How to Recover Your HP Computer with a USB Recovery Drive | HP Computers | HP

How to Recover Your HP Computer with a USB Recovery Drive | HP Computers | HP

This video shows how to perform an HP system
recovery with a USB recovery drive. A system recovery will reset your computer
back to its original factory state. To perform an HP system recovery with a USB drive, you must first order the recovery media from If Windows loads on your computer, you can create
the recovery media using HP Recovery Manager. Creating the recovery media in Windows is
not shown in this video. First, make sure your computer is powered off. Disconnect all peripheral devices and cables
that are attached to your computer except the keyboard, mouse, power cord, and monitor,
if applicable. If necessary, power on your computer and remove
any discs that might remain in any media drives, then power
off your computer. Next, insert the USB recovery drive into any
available USB port on your computer. Power on your computer. Press the Escape key repeatedly until the
Startup Menu opens. Press F9 to open the Boot Options menu. Use the up and down arrow keys to select the
USB flash drive, then press Enter to load Recovery Manager. If prompted in Recovery Manager, select Run
program from media, then click Next. Under Help, click System Recovery. If you have any important personal files on
the hard drive that you would like to keep, you must back them up at this point. Select the option to Back up your files first. If you do not back up your files, they will
be permanently deleted by the recovery process. Click Next. Select the Auto Selection option to have
Recovery Manager automatically identify the files to be backed up. Alternatively, you can select the User Selection
option to manually choose the files and folders to be
backed up. Click Next. Select the types of files you would like to
back up, then click Next. Recovery Manager identifies all files to be
backed up. When prompted to choose where you want to
save the backup, insert a USB drive or external hard drive
into any available USB port on your computer. You can also use a blank CD or DVD if your computer has a media drive with write capabilities. Do not use the USB recovery drive to back
up your files. Select the drive where you want to save your files, then click Next. Click Next to begin copying your personal
backup files to the selected drive. The files finish backing up to the drive. Remove the personal backup drive or disc from
the computer. You must keep the USB recovery drive in the computer. Click Next. Since all backup files have been saved, select
Recover without backing up your files, then click Next. Click Next. System Recovery erases all contents on the
hard drive and then restores the drive back to its original factory image. This includes re-installing all original software
and drivers. The recovery process completes. Remove the USB recovery drive from your computer. Click Finish to restart the computer. System recovery might install software that
was previously installed on your computer. Your computer restarts after the software
installation completes. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete setting
up Windows. After Windows setup is complete, connect any
peripheral devices and cables that were previously disconnected. To complete setting up your computer, HP recommends
following these remaining steps. First, connect your computer to the Internet. Run Windows update to get the latest updates
and security patches for your computer. Set up and install any security software. Make sure to update the software to get the
latest version and virus definitions. Install any other software applications you
might need. Copy any personal backup files that were saved
during the recovery process to your computer. You can find additional helpful videos at and on our YouTube channel,

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  1. Greetings I have a HP envy HP ENVY M6 -1105DX it was running window 8.1 when I upgrade I have a lot of drive problem like beats audio and simple pass

  2. I created a recovery from my computer with a usb flash drive (32GB). However, upon resetting it doesn't seem to recognize it. Now what?

  3. I have the same problem. I have an envy notebook. I got the usb drive from hp did the factory setting steps. When I got to the last window with the finish button I click it and it turns off the notebook. I take off the usb and boots boot device not found. Even I leave the usb in the notebook after its done with the factory restore it loops the process over and over. The factory restores takes maybe like less then 5 minutes. According to the papers they sent me with the usb it says it takes hours for this to finish. But I don't understand the process takes minutes and yet boots me in a loop no matter what I do.

  4. sir I have two HP envy laptops.first one model is (HP 15-u83cl) and second one is(HP 15-u93cl).is it possible that I use the USB recovery media of 2nd model for the first one model.because accidentally I formatted my hard drive.plz help me.thanks

  5. A couple of weeks ago my computer which used Windows 7 and was upgraded to Windows 10 froze for a whole day; and when it got logged out and I tried shutting it down, it took forever to shut down. You know how the screen immediately goes black when you click Shut Down on Windows 10? When I clicked Shut Down, the screen did not go black until a full minute after. Then when I turned back on the computer, the computer just went to system recovery thing. Is there a way to just do the system recovery without doing a factory reset?

  6. I bought the recovery media (usb) from hp. I keep getting errors. COPY FILE FAILES and WINDOWS CANNOT FIND "D:System.savUtilRStone.exe. Help, the phone number that came with it is not working and hp support line wants to charge me.

  7. I have a hp notebook 15-f211wm I got the recovery usb from hp and when I go through the steps everything looks good it will flash the administration screen then the pc will reset and when it comes back I get a ctoerror and the note pad says something about the image I have tried reinstalling several times I have also had the hard drive replaced still the same thing

  8. I have a newer computer. was working slow so ordered the recovery media. date on software received is 1993 to 2007. is this the correct media? seems old. model 15-f233wm

  9. Dear Sirs,
        I am trying to wipe a Hard Drive of an old Windows XP HP Pavilion a1510n computer for someone. They lost their installation CDs and the computer is out of warranty. I have seen methods described on some sites but they all require the installation CDs. Is this possible without the CDs? Thank you for your time and assistance.

  10. i have installed hp assistant from the hp website but it does not have that option of #bundled software & Recovery manager help me..

  11. Can i copy the hidden files from the USB Recovery Drive that i made , to another external hard disk , because i use the usb drive for another jobs ?

  12. Okay I have done this and still get the same thing Factory Image recovery preparations I have tried it twice before watching the video and the only thing that was different was your video showing HP Recovery Manager that is something I am not getting. Your instructions states 2-3 hours but it has taken longer than that. So I watch the video and tried again and still the same thing I started at 1:30 and it is now 5 it is just sitting on the same page saying coping files needed to restore hard drive. Called your service desk and was told I need to pay $30 then another $14 for monthly HP service tech to help me with my setup issues. But I just spent $58 on the recovery flash drive that at one point in time was something that came with the computer but I guess it is another way to squeeze out money. I am not very happy right now.

  13. I'm gonna be putting an Ssd in my HP pavilion 20-b013w all in one pc, how do I reinstall the so using the USB recovery drive?

  14. my recovery system is disabled, how to fix it?and also my pastition recovery deleted.Please help me!

  15. if I installed the system recoveryif I installed the system recovery Drive will it boot and will I still have my product key into the machine

  16. Hi HP Support! I have a very curious question. I have done this system recovery process many times before without and with removing the recovery media as stated in the video… What exactly is the purpose of removing the recovery media? Through my trials I guess it takes much longer than usual with the recovery media attached all the time until the whole process is complete… Please elaborate on this simple matter as it apparently has a huge impact on the process time wise.

  17. I have a question, after you get the confirmation screen that the recovery process is complete, when using a recovery USB drive from HP, will you see the computer boot logo again, or will it go right to the "windows is loading files screen?

  18. does the software installation process runs twice…..
    for me it completed once with blue background then it restarted and again software installation came with black background it hasnt moved yet…..what should i do???

  19. Hi, I wish to replace my mechanical HDD with SSD on my HP Pavilion DV6 laptop. If I recover the laptop's OEM Windows7 onto a USB stick using "Recovery Manager", will it then allow me to reinstall this OEM Windows 7 onto the new SSD? Please help.

  20. I have made a Recovery USB stick which should be able to reinstall the system on my brand NEW Harddrive. I have booted it and choose System Recovery. It finalized it seemed like, BUT it does not boot up ;(
    –btw yes i did change in the BIOS after the Recovery USB stick finished!

    What have I forgot? why does it now boot from the disk??

  21. I purchased an HP System Recovery Disc from HP specific for my computer for $50 + shipping. The media does not work and I get an error message. I have called and written HP several time and just got transferred (5) five times over 58 minutes and then got disconnected. I just want to return the defective or non compatible software they sold me. I could have purchased a new copy of windows for less and would have been less hassle. You used to get the OS when you purchased a PC or laptop, but I guess they no longer supply original discs.

    I own at least 10 HP PC's and Laptops and this will be the last.

    Worst support ever. Really.

  22. I have a HP620 with manufacturer installed Windows 7. I want to factory reset the machine, however it does not have hp factory reset in windows, F11 is does also not work during setup. I have made a boot up USB but it still says the drive does not work. I have also tried to make a usb start up disc with microsoft on my windows code, but it says the code belongs to a manufacturer, obviously HP. Can you please advise me what other ways I can try to factory reset my HP620 with windows 7. (i obviously dont have the windows 7 disc) Standing by for your feedback.

  23. Hello HP Support Team! I have a ZBook g3 15 laptop and last month the hdd broke and I bought an ssd replacement and windows 10 OS. Now I would like to install windows 7 on my laptop. I went to a HP webpage and downloaded a Cloud recovery Client. After installattion of the recovery client I created (downoaded) windows 7 with all drivers for my HP Zbook g3. For some reason I am not able to perform a usb recovery. I was trying different BIOS settigs but with no result. According to some info online the Zbook G3 has a Skyake 6th generation chipsets and USB 3 drives, but windows 7 does not support USB 3 at download stage. I am confused. I assumed that if I download HP Recovery Client and then make USB recovery windows 7 + drivers for my specific model of laptop, it should work. How can I install windows 7 on my laptop?

  24. Hi hp, I have hp laptop of windows 10 when I went to reset it, IT SAYS COULDN'T FIND A RECOVERY ENVIRONMENT.what's that mean? What should I do now? Plz reply

  25. When I Press the esc key. A menu is displayed. But doesnt have an option named system recovery manager.Other options like system information, diagnostics, bios setup, boot device options are displayed. Why is System Recovery not displayed ??


  27. Hi, My PC won't boot and I had to follow the above process. I did a backup on a USB drive and I tried to restore the files after the recovery was completed. Unfortunately, once the progress bar hits 100%, I get "Insert disc. Insert 2 disc" message and I'm unable to proceed with the restore. There is not disc 2 and I'm unable to restore the files. Please help.

  28. Always when I'm on the bit 'file backup' and then it says. Scanning. But automatically it goes to this – 'HP Recovery Manager Failed. Error Code = FFFFFF05. Please help me !

  29. I have created recovery media for hp laptop through hp recovery manager app.App verified the usb and said recovery is successful. But usb drive not showing any files its empty but showing 14 gb used space. IS RECOVERY MEDIA PROPERLY MADE AND WILL WORK?

  30. I have ordered recovery discs from Hp and I’ve received that. How to perform recovery using discs ?? Is there any video for that ??

  31. My all the data are gone with my 3 hard drives.. there is no option to only format v drive. Hp recovery sucks.

  32. please tell me what to do , its saying you have already made a recovery. my recovery was infected with a ransomeware ,the ransomeware is removed but now hp assistance is not allowing to make a new recovery.please help

  33. I have been trying to do the recover process for months since buying the usb recover thing from you. I get to the point of "Copying files required to restore Hard Drive" and it just sits there at 10 or 11%. This is so frustrating. This laptop is 2 years old and has maybe 30 hours used on it at most. Now I am obviously gonna have to go to a tech and pay hundreds. Why won't it complete the process?????

  34. Got a new HP laptop today and it already has a local drive "Recovery" of 16 GB. Is that the same recovery which is shown in your video or do I have to create another in usb flash drive just like you. Please Reply

  35. Hi I m Vanshu
    I have hp pavilion g6 i5 processor laptop
    I m already purchased orginal window 7 home basic after then me several time pirates window install in laptop
    Any chance to recover my orginial window

  36. Hi every one I have question , I do in the video a 1m53sec the file backup data on usb Drive , this is done , After I do the reset factory and at 4m59 How can be copy the backup files in the video.
    In my back file folder we have 154 files .WIM How can we read this file form recovery my data ? How can replace my backup files ?

  37. I get to 3:11 and every time in the middle of xfer it says the destination drive is not connected..I know there is not a short and there's never been a problem ever. I've tried 4 times now.

  38. ugh I'm giving up on this notebook. I feel that HP purposely makes them like this so we can spend more money on "recovery tools"

  39. I have buy HP recovery media disk last week and it does not work now what can I do ? There is no operating system in this please help me and reply fast ………

  40. Hi. I got new laptop ( HP – OMEN ) in 2017 with software installed, it worked fine for a year then it got slow as I had installed and uninstalled many software, so I installed other windows 10 without wiping off other drives. but that windows is terrible. NOW if I perform recovery partition installation, will it take my laptop to factory settings ? or to the time when I did windows installation? I desperately need factory settings back. I need to refresh my laptop.

  41. Hi hp support I have a problem with my windows 10 os i.e I need to enter a command explorer.exe Everytime during the reboot, I like to backup it in a USB drive and reinstall it. I have doubt that backing up os with a problem will also affect the backup os with same problem.
    Since my recovery drive is not working, it say that disabled recovery partition.

  42. If i want to recovery the latop, but the troubleshooting doesnt have recovery manager, only have recover files and advance options how?

  43. Hello How support، I have aproblem from appearing double blue arrow on (c) folders and files… Please help me … I have enough space on (c) partition….this problem happened when I did performance tune -up check and when I want to make disk clean up for (C) partition, automatically make compress O.S…..please I want your help ASAP… thanks in advance

  44. What if I don't see the the USB drive option? Or what if I can't access Windows and/or am stuck on the sign-in screen?

  45. I was unable to recover my notebook to its factory state,
    My Recovery Partition in Notebook was corrupted due to Windows 10 Fresh Start .
    But I already created a recovery media.
    After whole Factory Reset,it shows Restoration Incomplrte.
    How to Fix this error?

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