How to Take a Screenshot

How to Take a Screenshot

How to Take a Screenshot. Your boss has just asked to see a sample of
your work. Take a screenshot to impress them with how
tech savvy you are. You will need A computer and an open computer
window or file. Step 1. On a Windows PC, open the window or file you
want to capture and make sure it is the “active” window on your monitor. The “active” window is the window that is
in the foreground on your computer screen. Step 2. Press the Print Screen button on the top right
corner of your keyboard to take a picture of your entire screen. If you want a screenshot of only the active
window, hold down the Alt key while pressing the Print Screen button. Step 3. Open a graphics or word processing program. Hold down the Control key and press the V
key to paste the screenshot into your chosen program. You can also paste screenshots directly into
the body of an e-mail and send as an inserted graphic. Step 4. Choose File on the top menu bar and click
on Save As. Locate the file where you would like to save
the screenshot in the Save As window, name the file, and save it. Step 5. On a Mac, hold down Shift, Command and the
number 3 to take a picture of your entire screen. A file will automatically save to your desktop. Step 6. Hold down Shift, Command, 4 to take a picture
of an area of the screen. Hold down the mouse button, run the select
tool over the area you’d like to shoot, and let go. A file will save to your desktop. Find the screenshot file on your desktop,
and change its name and location if you wish. Step 7. Attach screenshots to e-mail, print them out,
or insert them into documents, just as you would with any other digital file. Did you know Did you know? The first consumer computer to use movable
“windows” with mouse-clicking capabilities was the Xerox Star that debuted in 1981.

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  1. i guy fabulous,amazing thank you for your help
    i have a question ?
    is it neccesary to open only ms paint can it work. on other software also
    pls tell

  2. Can anyone help me when I take a screenshot it takes 20 then if I take another screenshot it takes 21 wtf I'm using Windows 8 plz reply and help me


  4. when i only press prt sc nothing happened checked my files nothing of how it looked like pls help it worked before

  5. hi, is there any option available in Windows as step 5 to auto save a file, to have multiple screenshots recorded automatically

  6. When you mentioned the apple computer, that's where i got lost. I need to know when you got back to the regular computer explanation. Or, where you just mentioning apple until the end of the video? Thanks

  7. Text Turorial , may can be help you

    How to Take a Screenshot On Your Mac? Here are 5 Effective Ways You Can Try :

  8. Nice video! Thanks for sharing on how you take screenshots. As for me I take screenshots by using AceThinker Free Screenshot Online. This will let you take your screenshots really fast and easy. Simply go to its site and click the "take screenshot" button. No installation or software download needed.

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  10. My screen save goes directly to One drive but not in the One drive folders I can easily access. I accidentally came across this file once but can't recall how I did it. grrrrrrrr

  11. Yes it works !!! Thanks a lot Howcast ! Pressing the "PrtScn SysRq" button on your keyboard and then open paint and right click "paste" on a blank page is so simple and so useful ! Follow the exact steps of this video and … there you are ! You' re all done !!! 😉

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