How To Set Up a Wireless HP Printer from Android | HP Printers | HP

How To Set Up a Wireless HP Printer from Android | HP Printers | HP

From Android, set up an HP printer and connect it to your wireless home or business network using HP Smart. To successfully set up and install your printer, gather the following materials and information: A device running an up-to-date version of
Android connected to the wireless network in which you want to connect your printer, An HP printer that is turned on, An active
Internet connection, And the wireless network password or key, if required by your network. From Android, open a web browser and go to The official HP site will not charge for any
services. Tap Get the App to install HP Smart. With HP Smart installed, tap the icon to open it. The first time you open HP Smart, a Welcome screen displays. Review the agreements and settings, select the check box to agree to the terms, and then tap Start. To detect a new printer in HP Smart, the printer must be in Setup mode. Setup mode activates automatically when turning on your printer for the first time, but is only activated for two hours. If It has been longer than two hours since
turning on your printer, or you are unsure if your printer is in Setup mode, reset the printer network settings. For printers with buttons only, press the
Cancel button to wake the printer from Sleep mode. Press and hold the Wireless and Cancel buttons at the same time for five seconds. Release the buttons to reset the network settings. For printers with an LCD or text display,
navigate to the Wireless or Network Settings menu, and then select Restore Network Settings or Restore Network Defaults. For Tango and Tango X printers, press and hold the Wi-Fi button for five seconds until the edge lighting rotates blue. Some older printers might not support Setup Mode. For touchscreen printers or printers with
navigatable menus, use the Wireless Setup Wizard to connect your printer to the network. For printers with buttons only, connect using the WPS button on your router. With the printer on the network or in Setup mode, return to HP Smart. Tap the plus sign to add your printer to HP Smart. The app searches for and detects HP printers connected to the same network as your device. Select your printer, or if your printer is
not listed tap Add printer. If no printers are listed, tap Set Up a New
Printer. Tap to select your printer. If prompted, enter the wireless network password or key, and then tap Continue. HP Smart finds the printer, prepares it for
the connection, gathers some additional information, and then finishes the connection. With the printer successfully connected to the network, tap Continue to proceed with the remainder of the guided setup. If prompted, follow the instructions and videos to install cartridges and load paper into your printer. Don’t forget to adjust the paper guides
to prevent jams and skewing. With paper loaded, tap Continue to set up
any available services or software. The HP Print Service Plugin must be installed to use HP Smart. If prompted, tap Continue and follow the instructions to install, update, or enable the plugin. From HP Smart, follow the remaining screens to complete the setup and print straight from the app to your printer. Restrictions in Android seven and later might prevent printer setup. If you are unable to complete setup with your Android device, go to from an iOS device or a Windows or Mac computer to complete setting up the printer.

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  1. So much bullshit trying to connect printer……followed every step and its takkmg forever to connect the printer

  2. I can't even get my printer to connect to my wireless network. I get it to the point where the blue light next to the wireless button is blinking, but when I press the WPS button on my router nothing happens. I've tried restoring it to setup mode but I don't know if it's been successful. I really don't want to return this printer, it looks so nice and has so many cool features I am excited to try. I'm just at a lost as to how to fix this. Any ideas? It is an HP Deskjet 2600 All in one series.

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