How to Use Instagram on Your Computer

How to Use Instagram on Your Computer

[MUSIC PLAYING] Did you know that you can
engage with your followers on your computer on Instagram? Hi, my name is Sue B.
Zimmerman, and today I'm going to show you what the
interface on your computer looks like and how you
engage with your followers and all your fans. I'm going to share
with you what you can do from the desktop
version of Instagram. Now, Instagram was designed
as a mobile application, so you do not have full
functionality from the desktop. When you first
log in, you'll see some of your most
popular pictures from the last month
interchanging. I actually like
this feature a lot, and one of the things
that I do frequently is I grab a screenshot, Command
Shift 4, and I take a shot. I wait till it gets
to a good point where I like all the
pictures that are there and they are rotating. And I will save
that to my desktop and share it on
Facebook, and then copy and paste the URL
right here and let people know that they should come
follow me on Instagram. Because a lot of
people on Facebook may just be getting
on Instagram and have had no idea that
you're there, so this is a good way to give a shout
out to get people over there. So I like using the desktop
version for that purpose. Now, when you do get on
the desktop version, what you do see are your
posts, your followers, and who you're following. You also see your avatar–
your beautiful smiling face is what I suggest
putting there– and a description of your bio. You can also click in and
view your comments here and engage back. Right here, you can
engage right back. So if I hadn't already left
a comment to outforawalk2– she actually walks dogs– I
would leave one there for her. So let me see if
there's one here. I posted this this morning. I was going out for a run. OK, so this is great. There are a lot of posts here. So let me just get in here
and show you what I mean. So at Perfection
Chocolate, and Perfection Chocolate is out of
Sydney, Australia. Yummy chocolate, if you want
to know about Chocolate Johnny he's pretty awesome. LOL, I'm just going to
say LOL, because they're sleeping when we're awake. So I'm going to show
some love and I'm going to share that, return. So now that comment is there
and you can engage right here on the desktop on Instagram. So that is something
that you can do. You can also edit your
settings by clicking your name on the top right hand corner. And you can edit your profile
right here, second tab down, and go in there and edit it. And when you do,
you want to just make sure you press this green
button down the left hand side and submit any changes
that you may have made. And you can also, right here,
edit– log out of your account, log into another account if
you have multiple accounts. That's something you might
want to be doing as well. So there's a little toggle
here of what you can do. Now right in the middle, it's
like your news feed on Facebook or on Pinterest. You can click the Instagram
name and scroll through. These are people that
you are following. So you can view images of those
posts that you are following. You can also– let's click back. OK, so those are
things that you can do. You can engage, comment,
edit your profile. What you can't do,
you can't click in and see who you're following
and see your followers like you can on the app. Now, I use Instagram 99% of
the time right from my phone. I very rarely get
on the desktop. I get on to do those screen
shares that I showed you. But I do not engage here,
I engage on the phone. But you may be your
desktop all day, and this might be
what you need to do. What you cannot do on Instagram
is search or click through hashtags or users. So I find that
somewhat limiting. You cannot view all of your
followers or people that you follow, like I just mentioned. And you cannot upload post. So this makes it pretty
difficult as a place to really use Instagram
for what it's meant to be. But what it is good for is
using less data and battery power on your phone. Because if you're like me,
you're on like 3% all the time, that's why I carry
around my chargers. But if you're just responding
to comments on your own images, then this is absolutely perfect. It's also good for seeing
which of your posts have been popular recently
by just looking at the likes. I posted this one this
morning when I went for a run. This is yesterday when I
was at Inbound with Vivica, the LinkedIn expert. So you can just scroll over
and see how many likes you get. Obviously, Guy
Kawasaki, I'm going to get a lot more likes than
a lot of my other posts. And I also like that
you can see the date. So it's like a
digital scrapbook, which I value so much,
because often when I'm going to go do a slide
presentation, I can say, OK. I was at creativeLIVE
in San Francisco, and I need this picture
for a presentation. Here I am with my producer. I know in my head
that I literally post on Instagram every
day, so I can find the posts that I need to use to post them
in a presentation or a webinar. So I love the fact
that the date is here so I can go back,
look on my calendar, and find the graphic
content that I need depending on
what I am sharing. So that's absolutely
what I do like. But as I mentioned, I am an
avid mobile Instagram user. That's why I love Instagram
so much– it is in my pocket, I am on the go, I can
instantly share visual stories with my community and
followers and give value. And that's why I
love using mobile. But for those of you that
are kind of chained to a desk or just don't have
the ability to be out and about with your
phones, you can get in there and engage on Instagram. And when I say "engage," the
most important thing that you are doing literally
is getting in there and commenting, commenting. And engagement is the key
to your Instagram success. So I would love to
hear from you if you use Instagram mostly
on your computer. Let me know what benefits,
what you like, why you do that. Or if you are a mobile
user like myself, I'd love to get those
comments as well. Thanks. Did you like this video? Be sure to subscribe
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@ mention @SueBZimmerman @theInstagramExpert– because
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  2. I love this I just wish u can post pictures on Instagram by using your computer but u already mentioned we can't so that sucks!

  3. Thanks for this. I've been reluctant to start using Instagram because I don't want to start something that I won't maintain. It helps that you make this clear that Instagram is built for smart phone use. That makes me even more reluctant because battery use and the small screen have me minimize what I do with my phone.

  4. Hi, You may have already answered this question but I missed it.  I am very new to Instagram and I want to download Instagram on my PC (like yours).  Could you please tell me what version you downloaded?  Instagrille, Bluestacks, other?  Thanks for your help. 🙂

  5. Posting the desktop screen shot on Facebook is an excellent and creative idea, but my desktop Instagram does not look like the one in this video.

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