How-to-use Newsgroups (USENET) the easy way for beginners!!! Best price + BOUNS VPN!!!

How-to-use Newsgroups (USENET) the easy way for beginners!!! Best price + BOUNS VPN!!!

all right just adding another video to my channel this is going to be a quick no bullshit meat and cheese get to the point introduction here to newsgroups you know I I don't see news groups has been frustrating for ever as far as you know they're really figuring it out it's been around for a long time but the frustrating part is is not I wouldn't say figuring it out but is it's really been is it worth your time to really to use all the different pieces of software and that's versus the newer way to do it so you know we'll talk about all that this is what I have here up here on the screen right now this is the the newer way it's called downloading a software package and so you pay your money you download the package you're good to go it's got everything I'll show you quickly how to get it up and going and I'll show you how to how to get the best software package for the cheapest price you know there's a little trick to that well I mean it's probably known but but I'll show you what I did they wanted something stupid it was like 150 bucks and that was the value package and I was like whatever dude I'm not paying that you know it that's for a year and so I I didn't take them up on it I got I got a discount for a hundred bucks and we're going to go over is it worth it it is is this worth that kind of money right now I'm going to say yes and that's not because I have a downloading problem or I'm a downloading addict or I'm bias or you know whatever I would honestly say yes it's worth $8 a month eight eight-thirty 30 a month which is actually a good deal for what you're getting because you're going to make your money back a thousand times easy so you know and and this is really good it's good for gaming you download it's this is better than torrents this is overall better than torrents overall for sure speed you know you download you don't upload yeah that's that's my observation I just got this so there's some things that I don't know I just got this you know and I'll just you know before I go through the software and go through how to use it and download I mean it can do all that in like a couple minutes and I'll do that but going through you know but before we're going through all that you know just to just to put some background on this newsgroups has have been a little frustrating because you know that back there's all new scripts have been around for a long time most people don't use it because there's a frustrating element to it and the news groups have been around like 30 years you know it's I'm crazy like 30 years it's the best way to download yet most people don't use it right so why that is so is because you know going back to I remember when you know the days of the the search you know the the search engine wars you know back in Alta Vista you would search up a site and you would download mp3s and shit you know games and shit right off the websites right off of websites before you know before they they stopped all that stuff and then you know the Digital Millennium Act or whatever and then so so a lot of people said well if I can download directly off the websites you know probably it's not worth it to go into learning how to do news groups because because you have to have multi multiple pieces of software that's the old way you know you got to figure it out it's probably not worth it just download off the websites well eventually news groups started to come back more popular because they stopped people from being able to put shit right on a website you know you get sued right so then Napster and Morpheus and Caza and all that shit came out so then news groups kind of went into the background again you know you could do peer-to-peer well then they shut all that shit down so then and then you start hearing more about news groups you know again right and then and then they shut all you know they shut all that shit down and then so then the next thing was back in 2008 you know I started getting into is like 2007-2008 I started getting into torrents so and then what happened was with the torrents there was a time when you could just download and not upload you know now you have to you have to do bolt well then they started cracking down on people that were uploading for even a second and those people start getting busted so now we're at the point where where news groups has come back into the fold it's come back into you know that being popular again unless something else comes out like torrents this is going to be the way to go this is the way this is the future right now for the next five to ten years is it worth the money yes it is worth the money and I will explain you know I'll download something here and and I'll show you but the first thing you do when when you want to get into news groups and this is the new way the old way was well there's another way to do it I'm pretty sure and you use multiple pieces of software to search for shit right and then you don't have to pay any money you don't have to use these software packages or it's it's a small fee every month it's it's not it's not you don't pay the same money you pay you pay more I believe when you use these software packages that that's my understanding could be wrong on that I could be wrong but I just got this you know so but but anyway so so what you'd want to do to start off using news groups in the newer fashion is you got to select a software package and to do that well it's kind of it is going to be a little bit of a trial and error because the the marketing on this shit is really conspiratorial II does kind of conspire against you because when you go to these websites to check out I mean it's really word-of-mouth really as far as what's good and people have their preferences and you know you know and all kinds of biases and all that and and so you know that that's that's the main thing is like getting off the ground like which software package am I going to go with right so I only have experience with two of them easy news and news hosting I went I personally went with News hosting and that's what what is here on the screen another one is this website right here called easy news a friend of mine had this account it was it was a while ago six seven years ago he he when I he I you know I was asking him I was like so you know how to do news groups you know I thought he was going to show me how to do it the hard way or you know and he's like yeah I got news group so we he logged in and he showed me all of his shit it looked really nice uneasy news he logged into his account and had all this downloads there and shit I mean it looked like fucking iTunes or you know like torrent Butler I mean it was just it was nice you know I was pretty impressed by that you know and so um so you know I was going to go with easy news because they're cheaper you know I've seen my friend was happy with it and I was like you know let's let's do easy news well I backed off on easy news and I started searching around and you know I found news hosting and I kind of look when I'm looking for something to buy something a product I look for a product that has that seems like it has the most support and so news hosting did have a video if you look on YouTube there's not many videos like this one the one I'm doing that there's not like if you search you know how to use news groups what is news groups you know what you know the videos are garbage I mean there's like no sound no audio like like they're vague they don't get to the point they're there they don't show anything really news hosting has a basic video for their software package it tells you basically how to use it so I was like you know all right news hosting you know let let lets do it and so I went to the site right and I'll show you all right so I'm here right and I'm looking at this shit and they're like you know yeah this is the best value right and they're like you know unlimited data transfer $13 a month and I was like okay well maybe $13 a month but I am buying a year I'll deal monthly and then and then I go here to start the trial right and they're like nah nah that's $150 or blah blah blah and I was like what $150 I was like nah I'm not doing $150 I was like no I'll just stick with Torrance or I'll just do Netflix or I'll just buy my shit off Amazon I was like on doing all that well what I did was to get the value package is I clicked here start free trial and then the see they already know I bought it but they're they already know but this screen was replaced with it showed you the different price plans and you can select one well what I did was I left the screen there for about an hour and then eventually the website came up with a pop-up the pop-up said well we'll take 50 bucks off we'll give it to you for $99.99 for a year so it's not $13 a month it's 833 a month and I was like all right you know that now now now you're putting something on the table so so I pulled the trigger and said fuck it so I went ahead and did it it pops up with this screen here gives you all your information you know your ports and all that which is already configured for you you all you do is it gives you your login here and then it puts it right there in the browser but the software package it downloads it and then you install it so you install the package right it comes up like this and then the only thing you have to really change in settings or anything is your downloads folder like where you're going to download it to you know I put it on my mechanical fat-ass Drive and then you know nothing else really you know do you really need to get off the ground you know there's connection is important so all you need to know is you know I purchased that I just showed you the screen right where it's got 30 connections unlimited transfers with VPN and the browser so that's the package right so under under connection just make sure that you you know you limit it you can limit it here to 30 right you know you can uncheck that and just do and not do a custom you know a lot of people they like if they have 60 connections like if they have connection comes down to like speed it is what I'm thinking so if they've got this package here 60 connections well then in here in connection you're going to boost that up to 60 now what I'm thinking is that 30 connections mean is a certain speed and what that speed is for download is 8 megabits because that's what my mind tend to top out around pretty good better than torrents much better and like I said it's just you can game and download with newsgroups because you're just downloading I have 65 make of download will take 8 Meg off that I can still play games right and it doesn't and I've so I've got 65 download 5 upload unlike torrents torrents will blow your upload speeds so you can't do anything so so here just download so well you can watch you can download news groups and watch Netflix and game and do all type other shit so news groups is definitely higher and the way to go all around you know and and it's so back to is it worth it yes so anyway what you do is you you got 30 here your port you just leave that port this is important right here which is connection type don't go to 100 megabits or faster if you don't have 100 megabits or faster I've got 65 megabit download so I turn that bitch on to 150 and that shit was airing out like a motherfucker it works for a little while but it was breaking left and right like it was saying that my hard drive could not keep up with the data that was coming down that's how fast it was transferring that my hard drive was like horked or whatever I mean it was just imploding because because I just could not handle that much so I changed it back to 16 megabit which is okay because I'm only got 30 connections I'm only downloading at 8 per download so that's fine you know I think these are a little obscure here I mean obviously they should put like 8 you know 60 Meg or 50 Meg in there but whatever because that's all you have VDSL 16 megabit so I just left it there that's working so SSL you know that this is already set up like that SSL prefer SSL so if you know anything about like email for example with SSL you know that that encrypts your data now it doesn't hide it necessarily but it encrypts it so people don't know they can't view it like your ISP can't really view it that's what that's a little different from a VPN the VPN here I'll show you like this is a VPN so this is extra this is my work VPN right here show you alright so yeah Cisco anyconnect this is this is an actual VPN and this is what News hosting will give you something similar like this so what happens is you know you your going to tunnel in so basically this makes it to where I'm on the network in Austin on a virtual network I'm on it I'm actually not on my own network so you have that on while you're downloading I don't care to have that I don't care if my ISP here I'll show you the VPN over here let me see news hosting VPN so this is their VPN you just sign up for it and you get it because it comes with your package you know gives your online identity and data protection the law prevents ISPs from slowing your internet speed well that may be true if you're on like you know something like Comcast or whatever but you know my internet charter they don't block anything they don't block ports they don't they don't throttle they don't they don't do anything like that everything's open so I don't really need the VPN and I don't really give a shit if you know my ISP charter sees that I'm doing news groups on which they can without a VPN they can see that I'm blowing that connection out but you know only at 8 megabits you know they don't care you know and we I think we both don't really care so so VPN might be a little overkill and if you're really paranoid you know about downloading shit you might want to do it but if as you've got this SSL turned on secure socket layer that's pretty good I mean it at least it encrypts your data you know so they can't just view it on the fly or whatever so so then that's it really you know so you just hit OK and then you're ready to go you know everything's here these are the binaries and the text these are the news groups here you can and keep in mind this stuff here is updated all the time there's like a retention or something to how long a news group stays active or something like that and then new ones get updated so the this right here you know you can you can actually post you this kind of like reddit I mean you can post to different things and some of these discussions are pretty pretty interesting you know so but anyway here's the binaries the binaries are you know like the goods right you know that that's the fucking Downloads right so you know you can put anime in there right anime comes up you can do everything or video I tend to do video but you can just hit everything it you know sometimes there's a little bit of a difference there sometimes I do do everything it shows more most of the time I just hit the video and then I sort over here by file size and then it comes up so top one is Dragonball Z and this one is 66 you know point 2-0 gigabit so you're going to download that at megabit it's not going to be that bad sixty six gigabytes beyond torrents that would take you a long time that take you like days and you know I would take you like you know a while because on torrents what what is the the speed that you normally download at you know what what are you normally your best speeds the best speeds right one megabit to make a bit right well if you've got thirty to sixty connections on newsgroups you're downloading it eight to sixteen megabit that's a straight download you know that that's that's pretty high high speed right there so you're going to get that bitch within hours you know you're going to get the whole things in and there's big I mean there's huge huge fucking files here you know there was just this package of like adult videos that was like like it was like 706 hundred something gig of it was more than half a terabyte and I was downloading that shit out that took that would take like a few days especially it like 30 connections 8 megabits that's going to take a little while I kind of gave up on it but but anyway so so that's pretty much it I mean that's you know the gist of it or whatever but it's pretty fun and I am a little disappointed with some of the some some of the actual searches here not not too much not too much you know I I don't like you know it really what it comes down to is like you know is it worth it to buy the blu-ray on Amazon or should you just newsgroup it like torrent it you know where you you know how do you feel is what it kind of comes down to and you know there's a lot of German shit I remember I downloaded like a South Park in German I was a little pissed about that but but you know they have the English you just have to search it up right but yeah I just started using this but so you know sometimes you have to there's a different it's you know obviously different than torrents as far as how to search but you there's a lot of downloading per episode or per disk on here you know I don't see a ton of like complete completed series together so but that that's okay I mean you know things get updated all the time on here you know there's new stuff you know it updates so if you don't find it one week maybe it comes up in a few days or something like that but anyway yeah that's that's the gist of it and you know I don't think I can think of anything else but yeah here I'll show you so like I'll just download this guy start the download boom I just right click on it go to download and then and you can look at the transfer and you know we'll see that should pick up here in a second that's pretty slow not sure why that is it should pick up though yeah that one's being a little slow not sure why that one's being slow hmm okay let's cancel that let's try this guy here oh there we go see how it's picking up five megabits 6 megabits 7c it's going to top out about 8 should hit should go over 8 well I'll stand right at 8 so there you go I mean so you're downloading that disc that that's a full-blown lots of rip but it's 50 gig and you'll download that in you know an hour I mean 50 50 gigs in about an hour or so you know that's you know fuck you know I mean you're dry so what you do what's the cool thing about this is you you you search up shit right you just fuckin blow this thing up like you're searching up shit all the shit you wanted like like you just go over here this way I had amazon open so I'm just looking at everything I want you know to try out and you know I go to just basically dump anything so so I'll do like what I'll do is I'll feel like I'll do like 50 downloads like I'll just search them up and I'll put them all in here and then you can hit the auto shut off when it's done so you go to bed that night right you go to bed when you wake up in the morning your hard drive is fucking full I mean it's just amazing you know it's it's pretty pretty high-end you know it's a pretty fun toy I'll tell you that you know because it really just is too expensive to just buy everything blu-ray off of Amazon you know or whatever this is really good for but I guess the last thing I'll say on this is that what I found was this is really good if you don't have cable like cable TV because you can search up the Walking Dead you know Game of Thrones and shit like that so so you can search that shit up and you don't you don't have to pay for cable you don't have to do the commercials and it's got really high fucking quality shit like the resolutions are high it's not like some old you know it's not that the torrents I mean you know the downloads are like you know you get you get a lot of shit on the town the torrents you know and plus you can get caught you know because technically now the way torrents are you have to upload a little bit otherwise the Downloads not going to work you try to cut off your upload it won't even download so so you can get caught but but on this with SSL and if you really want to use the VPN you know you're covered you don't have to do the VPN but anyway so that's that's the deal can't really think of anything else so I guess I'll just wrap it up there if you know if they will I keep it after a year from now probably but I have to see how I feel obviously if I don't have the hard drive space maybe not I might try others like easy news but do I think it's worth giving it a chance yes it is a hundred bucks you know eight dollars and 33 cents a month worth worth this whole deal yeah absolutely so alright well peace out I guess and I'll see you on the next video

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  1. BTW thats 8 megabytes a second which is 64 megabits per second thats why you werent maxing it out cus you said you only got a 65 megabit connection

  2. Guys, if you want to download Usenet data files for free, search on Google "iLoad Usenet" put your e-mail there, and have access to the best content with out spend money(10 GB for free). If you want a search engine for nzb files I really recommend you nzbking, and also a trial software Newsbin Pro, use your email to have access to it as well, enjoy it, have fun 🙂

  3. my area where i live only got comcast and at&t ive been stuck with gay comcast cable internet for past 4 plus years i only have internet and they freakin charge $75 bucks a month insane and this year i went over 1tb few times they have montly limit 1tb and i think att do samething too will doing newsgroup help me with this quota limit ? i am thinking no

  4. newshosting isn't real clear as to what OS they support. I see Windows, Mac, and Linux but what versions and which linux distros?

  5. I don't see a point of this service, and what the hell are you talking about "torrents takes days to download" What!? Lmao, if you pick a dead torrent, yes it can even take up to a year, and you sound like the kind of moron that would pick a torrent that has 2 seeds, and you sit there and wait until it downloads and then complain how slow it is…Lol …..i just use Netflix btw.

  6. So are you still using Newshosting or did you move to EasyNews?

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  8. I enjoyed the video and I enjoyed your talking about back in the day. I remember AltaVista! I was a dedicated NETSCAPE user. It was exciting back in the day.

  9. good video but next time get to the point a little faster….. we didnt come here for a history lesson lol

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