How to Upload Your Mind

How to Upload Your Mind

(intro) Except for that one weird species of jellyfish that can pop back and forth between larval and adult states, all living things are built to die. So as unpleasant as it is, it’s only logical to expect that someday, you will also ah, let’s put this delicately, uh, stop being alive. Now, I’m going to be honest–I personally believe that a dramatically expanded lifespan would be awesome. but it’s always been a long way off. And it’s probably a longer way off
than any of our lives will be, but there is this vague idea that in the distant future, humanity might figure out a way to cheat death. So nobody is getting their hopes up, but some researchers are trying to close the gap by figuring out how to map the human brain, and simulate it on a computer. Essentially in the long term, they want to figure out how to upload the human mind. Now, the idea of mind uploading has been floating around science fiction for decades, but it’s only recently that it started to look like actually,
maybe, a little bit … in the distant future, possible. In theory all you have to do is program
a map of your brain onto a computer, and once
things are all set up you just run the program and voila: an uploaded, working brain. The question, of course,
is how to actually do that, because, like, brains are very complicated. The average human brain contains 86 billion neurons and each of those
neurons can form thousands of connections with each other, We’re talking, hundreds of trillions
of synapses or pathways that exchange information. So if you want to build a brain, the first thing you’re gonna need, is a map. The goal is to eventually put
together a detailed database of each neuron in the human brain and how
they all connect, but first we’re startin’ small: millimeter-long round worm small. C. elegans is a tiny worm that is about
a simple as you can get, which is why it is often used for research. In 2012, researchers completed it’s connectome: the map of how all of it’s neurons
interact with one another. Now it does help that instead of 86 billion neurons, it has 302. Other groups are trying to put together the fruit fly connectome,
but that’s taking a little longer. Small it may be, but the fruit fly’s brain has more than 30,000 neurons. It’s taken so long to figure out the round worm and even small parts of the fruit fly brain, that it’ll be a while, possibly forever, before we can map out something as complicated as a human brain. But even if we did have a perfect map
of the human connectome, that wouldn’t really be enough. Remember, we’re talking about
hundreds of trillions of connections, and some of those are transmitting messages
at more than 400 km an hour. No matter how fancy your new gaming laptop is, even it doesn’t have enough
processing power to manage all that. But someday, it might. Back in 2012, for instance, a team of scientists at IBM was able to simulate 530 billion neurons and a 100 trillion synapses using
the Blue Gene/Q supercomputer. Now, those numbers are on the
same scale as the human brain, but it was the simplest model possible, just a bunch of processors forming a huge network. They weren’t following any prescribed pathways or processing input the way a human brain would, Plus, the program was running more than 1500 times slower than a human brain would. But computers are getting faster all the time, so speed is an issue that we can solve,
even if it takes some decades. Problem is, we kinda have no idea
how to get a network to act like a brain,
even if we know what the connections are supposed to look like. Because, even after all these years of developing
the field of neuroscience… we still don’t know how brains work or understand how conciousness happens. But maybe, it doesn’t matter.
We have billions of working human brains at our disposal, all we have to do is take ’em apart and reverse engineer
a computerized version. Like a paint-by-numbers kit.
You don’t really need to understand the complexities of color theory,
as long as you have instructions. We just don’t know how detailed
those instructions need to be. For example, a program that models
the entire brain at the molecular level is gonna be much more accurate than one that just simulates the signals between neurons. But, as the simulation gets more complicated, it becomes even more demanding to program and run. It’s hard enough to model even a single cell right now, let alone 86 billion of them! At this point, we don’t know how deep
we’re going to have to go to get a brain simulation up and running, especially if we want it to be a conscious brain. So we have a lot to learn about our minds before we’re able to upload one to a computer, but so far we don’t know anything that indicates that it is definitely impossible. Meanwhile, thank you for using your natural brain (I assume) to watch this episode of SciShow which was brought to you and
inspired by the movie “Self/less” starring Ben Kingsley and Ryan Reynolds which explores some of the moral and
philosophical questions of this potential future and also was super-fun to watch!
We got to see it here–all the SciShow team. “Self/less” will be released on July 10th
and there’s a link to the trailer in the description.

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  1. Never mind all the TB (terabits) its going to take to store as much information that the human brain can store!

  2. Rakuen Tsuiho: Expelled from Paradise
    upload ur self and abandon the flesh body and live in virtual world,the future of human when the earth could no longer support life

  3. This may be sooner than you think. The computer doesn't need to be nearly as powerful as the brain, nor require a complete map. Anything dealing the the physical body is irrelevant in a simulation. Just knowledge, logic, personality, language, etc are required.

  4. A simulated copy of you wouldn't be you. A darthvader or robocop cybersuit, or cloned tissue to replace your body, (especially your heart, and lung function with powered organs that can actually outperform lung and heart enduerance, and longevity) or nanites (or programmable retroviruses) in your blood keeping your heart in pristine condition, and the rest of you cancer free, and can repair your neurons, or make new ones, or all of the above would be a more contiunuitious march towards immortality. 

    I imagine a copy of you running on some hardware, all by itself, would be like waking up in limbo, cognizient of self, but in a universe without form. I also imagine being buried alive would be a kinder fate than having a simulation run on a computer for who knows how long, and no telling how many instances that are getting detected by and tweaked on by programmers, and modders, and hackers. Regardless of the technical methodology used to obtain extravagant life extension the trade offs involved are no doubt going to present extreme psychological changes. Hardware versus bioware has obvious tradeoffs. Trading tenderness for durability, fragility for sterility, aestheticism for utility, natural for synthetic, instinct for simulation, hunger and thirst for intravenous diets, all of which replaces the objectively human you with a you that is objectively alien, that will, at least for a short amount of time "think like you" but will quickly fall out of sync with who you are (in part because of what you are) and live out decade after decade becoming someone different because it is something entirely different.

  5. I feel like when Man tries to create a human brain it is similar to how apes are trying to make fire. You don't put a bunch of sticks in the same spot and expect it to burn hot nor do you connect a bunch of processors and expect it to think… but what do I know I am an idiot.

  6. It seems to me, that the problem is not whether you can simulate the brain or whether you can make a copy of a consciousness, I figure we will be able to eventually, the real question is how to ensure continuity between the original and the upload. It's basically the old "Star Trek transporters just kill you and make a copy" problem.

  7. But a copied brain would not help me to cheat death. I would not become the computer at the time of the upload. This process would at best recreate another machine that mimicks my current state and is then free to diverge in its development. While I die. Maybe there would be some value for us copy and have the brain of einstein operational, but maybe not to him.

  8. Thankfully, I'm not the immediate past president of the Being Alive Club. ;P Not yet anyway… but I now one who's Glad to be Still Alive.

    Also, 3:21: "All we have to do is take 'em apart"… Are you related to Cave Johnson? Although, he didn't say anything about putting them back together…

    …Okay, I'm done now.

  9. i highly doubt that chappie could have uploaded minds, even with that amount of PS4's. maybe a shit load of 6700k's or xeon processors in a high end PC made for bitcoin mining…

  10. I don't know how people think this works but I can asure you that your consciousness is not as conscious as you think. We exist inside the universe, so as much as you think you are a being on it's own, you are actually just a grid of exchangeing information generated by chemical processes inside a physical obect made of energy (mass). And if you think about it mater is just quantum fields and energy that exist in a 3 dimentional universe (quite possibly a multidimensional). So yeah I don't think life or death is something like the end of being, but rather a different state of being (depending of your definition of being). You might as well call consciousness an illusion, besides you are practically the same as everything in the universe, just in a different energy arrangement. Similar to sending information by simply changing the possition and velocity of particles.

  11. 1.They can upload your brain but what about your brawns.The size of your foot,hands and somethings.Your tongue's sensitivity.

  12. And everyone forgets that even if you did upload your brain it wouldn't be… You.
    It would be a copy of you and then you'd be killed.
    And that might not even work correctly, you might still live and there'd be two "you"s.

  13. If medical technology increases longevity, in our lifetime we could upload our minds to a computer. I believe this will happen by 2040 due to rapid increase in computational power. It might take a few days to get a full map of the brain. It will be an amazing time to understand questions like what is consciousness? Are we in a simulation? Is there a creator or god? etc.

  14. It's probably possible that one day we can quote upload our brains. However that poses another question, would it actually be you? Even if it was an exact copy of our brain with all of the electrical signals exactly how they are to make up our personality, the brain in the computer might indeed be me, and remember all the things I do, and remember being uploaded, but would it actually be me? Or would the current flesh me experience death only for the copy to continue living.

  15. instead of trying to recreate the human brain in machine form by mapping it out, wouldn't it be easier to make a machine that you can transfer an existing brain over to using electro chemical signals or path ways to move it? I don't know about you but i would very much like to live forever by transferring my consciousnesses than say build a copy of it or exact replica. technically if you build a copy it is no longer you specifically, it just an exact likeness of you. for instance, if i copied a file or program and made an exact replica, its not the original. its just an exact likeness of it down to the last bit of information rather than actually being the original.

  16. Well so if the human lifespan tripled, would we continue aging and by the time we die we would be like living dust, or would we age slower and be a child for 60 years?

  17. Only way to upload a whole inteligence seamlessly, upload one neuron at a time, real neurons communicating with digital ones, once no real neurons are left, you're on the system.

  18. I do not think consciousness is anything real. It is just our brain experiencing,interpreting the world through our senses on a moment to moment basis. There is no consciousness substance. If we had the technology now and you uploaded all the information in your brain into a computer or cloud or whatever your consciousness in your body wouldn't suddenly drain out into the computer and neither would you be suddenly experiencing two separate consciousnesses simultaneously. I read one commenter on youtube address this eloquently, i'll paraphrase, he said "it would be a duplication and not a migration"… And I think he was completely right. Even if you upload your entire brain information into a computer , when you die actual you and your awareness will fade to nothingness of death, you won't wake up on the cloud or in the computer simply because there exists a duplication. The uploaded version of you would be a separate entity that would continue to exist. It would know it wasn't you also because even though it would identify with you and know all your feelings and memories it would also be aware of you going through the process deciding to and engaging in the project of uploading yourself. So it would be aware of that as well.

  19. I don't want to go through all this complicated process in order to upload my brain into a computer, all I want is a good wifi connection.

  20. It's in the near future because the AI that we will have soon could do it for us. Please do your research before you upload a video.

  21. It's definitely impossible lol there are no magic conscious strings of bits that can define the undefinable.

  22. I know how to save brain memory's into computer, press right mouse click next click make new and then text document after that write down your memory and go file-> save and wholaaa brain memory saved ;))

  23. This is nothing more than making a close copy of your brain. It will be a separate mind that thinks it is you, but you are not the exact same, just very simple. No matter how hard you try to copy something perfectly, it is impossible.

  24. You don't really need to do all this, just download Snapchat, it's practically uploading your mind. Or at least, your life.

  25. But uploading our mind to a computer essentially means we could get hacked, literally. Our mind would be susceptible to computer viruses and hackers, and while it may seem like a good idea to prolong life as we know it, with the click of a button, the data and codes that make up our mind can be deleted(so yeah, we cease to exist, basically deceased, dead, etc.)

  26. Someone stated a good way to preserve yourself while still being roboticized and I will explain what it is. It's basically what I call gradual expansion. What it would be is steadily hooking up networks in your brain with artificial networks and steadily replacing the organic components with the mechanical ones so rather then going on uploading you are just making the brain adapt at a slow rate of being computerized and connected to an artificial mainframe until the entire brain is mechanical. Then from there you can take your CPU brain and put it into any construct you wish. There. Now you can still be you and not create a stupid clone of yourself with an identity crisis. Problem solved. Gradual transfer is the key.

  27. Now I personally like to say positive things on my channel but I often wonder what it would look like it if Hitlers Mind was in control of all technology and internet???

  28. After hundreds of years of advancement, how long will it take till some idiot decides to give a computer brain a direct link to the internet…

  29. Total and utter B*s that uploading your mind, brain-waves, if it were even one-day possible, would ever be add up to more than some possibly interactive program, albeit within a computer or automaton, whatever, that THINKS its you!! In fact all that would be needed to totally prove this simple fact is to upload your thoughts, memories, etc while you are alive – which is obviously the idea! – then ask the REAL you if that other thing is also really you or not.. only one real true answer possible there, of course, unless you could simultaneously have full awareness from both positions of your original and newly copied/uploaded 'self (which is another thing entirely, esp anyone?) and the resounding answer would be 'Er, nope'. Of course, all this isn't to say that it couldn't fool others, even loved ones, as essentially, with your replicated thoughts, feelings, and memories, it would 'believe' its you. But it isn't. You'd have to be gone for it to even carry the pretence through (others with ulterior motives come to mind!). By the same token, the issue would be exactly the same with the application of some future 'teleportation' device a'la Star Trek… it's one thing to 'manipulate' 'entangled' particles at the subatomic level, even to the extent of theoretically or potentially recreating a full living, thinking, being, but again it could never be the original, just a copy that may even think its the one and only unique individual 'teleported'. So the REAL you, if you were the one so 'beamed ' up or down, would be dead then, too! Now, I love all these ideas.. 'new' sciences etc.. and I really loved Star Trek both the new lot and yesteryears boldly-going mob.. Kirk, Spock (RIP) et al.. but it seems now that they were all killed off by their own people (Bad Scotty!!) first time they went to ask some other-worldly natives what they were up to! But then, if they'd uploaded their brain-waves, just maybe.. (Ooops, been there, discounted that!!) leebeegontai

  30. This brings up the same problem as teleportation. Your uploaded consciousness would only be a copy, it wouldn't be you. You would either be alive or dead when your consciousness is uploaded. This would be more like setting up a restore point on windows.

  31. So many amateur philosophers in the comment section thinking they are scientists.

    Try to push this comment up if you agree(a.k.a. likes, it is literally the whole point of comment likes).

  32. I think consciousness operates in similar fashion to the bitcoin network mining decentralization method. You can disconnect 50% of the hardware, and replace it with new hardware, and slowly transit the entire network from GPU to asics, but it's still the same bitcoin network. Connect your brain to another hardware, remove a chunk of the old brain, and turn on a chunk on the new brain, gradually repeat into 100% over, it's still the same original you. However, split the bitcoin network in half, and never connect the hardware together, and it will form two separate blockchains. The key point is how you connect and disconnect it. I think I may have an actual solution to how it works. So yes, there is a safe way to transfer consciousness to a new hardware, safely without any risk of identity problems. Provided its done correctly. In a way the cells in our brain over 7 years does this already replaces slowly, etc.

    The minting of blocks on the network is basically the actions you do. The key point is to avoid seperate blockchains, and forks.

  33. "Revelation ch 9 ver 6
    And in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it, and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them"

  34. I haven't seen the movie Selfless so I can't comment there, regarding "uploading" our minds though, I doubt strongly we could test for consciousness, we could easily prove intelligence but not consciousness. I reckon such a future would look more like the heads in jars in Futurama, that is, we upload or "copy" our minds onto neural net AIs to emulate ourselves and others so we can have continued access to a reasonable equivalent of their minds.

  35. If each neuron could be represented in memory as 2 bytes, then we would only need about 172GB of RAM to run a brain.
    But the following arises:
    First, not all neurons are being used at the same time,
    Second, neurons can make a lot of connections, 2 bytes might not be enough,
    Third, i cant remember the third problem.

    Thing is, we do have the resources to build/map a mind, but there needs to be a how.

  36. 30 nanometers is thinnest slice possible. We just use the blueprint we're given. It's funny, it's not really a slice, just how much sticks to tape….

  37. you idiot! They have mapped out the human brain decades ago! There are millions of people who have their brains uploaded to a supercomputer.

  38. i wanna be researcher in this topics "transferring knowledge to brain" , what should i do ? what is the references or books help me to learn and get good information about this topic

  39. I think in order to inhibit consciousness it requires some sort chemical/biological framework, I don’t think an entity with electronic components, however intelligent, can become self aware

  40. If we could actually make a computer that can successfully simulate a brain, the consienceness on the computer would be a copy of you, you would still die. The computer version of you, will think that it is still you, but YOU will actually still be dead. You will stop existing, and another thing, with your memories and knowledge will start existing. The only way that a person would really be immortal would be if you could keep a brain alive forever. If I uploaded my mind to a computer, the computer version of me and I would be able to live simultaneously untill I actually die.

    Its like, if your computer is dying, and you buy a new one, and move all the data over to the new computer, and then think its the same computer.

  41. Why would they want to upload your brain, once you die you die, you should want to preserve the brain not upload it, if you upload it there it's there as a copy not you so what we need to do it to preserve the human brain for longer if anything not to copy because it's a copy not the actual thing.

  42. Currently, it would take a super computer the size of the state of Texas & 500 stories tall to equal the capacity of a typical human brain.

    Even then, it would be lacking, as it would not be self aware.

  43. Once we have developed artificial intelligence that can re-write its own programming to the degree that it becomes sufficiently advanced to take on these types of tasks, I believe that this will probably become a relatively simple matter.

  44. I want to live forever. Why? Because I'm an explorer I want to explore the universe.. One human life is not enough

  45. Consciousness is God and God is Consciousness, when you believe in God you believe in Consciousness. But the question is what Consciousness.

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