. Thank you.. oh, by the way, the drivers and the registration was fine so.. thanks again

  11. hey useful video dude…i hav a question i knw how to record audio tracks wid tascam but is there anyway we could use the tascam wid the web camera we hav on our computer….i mean u knw how youtube videos hav such a crystal clear sound….some random videos people singing….yea so i was wondering if anybody could help me out wid tat????

  12. hey can please someone explain to me what exact cable i need to plug in my guitar and where exactly do i have to put this cable into my amplifier (which slot)?

  13. Ok, I have the Tascam 144, pretty much exactly like the one in your video. I Have my Monitors connected through the line out. I want to connect a subwoofer as well. Can i do that without having to buy another piece of equipment?

  14. Hi EZwayTech, Please help!

    I bought the TASCAM US-122mkII, but I cannot get it to install on Windows XP SP3 (32-bit) Quad Core PC. It says "installation failed"

    I used the provided driver CD and also tried downloading the correct drivers (Website claims it works on SP2 and SP3). The unit does install and work (albeit very slow) on a Windows Vista (32 bit) Laptop.

    Can you suggest anything? Thanks.

  15. is it possible to use Cakewalk Sonar with the Tascam US-144 MKII and where do u plug in the studio monitors

  16. Is it possible to use Cakewalk Sonar with the Tascam US-144 MKII and where do you plug in the Studio Moniters

  17. Please answer asap..

    1. What's the sound quality for vocal recording?
    2. How much does it cost?
    3. Is it worth buying for artist/singers/rappers?

  18. Nicee Awesome Review Thumbs up!! I ordered one yesterday and they said that they would recieve it today but unfortunately the order went to another address:( so I`ll have to wait a few days…

  19. i have cubase le 5 and not got a soundcard but the rest of my stuff is good quality,my vocals record with a sort of robitc/flange effect is that bcuz i dont have a soundcard.

    and if i get 1 of these will it sort the problem

  20. Hello, I have a Tascam 122 mk II and I use sonar essential cakewalk. in my laptop with windows vista. I have an older version of keyboard connected. now I am about to get a Korg Pa 800 keyboard. I know how to connect it like I did the old keyboard, but do I have to change setting of the software or the sound card? is there any way for the Tascam to recognize the new keyboard or just I plug it in and use it? please help me in this regard.

  21. thanks this review was just what i needed to ensure this is a great fully functioning product. going to be recording with a condenser mic and this is just what i need.

  22. yes, me too! I downloaded the drivers from Tascam's site but I'm having terrible trouble with playing midi keyboard and playing vst's, the sound crunches like hell, midi notes hang and more! I have run it on 3 comps inc a Sonyi7/win7 and acers but same results, I even updated the firmware. My old 144 on a 2005 acer works fine, but this problem has me beat, it's going back!

  23. hey go to their website. they had new drivers for my comp and it worked just fine. I have been using it without a problem. Try that and if it doesnt work sorry bud.

  24. I need an Audio Interface to connect my studio monitors to my laptop, not to record! Can someone help me please?

  25. My experience with mixers that have a audio interface is that they are pretty shitty. depending on you budget you should go for something not too expensive. one way or the other when you want to convert your music to a mp3 or wav then you gonna need a decent audio interface (doesn't matter if it's a pci) for like 100 euro you have a pro card. Then comes the hard part: mixing and mastering. technology has evolved so much that price in equipment can be a big difference but quality is minimum.

  26. Heard the Tascam drivers suck big time especially on Windows 7. I was thinking of buying this but now I think Im gonna look elsewhere.

  27. If you want to record acoustic guitar with two mics, and one requires phantom power but the other doesn't can you turn phantom power for just one microphone?

  28. I have a TASCAM US-122 MKII, and I have a question. Im using 1 microphone, so the signal i mono. Is there any way I can record without it just beeing in the left or the right speaker / headphone? If the mono signal could just be "panned" in the middle. Im using a screen recorder called "cam studio" and when I try to record, my voice allways end up in 1 of the speakers.

  29. Well I kinda found a way to solve it. You need to record on a mono track. If you sing for example, and you are using Cubase or Logic, make a mono track. If you are recording into a software, make sure it is mono. What are you using?

  30. Try it. If you record a mono signal to a mono track, it's gonna be mono = both left and right. When you record to a stereo, one of the mics are going to the left and one to the right. If you are only using one mic, you will only hear it on one side.

  31. Hi. With this card, is it possible to send a signal from the computer to the line out (a previously recorded track) while recording in the same time a signal from a mic (or a guitar) input and sent it to the computer ? Does it change the latency (compared to just recording) ? Does a standard USB port on a laptop can do the job (read & write in the same time) ? Or does it require a specific interface ? Thanks.

  32. Hows this to record metal music? Im kinda new to studio / recording . So i wonder if i buys this and have cubase will i be able to record guitar and vocals at home ?

  33. I'm sure it would because i got a first gen US-122 to work with windows 7 but not without issues. The older us-122's were designed for XP and then tascam tried to screw everyone out this 200 dollar piece of hardware by not releasing new drivers when everyone updated to vista.

  34. You need a program that allows you to edit or mix left and right channels. The channel that your mic's using will always be the one that records the audio. Only if you have a mic in each channel will you get stereo. Otherwise you have to copy the audio into the channel thats empty in a program like audition.

  35. I never tried that but I don't see why it wouldn't work. It would probably sound better too. I'm assuming you mean using both xlr inputs and not the guitar plug inputs. Plugging a guitar straight in to this thing sounds harsh but you can use a preamp like the bluetube pedal if you want to plug straight in to the guitar input.

  36. Well the outs on my mixer are all 1/4 inch, so I would be plugging into the 1/4 line ins. Is there a switch on that interface that switches between a line in signal and an instrument level signal? Because the signal from my mixer is much to hot for my current interface. I never run a guitar a bass straight in. I use the DI on my bass amp or run through a tube pre for guitar.

  37. In addition to the XLR's there's a guitar input and line in input for the left and right channels and a switch for each. You also have knobs that control input levels on each sides. I was refering the the harsh sound of plugging an instrument straight into the guitar input without some kind of preamp in between. I always mic my guitar amps anyway. I'm pretty sure it's designed for what you had in mind.

  38. By the way I just watched this video again and noticed that this model has less 1/4" inputs than my model. There looks like only one switchable line/guitar input per channel on this model and my model has 2 inputs per channel.

  39. I was considering the Tascam or Focusrite Scarlet 2i2, I chose the Focusrite because I liked the layout better and the options were better for my use. So far I couldn't be happier with my decision.

  40. Sometimes it just swiches off the phantom power!! Why does it do dat? And somatimes my voice sound totaly strange!! I dont know what to do… If any1 can help me i would be happy 🙂

  41.  this will probably be a really silly question but, does this only work with Cubase? and were do the monitor inputs go? :S 

  42. hello i have the us-122 and  set evrything when i record i have the mic but not the music recorded how can i fix that please ?

  43. When im recording it only comes out in one side im using it througj garageband any help ? Please

  44. Can you give us some information on the correct way to connect the tascam to speakers? there are 2 RCA outs at the back but the manual says you should connect them to the 'phones' out (1/4" jack???) at the front however there is no L/R it's just one out. You're used the RCA outs – what is the other end of those leads? TRS/TS? I'm struggling to find the correct leads for this thing.

  45. Picked one up a month ago…still can't get it to work. I am using the latest MAGIX recording programme on my computer. Anyone have a suggestion on how to get them to work together?

  46. I have mine hooked up to my Mac for my microphone, but it won't even register the mic! Do I need to install anything? It's a tascam us-122

  47. I've had my tascam for 3 months and I still can't connect it to my MacBook Pro to my NS7 Controller can anyone help please

  48. If I listen via the Headphones I can hear on both sides(Stereo) but when I record it it is just on one side.How can I fix this?

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