hey guys welcome back to my channel to
the guys in to show cosine Omega unboxing hakuna our King package so if
this your guys miss one big big one so yeah I’m bucks cushion and guys so yeah so look if you guys to is Mike per
podcast hi guys hello
you know two guys in my man to a butcher shop for sure now guide that please oh this one wire wire and this one look
down this one here and this one is the power
I know to USB you input output parameter down to dock now sound smooth checker it
oh you might handle and this is the drain this is the mic right here who
like blue yeah so this is that included everything is
it up mapping guys is your show cosine OOP an epoxy top me talk okay fucking
ass man alright is if you guys young and nothing
how can do nothing bid at it beat you I am and I know my shit back now Iike clunk sure people can plump young
sir la mesa today’s benedict una Mesa Redonda misako shocking description so
if you can buy soon we can order in Amazon Akanksha it will come plump young
sur La Mesa if you guys benedict una Mesa lilleküla misako sock in
description so if you can buy so we can order and Amazon and the whole solution yeah II know a touch you had that you
saw cramp let me out you know myself and the diva
sugar yeah but you’re screwed up position let’s is this one yeah it could equip them I think this one is
one way or to go in with one way so the one is one way when we take it so ei
touch minutia you need to connect younger than a collar new color blue
blue blue blue my favorite color their yachts Milan shell John so the one is one way one way ticket
yeah yeah that’s Milan shall journey I am before super long very cold is Masha so
he can make it a nice way like that hello Tess hello test guys hello hello I’m Susanna Davis Delta Asia reported
voice repeating the same action doses 11 kahshanna shorter Chicana was ok guys
but Marin tonight didn’t I see cigar he do but I am
entertaining on doses in daily Monsignor a knocking bosses square finish this
Abraha no mono da Rimini hanging there thank you Oh a command convened the filter hey
guys welcome to my travel like that whoa baby nice safe advice this is a
little bit in a third avenue pasig rotation will be blaming my plan itself
without this one ended up this one is cheaper boy see we have to buy this one
just easy hey guys this one here is just my test hello hi
you thank you very much they say hello guys welcome back to my channel if you
guys know the best my class hello


  1. Ang ganda-ganda naman yan Toner Microphone set up nyo po…Malaking tulong yan para sa pagblog nyo po.

  2. Interesting video. Parang and ganda nito for vlogging. Speaking of vlogging. Bisita naman po kayo sa vlog ko. Subscribe po kaayo and subscribe ko din kayo. Tenchu tenchu

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