How To Start Coding (Software Development)

How To Start Coding (Software Development)

John: Hey, John Sonmez from
and today I thought I would answer one of the biggest questions that I get all the time.
I get a lot of emails asking basically how do I get started in programming or how do
I become a software developer. I thought Iíd address that question this time.
This is a tricky question. Itís not easy to get started as a programmer or software
developer. If youíre already one you can probably recall when you first got started
in your career how hard it might have been to break into the field especially this whole
experience paradox which basically is if you donít have experience how do you get experience?
How do you get a job without having a job? How do you get experience if you donít have
a job? There is a way around this. Thereís a good
way that you can actually get a job without having experience and to build up experience
without a job. Now starting off, before we get into that letís talk about where to get
started if you just donít even know where to start. You want to learn to be a programmer,
you want to learn to write code, but you donít know where to get started.
The best place to get started is to just look around to find some free resources online
for learning to code. Thereís a bunch of different resources. I of course do videos
for a company called PluralSight and thatís not a free resource, but you can find online
training videos for free as well as the ones on PluralSight which are not free, but are
usually of higher quality than some of the free things, but you can find these resources
online. Just do a search on tutorials for learning C# or learning Java and youíre going
to find that. Thatís the first place I would start. I would start by actually writing code.
A big mistake that people do is they pick up a book on programming, they start reading
through that book and they think theyíre going to learn how to code that way. No, the
way youíre going to learn how to code, the way youíre going to learn how to program
is to start doing it. Thatís why I say look for tutorial online because thatís going
to be more interactive. Youíre going to get started faster. Youíre going to be stepping
through and doing what theyíre doing and learning that way. Now itís going to be very
confusing at first, thereís a lot of moving pieces, thereís a lot of things to learn,
but you just have to keep on plowing forward and keep on writing code.
Now next letís talk about how you get that experience. Letís say that youíve got started
a little bit. Youíre starting to learn something like Java or C# or Java Script and now you
actually want to try and get a job. Well, before you go and try and get a job hereís
what Iíd recommend that you do, start learning how to build an application. Pick some simple
project that youíre going to do, some simple application and start working on creating
that application. Learn what you need to know to do that.
Now, a good place to do this is android. You can make an android application or even an
iOS application, but android is probably a good place to start. Or if youíre a
developer, Windows phone 8 those platforms are fairly easy to get started on. If you
create a very simple application and you figure out everything you need to do to create that
application and then you actually put that application into the app store, actually put
it for sale or for free download, whatever you want to do, but make sure you get it out
there then hereís whatís going to happen. Youíre going to put on your resume this company
name that you made for building your application. Itís going to be legitimate because you created
that company to build that application, right? Youíre going to walk into an interview and
youíve got experience now because you work for your own company, you own your own company.
Your company wasnít a fictitious company because it actually released software which
a lot of companies donít even ever release software so youíre ahead of the game there,
and you can show your app in the app store. You pull up your phone and you say, ìHey,
look at this, I wrote this application. I actually know how to codeî or ìIím just
starting out but hereís what I did.î That shows some great initiative and you can show
the source code for it. You can pull it up on your laptop and say, ìHey look, here.
This is my app. Hereís the code that I wrote. This proves that I can write some code.î
If youíre willing to do this and see, hereís the problem, most people arenít willing to
do this. a lot of people are going to listen to this video and say, ìAh, thatís too hard.
Yeah, I think Iíll just read a book or whatever.î If you are willing to do this, if youíre
going to put yourself ahead of a majority of the people trying to break into the field,
because if youíre out there, youíve got an app, youíve built something, youíre willing
to get your hands dirty and go through the hard work of learning something by doing it,
not just reading about it. Like I said youíre going to be ahead of a majority of people
that are trying to get into the field especially relevant if youíre alreadyóletís say youíre
in QA, youíre a software caster or something like that and you want to switch over to development,
start writing code, get an application in the app store, build a web application even.
Have a portfolio that you can show that you know how to write code and that you have the
initiative to see a project through to its completion.
Well, thatís my advice for you. If youíd like to find out more advice like this definitely
donít forget to subscribe to this YouTube channel but also check out my blog at
and take care. Have a great week.

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  1. Hi John,I am a  I built a demo web app that lets a person enter employee information. Also can edit, delete and view the employee information. The users must register and login to use the app. I also posted my resume in the app and a link to download it. I used php to created and I have been focusing on PHP because I love how simple it is to use. My question is, I noticed that you did not mention PHP as a language to learn, Why is that?

  2. I just started to learn how to program my first Windows phone app using C# and XAML. Do you think Windows apps are a good way to start since I'm learning C#? http:\

  3. hey, i am willing to learn programming but the thing is that i don't know where to start from like there are obviously first steps to start learning programming like from seed roots and stem grows then from it a tree grows. any suggestions? 🙂

  4. You are awesome man. There are lots of videos that says a lots, but you said the most important thing, how to make money, and the right way, proper steps.

  5. Do you have a video about some beginner project ideas? Maybe some ideas for different languages? Like a couple of projects for Java, another couple for C, etc.

    I'm currently in some sort of void. I still have to learn I/O and Concurrency in Java, but I still don't know where to go after that. I have absolutely no idea what I should program, where I should begin. I'm one of those book guys … unfortunately.

  6. Is it actually a thing to "take your laptop into the interview to show the source code"?
    This is exactly what i'm aiming towards! I want to actually demonstrate an app from the app store.

    Question: If they ask you some obscure coding question and you don't know, what is the best way to respond? Maybe something like "I'm not sure but I definitely have the initiative to find out!" (Or something worded better.)

  7. You are really good.thank you
    Infact I am currently taking your course on plurasight.just so wish you can teach intermediate python course. Thanks again man

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  9. I hear it is even harder to get a decent programming job when you don't have a B.S. in Computer Science. I mean just just look on; most developer an programming job require a computèr related degree – preferably a computer science degree..

    Do you agree? Or am I missing something?

  10. hey i got a question,basically if i learn all codes through online but i did not go into college and i don't have any associates degrees,do u think they will accept me for my experience without having any qualifications?

  11. hi thank you for this but can i be a software developer if only i have a PC, a knowledge of program language like java but without internet connection?

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  14. Great video, this is probably a stupid question but Ive just recently gained some big interest in wanting to become a programmer but is coding and programming the same?? I've been practicing on some website just doing simple stuff by teaching the computer to move a smiley face across the screen is this programming or coding?

  15. I have programming experience in C, C++, PHP and Javascript. Recently i am learning python. I feel i have hit plateau in programming, I can develop basic applications. For complex large projects i cannot do it alone, and small projects i can already develop. How should i approach to further enhance my knowledge. What types of projects should i develop so i can constantly improve. I need some different unique project ideas to work on. A little guide about what to learn and order of things to do would be a great help!

  16. I have been searching on the internet about how to learn programming but it is really confusing …. there is a debate on the internet which language should be your first to learn. What do you recommend? which language should i learn first?

  17. This man speaks the truth. I got started in web development 6 years ago by designing and coding a bunch of free websites for my friends. That got me my first part-time web development job which moved into a full time thing later.

  18. hey guys , im 15 and i work with computers but i dont know how to code so could you please tell me is my age to early to start studiyng ?

  19. Thanks for the video !

    I'm just starting in this amazing field, it all seems so interesting ! I always thought "nah, you're too stupid for this". But screw this, if I don't try, I'm sure as hell going to do nothing.

    Thanks for the advice 🙂 !

  20. John, I've been watching your videos for a while now, and you still continue to amaze me with your videos. You provide really great suggestions, insights, and your content is really great quality. There are lots of youtubers that I like to watch, but you're one of the select few of which I will gladly watch the video without even sometimes reading what the title is. Keep up the excellent work!

  21. The hardest thing to start is finding all these programs to code on, it's so frustrating, yeah i can look up how to code c++ but you need the platform to code it..

  22. Hey John. should i learn OpenGL , SDL or SFML??? i wanna make graphics games and apps, and I have learnt C++ and if you tell me any of them then please mention Where to learn them… Thanks in Advance

  23. How do you start your own company to broadcast software you made, specifically the creating a company part….Would appreciate a response

  24. So I'm a complete novice at this carry on. Like less than a week. That being said I found a website I can access at work that has a programmable area. Yesterday I wrote a code for rock paper scissors, easy enough I guess but I'm proud. I even put in a little button at the end asking for a rematch… Hint for utter newbies: if you have a clickable button and refer to them later(this was in java) don't refer to the label of the button. It numbers your options… It took me 5 hours to learn that lmao!!

  25. One question, if I was to start a software business which would you go for desktop software, mobile or web?

    Btw I already can program in Java, so it won't be a hassle to learn another one.

  26. Suddenly I feel like learning coding, software developmentand and other things an IT guy does…
    I'm gonna be 19 soon and don't know nuts about this industry and it's slowly taking over the world.

  27. I'm half way developing my first app, and I've got stoped by having to learn design patterns to meet professional development standarts. I think this is a overlooked topic by many beginers.

  28. Simple Programmer has a brand new channel! John Sonmez is back (with other programmer career coaches as well) to help you build the programming career you've always dreamed of.


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