How to Share a YouTube Video to Reddit/Computer/Cell

How to Share a YouTube Video to Reddit/Computer/Cell

Hello and Welcome thank you for checking
out this video I am Rochelle from the DIY Affiliate and
in this short video, I will show you how to use the share button to share your
YouTube videos to Reddit using your computer and your cell phone so let’s
get started on the computer find the video that you would like to share then
click the arrow left-click pop-up box find the Reddit
icon and click open if you don’t have an account with Reddit
then open an account and choose the A community or Your Profile that you are able to post in you will see your title the URL you can
also post to Twitter through reddit and then click post it will then show you
your post you can leave a comment and there is your post on reddit using the
computer how to share a YouTube video to read it on your cell phone using the
share button find the video that you want to share below the video tap share find your Reddit account and you must
have it installed on yourself choose a community you must be allowed
to post in the community the best place to post is your own profile you give it a Title click Post you will
see submitting and it will then be posted to your Reddit account the second
way is the arrow that you find on the top of your video find your Reddit and
do the same steps choose your community a title and this is your link and click
post I hope this has been helpful to you so
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  1. Hi DIY Affiliate, great video. I’m getting around to creating an account on more social media sites. I will try Reddit also. Ok 👌🏽 👍🏽 😃

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