How to set up Sonos One wireless speaker

How to set up Sonos One wireless speaker

Hey guys! Andru Edwards here and I’m back
with another tutorial here at Today, I’m going to tell you how to set-up
your Sonos Play:1, if you’re not familiar, Sonos make speakers that are internet connected
to your home network, that will then stream music from your computers, from your laptops,
from your home media server, and even subscription networks from across the internet like Spotify,
Rdio, iTunes, Beats Music, etc. So when you get one of these bad boys in,
you’re gonna wanna set it up, you’re gonna wanna connect it to your home network, without
that this is pretty much a big paper weight. So let’s talk about how you do that. First thing you need is power, obviously sold
with a power cord and you hook it up right in to your Sonos Play:1, on the bottom. Now
there’s a nice handy notch cut out there at the bottom that allows you to plug-in and
then keep it nice and flat. And so let’s go ahead and plug it in right
now like so, there you go, so you can still lay it flat. Now once you connected the power
adapter to the bottom of the Sonos unit, you take the other side and you plug it in to
the wall. Once you plugged it in, the lights on top
is going to blink. And that means it’s booting up and setting itself up. Once that’s done,
you’re going to head over to your smart phone, tablet, PC or Mac. Download the free
Sonos app, that is you’re going to get it connected to your home network. So I’m going to show you the Sonos app right
here from an iphone, I can launch that right there. And it’s going to walk me through
the set-up process. When you’re done going over set-up in your smart phone, tablet, PC
or Mac, you’re done. You can now start streaming music from your
favorite music services or your local network right to the Sonos Play:1. Now if you don’t have a wireless network
or you’d just rather go wired, Sonos does include an Ethernet cable with every Sonos
product, which you can use to plug in right on the back of the Sonos unit, which will
then, let you plug-in to your wired home network. And that’s it. Now you’re done and ready
to stream your music and listen with you Sonos. And if you’re like me, you’ll get addicted
to these Sonos universe, and you’re gonna wanna have different zones throughout your
house. Again, you’ll get the Sonos Play:1 for $199
right here on Amazon. And you could also add the Play:3 which is a little bit bigger, the
Play:5 which is even bigger still. There’s also the Sonos Sub, and the Sonos Playbar
which is a sound bar. And you can even combine some of those things
which expand up to 5.1 surround sound system, if you got 2 Play:1s, you can pair those together
to make a wider stereo system. With one Play:1 playing the left side sound of the music and
the other one playing the right side sound, giving you wider field of music to enjoy. That’s it for setting up your Sonos Play:1.
Again, check it out, the Play:1 right here at Amazon. Until next time, I’m Andru Edwards
for Stay tuned for more from Amazon video shorts.

18 thoughts to “How to set up Sonos One wireless speaker”

  1. makes no sense why not just use Bluetooth which is much more versatile? so how do you connect your TV or other devices that don't run iOS/android/windows/Mac ?

  2. Just bought one for my wife. It can’t seem to connect which I tried this morning before I left for work. When I get home I’ll start over again.

    The app does fine until I enter my password. Then it stops can’t log in. Kind of frustrating.

  3. I already have a Sonos playbar and a Sonos speaker connected to the network which I manage through the Sonos app. The problem is that I bought another Sonos speaker and when I it won't blink green when I connect it. The app doesn't recognize it either. How can I fix this?

  4. Andru, thanks for the tutorial. Please accept some constructive criticism: get right to the tutorial with less preamble. People are looking for quick solutions. Thank you.

  5. The software is spectacularly awful. It is broken in every possible way it is possible to break. 3 hours in trying to set it up.

  6. lol, wtf, i just got it, and this video makes it seem super simple. But, i open the app, and then it asks, to connect to existing system, or learn how to create a new one. If i clcik learn how to create a new one, in safari, it opens a new tab on step-by-step instructions, yet they are skipping like 4 steps, because i dont get the same screens. please help, i am confused.

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