How to use Gmail Drive to store extra files on your PC | video tutorial by TechyV

How to use Gmail Drive to store extra files on your PC | video tutorial by TechyV

Hi, I am Lesan Parse from Today I’m going to show you a quick
review on Gmail Drive. Gmail drive creates a virtual file system around your Google Mail account allowing you
to use gmail as your storage medium. Gmail drive creates a virtual file system on top of your google gmail account and enables you to save and retrieve files stored on your gmail account directly from inside Windows Explorer. Gmail drive literally add’s a new drive to your computer under the my computer folder. Ever since Google started to offer the users gmail email account, which includes storage space of six thousand megabytes you have plenty of storage space, but not lot to fill it up with . By Gmail drive, you can easily copy files to your Google mail account and retrieve them again. To download the Gmail drive, go to this URL. We will provide this URL in our video description. And now click on download latest version to
download gmail drive. You are redirected to the download page. You can see that the download starts. Wait until, it’s completely downloaded. The download is completed. Go to your download location. And open the compressed folder. Open it and you can see setup.exe and double click on it. Gmail drive setup has started. And it is setting up some extensions. And here it opens a help and it has information regarding the gmail drive. The setup is completed. Now open my computer and here you can see
other Section, the Gmail drive. Double click on it. And it asks for username and password. So let’s give my username and password and we have an auto login tick mark to automatically log in when the computer starts. Click ok. It say’s logging on to gmail. Wait until it’s authenticated. The gmail drive opens up. It’s currently empty. So now, let’s add some files to it. I am copying a couple of files. Copy and pasting here. It say’s posting file. Now what it’s currently doing is
uploading those files on to your email account as
attachments. So that you can use your Gmail as a network drive. Wait until it’s posted. You can see those two files on your Gmail drive. to verify that exists in your email, you can login log on to your email, and you can see that those two files are saved in your inbox as attachments. You can open it and you can see those
files as attachments. Now you know how to use Gmail drive. You are watching a quick review on Gmail Drive, the storage solution on gmail. This is Lesan Pasio from, signing out.

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  1. What a fantastic video you have created! There is so much that everyone else and I can take to develop our knowledge by watching this video tutorial. GMail Drive creates a virtual file system on top of my Google GMail account. It also enables me to save and retrieve files stored on my GMail account directly from inside Windows Explorer. At present, though, when I am trying to copy one folder from one place to another place on a different server, it shows the error "File name or extension is too long, can't copy.” Is there any DOS-based command or third-party software that I can utilize to copy the folder? Please tell me the full command in DOS or in s/w. Thanks for your assistance.

  2. Gmail Drive is an excellent file storage from Google. Although, I am a novice to the Internet, I know that Gmail Drive build a virtual file system around my Google Mail account, allowing me to use Gmail as a storage medium. At first, I was confused on how I will use Gmail Drive on storing extra files on my PC. But after watching this video, I have got an idea and surprisingly, Gmail drive literally adds a new drive to my PC under the My Computer folder, where now I can be able to create new folders, copy, drag and drop files into it. Recently, Google started to offer customers a Gmail e-mail account, storage space will be about 6000 megabytes. It periodically checks my mail account. Overall Gmail Drive works just like an additional hard-drive installed on my PC. Techyv is a website filled with so many information about computers and the latest news and trends on the information technology market. Well done Techyv.

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