How to Restore the BIOS with a Recovery Flash Drive on HP Notebooks | HP Notebooks | HP

How to Restore the BIOS with a Recovery Flash Drive on HP Notebooks | HP Notebooks | HP

This video shows how to restore the BIOS with
a recovery flash drive on HP notebooks. First, power off your notebook and wait five seconds. Plug an AC adapter into the notebook. Insert the BIOS recovery flash drive into
any available USB port on your HP notebook. Press and hold the Windows key and the B key
at the same time, while the notebook is still powered off. While still pressing the Windows and B keys,
press and hold the Power button on the notebook for two to three seconds,
then release the Power button. Continue holding the Windows and B keys until
the HP BIOS update screen opens. The BIOS update begins automatically. It will write, and then verify the updated BIOS. Click Continue Startup to restart your notebook
or wait until it restarts automatically. At the BIOS recovery prompt, press Enter on
your keyboard to continue loading Windows. If prompted, read and respond to the screens
to complete the recovery process. You can find additional helpful videos at and on our YouTube channel,

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  1. It worked for me, I installed a BIOS update for my HP Envy 15 j108la today and after restarting it didn't boot up again. After following these steps I was able to boot up the computer again. Why did the BIOS update fail in the first place? Anyway thanks HP for this tutorial 🙂

  2. i tried to upgrade the bios on my g7-2055sb since then windows won't load i get only a blackscreen .
    i failed to make a bootable usb i get this message : Bios did not support insydeflash
    Any Help ??

  3. Sir, my brother make a clean install of windows 10 on my hp pavillion. And he deleted all the partition including the oem partition. And now my hp dosent show the HP logo and canot boot if i enable the secure boot. And if i shutdown my HP the screen goes black but the power light still on. How can recover all that partition back to make this laptop back to normal? Sorry for my bad english. Thanks in advance.

  4. Sir/maam this method did not work for me. I have hp 15-ba021ax. Before my bios settings got corrupted i had dual boot enabled….what i mean is that i had backtrack and windows 10 installed. Somehow i first ended up deleting my some partitions….but at that time my bios settings were there. Then i tried booting with kali linux , but at that time (when i opened the bios settings) bios settings hanged, no buttons would work while bios settings were on….so i ended up removing my battery to fix it. Thats when my bios settings disappeared and screen got blank and i ended up with corrupted bios . Please helpme.

  5. baixei a bios do NETBOOK HP DM1-3250BR e tentei fazer esse processo porem na hora que eu descompacto a bios, não aparece as tres opções e eu não consigo converter para o Pendrive… podem ajudar?

  6. Sir, I couldn't find the recovery option for the laptop itself. How can I proceed with the BIOS recovery? I tried WINDOWS Key and Button B, it is not working. My laptop is HP ENVY 15 Touchsmart

  7. My DV7 2140ed crashed during heavy workload, froze and never started up again. Ik get those two flashes (BIOS corruption). When I use the win+B / power button, the laptop will power off after 2/3 seconds, and nothing happens. It simply powers down (like it isn't detecting the keyboard, and only detects pressing the power button). Pressing (still holding the win+b) power will simply repeat the blinking LED codes… An USB drive formatted with FAT/FAT32 with the BIOS in .bin / .fd / .rom doens't work either, like it isn't detected. I'm fairly sure that the original drive with partitions is still intact. Any suggestions? Please help!

  8. When i do it on a Pavilion DV 7 4090sf the screen stay black! Wtf are you doing with your bios HP?? Is that planned obsolescence? Because i can't install an other OS on MY computer!! There is 0 advanced parameter in my Bios (InsydeH20 Rev.3.5 F.29. And i can't flash the BIOS with an USB key. Actualy this laptop is ready for the trash…but he is working.

  9. Hi, I have a DV6- 2020sa. When I turn it on the caps/numb lock flash
    twice then a pause, then flash twice, etc. fans everything boots up but
    blank screen.. I read it could be a corrupt bios so I downloaded the
    bios image from the hp support website, extracted 3536F12.fd file and
    renamed it 3536F12.bin and copied it to the root of my flash drive as
    advised. plugged it in then held win key + B and turned it on. It fires
    up, after a short while I get two beeps then it just powers off and
    restarts. After that it just repeats the 2 beeps off.. Any ideas?

  10. i need help my hp 255 just crashed its bios and its just flashing black and high fan spinning noise need help

  11. How to fixed system bord ct number missing.
    If I get DmiFit tool for HP probook 440GO laptop. Then I solved my problem. Please some one give me link.

  12. I can't get to the hp bios update screen. When I use the Windows + B combination key my laptop turns on but i get flashing CAPS light and no screen. I do have my usb flash drive in the laptop.

  13. I have tried to recover the bios using the key press combination but it didn't worked, then I tried using a bios recovery flash drive and it didn't worked also.
    When i plug in my usb with a recovery bios the WIN + B combination caps lock led keeps flashing continuously with a black screen.
    Also, I can't acces any bios options and I can't turn my laptop off as it keeps restarting by itself.

  14. While I was trying to update my bios, my screen went blank, tried several options but the screen has refused to display, please 🙏 help

  15. Why this method does not work for HP 15-bs017tx? I'm try to solve "Black Screen" problem after upgrade bios from F.02 to F.22 version. What have another trick, help me please?

  16. sir my laptop is HP am127TX yesterday i tried to update the BIOS but it's failed no my laptop not load into BIOS how to fix it? I has make bootable like in this video but didn"t work at all btw before i upadte i see my BIOS version is F.22 but i search the same bios on hp site not available please respond 🙁

  17. This never worked on any HP Laptop I have had with corrupt bios. I have always had to replace the BIOS chip to regain functionality.

  18. I have hp notebook 14-am103nt and this isn't working, I've tried this like 100 times and still its not popping bios update only screen flashing and high fan speed no capslock light also

  19. Sir,I cant restart the laptop.I try to reinstall the windows but the blue screen error pop up saying that YOU PC RAN INTO A PROBLEM AND NEEDS TO RESTART ,WE JUST COLLECTING SOME ERROR INFO AND WE WILL RESTART FOR YOU.(0%complete).Please help sir thank you

  20. i tried this on my HP pavilion 15 but after its finish verifying new bios image it goes black screen with the fan run fast and stay black screen.

  21. Recently my HP ProBook 450 G3 started to make beeps 2.2 – 2 long, then 2 short.
    It looks like BIOS problem, I've tried BIOS restore with USB flash, but neither WIN + B or WIN + V doesn't work to enter BIOS recovery.

  22. Please help .. I have a laptop dv6-7030ee I installed the version of Windows 10 instead of win7 I noticed that the device started to become very hot and became slower .. During the download of the latest update for the 2016 bios version I have done the step by step instruction and the update done  .. after restarting The error message shows no bootable device found 3f0 , i've checked in f2 uefi disk check express and intensive showed that everything was ok .. i've checked the hard out externally on another computer and showed that it is still valid and still contains the data .. i restored the bios settings f9 and even removed the CMOS battery but the problem stays .. sometimes only appears press esc and stands at this screen whenever i press any key it shows that it is stuck .. unfortunatly that the laptop had a recovery space 20 gb deleted by mistake .. While trying to boot from the copy of Windows on the dvd to enter and explore whether the hard disk is detected, it does not show the disk  .. i've  tried another hard disk to discover it but the same …
    I recently downloaded the F.2E update for Windows 8  bios on Flash memory and followed the ctrl + b method. Everything was done correctly and after the update it no longer gives a result of a new bot but it stuck on press esc key ..  and can not be rebooted except via alt+ctrl+del . I tried to check the hard and the RAM through F2 and it all passed over correctly .. A final note when trying to format and install a new Windows version and pressing f9 shows the option to boot from the disk and stop the black screen .. Please solve it no one can analyze the problem and understand !!! Where is the error I tried everything!! Is it reasonable that you do not follow What can happen to your equipment and the damage caused to the costumers after this package of updates ??

  23. i have the same issue caps lock blink twice but when i try to update bios with usb.. it is not going into bios update screen … the screen just flashes and the laptop restarts.. please help me anyone…

  24. I have a problem when i start the laptop (hp elitebook 8560w)it shows the hp logo and then the screen stays black please any solutions?

  25. Hp probook 450 g4 is stuck on hp logo after update and not booting and its not supporting your prescribed methed need help plz 😰

  26. for me works after power on keep pressing repeatdly ESC till diagnose system option appear, enter and find update firmware option. its all

  27. Does not work for HP G6-2164ca that was flashed with their wrong bios that was listed in their HP site. Contact them was no help either when it was only one month out of warranty. Don't buy from HP.

  28. What is the process of bios recovery in hp pavilion p6210y when I turn on it shows black screen and after 5 to 10 second it beeps please give me the way how to recover bios…

  29. I can use this method but my desktop do not appear after rebooting my laptop this message is show

    boot device not found
    please install an operating system on your hard disk.
    Hard Disk (3F0)
    F2 System Diagnostics

    please help

  30. I have tried to recover the bios using the key press combination but it didn't worked, then I tried using a bios recovery flash drive and it didn't worked also.

    When i plug in my usb with a recovery bios the WIN + B combination caps lock led keeps flashing continuously with a black screen.

    Also, I can't acces any bios options and I can't turn my laptop off as it keeps restarting by itself.

  31. Sir i have elitebook 840 G1 i have forget my bios password . plz tell me how i can reset my pc ? Is this tip removed bios password

  32. Does this work with HP elitebook 1030 g2? I have got a new bios chip with programmed bios since my old one was the wrong one. Now when I switch on the notebook the num/caps lock blinks 5 times and the cooler makes noise but the screen stays black. =/ after that boot loop

  33. Hi please help I need to update my BIOS for Compaq Presario CQ40-141TU. I can't obtain the files from Support Site, where can I go to?

  34. I have a HP Pavilion DV7 (about 6 years old). I didn't use the flash USB to repair the BIOS. Instead I watched several more videos. When turning the system on, repeatedly tap the F10 key, and wah-lah – my BIOS screen magically appeared and I was able to fiddle with the boot options. Problem solved!

  35. Hello Sir, I have a problem with my HP Pavilion x360 – 13-u171tu, P/N : 1AD72PA#AR6. It shows blue box windows and I have to fill with password. After 3-4 time failed, it show the code [i 92327232] . Can you help me how to find out the password ? thank you.

  36. HP should look into this matter…the method is not working on HP 15 Laptop (bs-091ms). Because of HP's stupid mistake I have updated my Bios to F.51 from F.42 Rev A through HP support assistant. Now I cannot downgrade or reinstall the bios because HP has remove this specific bios F.51 from its website as it was giving issues to most people like me who are stuck with this stupid bios update by HP. HP either provide us a new bios update or help us roll back to the original bios that is F.42 Rev A…

  37. Today I figured it out the hard way on my HP Laptop 15. Follow exactly the steps mentioned here:
    (Use these steps only if you cannot see anything on the monitor)

    Turn off the computer by taking out the battery and then reinserting it.

    Connect the notebook to a power source using the power adapter.

    Press and hold the Windows key  and the B key at the same time while the computer is off.

    While still pressing both keys, hold down the Power button for just 1 second, and then release the Power button and the keys.

    The power LED light remains on, and the screen remains blank for about 40 seconds. You might hear beeping sounds. Afterwards, an HP BIOS Update screen displays, and the BIOS update begins.

    But this will not downgrade or anything…it will restore the same version of the bios if its corrupted.

  38. I have HP Zbook 17 G2. When I plug in it power on and show 3 time white flash from front light indicator and also I can't turn power on. I tried windows + B with USB Bios recovery. Still not showing anything. Does anyone know it please.

  39. All very well and good but where do I get the BIOS download from to make the USB key BIOS recovery image from ??? I wouldn't need it in the first place if it wasn't for HP's stupid BIOS update which has killed my board !!! out of warranty. MAYBE HP DO THIS ON PURPOSE, SO WE HAVE TO BUY A NEW LAPTOP !!!

  40. Every time i try to recover my bios it fails. Keeps saying "Verification of the flashed BIOS image failed" ive tried different flashdrive older version of the bios but no success :/ i cant boot my laptop as it is stuck on a black screen that says press esc to startup menu

  41. For HP 250 G4 working hotkey "Fn"+"B".

    Notebook was bliinking CapsLock 2 times. After creating CrisisDisk and flashing notebook work again.

  42. Thank you! This worked on my "Stream 14 N4000/64GB". Running Linux Mint 19. This was the only way to update BIOS F.02 to F.11 w/o reinstalling Win10.

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