How to Record Your Screen on Windows! (Screen Capture Windows Tutorial)

How to Record Your Screen on Windows! (Screen Capture Windows Tutorial)

– In this video, we’re gonna cover step by step, how you
can record the screen of your Windows PC for YouTube
or for tutorial videos. Hi, it’s Justin Brown
here from Primal Video. We release a ton of
content to help you get better results with your videos faster. If you’re new here,
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button and all the links that we mentioned in this video, you can find linked in
the description below. So let’s jump into it. Now, screen captures are a great way to really step your audience
through a process on screen, teach them how to use an app or software, record presentations with slides or even capture B roll of products
or websites for your videos. In fact, screen captures
are one of the easiest ways to create B roll, so
if you’re not using them, then you definitely should be. In this video, we’ll be covering exactly how you can capture your
screen on a Windows PC with a range of options,
both free and paid. The paid options do have some advantages, so we’ll cover our pick
first and then follow up with a run through of
the best free options that were found, to get you started. So in regards to the paid
options for screen capture on Windows, there’s
really four solid options. The first one is, We Video. Now, We Video has plans for
$4.99 and $7.99 per month, but what it lets you do is,
it runs the whole process, the whole application is run
through your web browser, so there’s no need to download
and install any software, also means that you can use
this on low end computers, things like Chromebox as well. So when you’re screen
capturing in We Video, you get the option to either
record your entire screen or draw out a section of your screen. Now, that’s pretty common with
most screen capture software, where We Video really stands out, is that it’s an online
cloud-based editing solution. So because it’s all run
through your browser, it makes it really easy to collaborate on your video editing
with other team members or other people anywhere in the world. We have done a video on
We Video, I’ll link it up in the cards now, so
make sure you check it out. But, We Video is a solid
option for screen capturing because once you’ve
done the screen capture, you’ve then got We Video as the editor, to be able to edit that down and to really add a heap of effects
and titles and things to it to make your screen
captures look really good. But also the fact that it is an online cloud-based editing platform, meaning that you can get other team
members from anywhere around the world to
help you edit that down. Option number two for
screen capture on Windows is Bandicam, now this is
one that’s come through pretty high rated and there’s some really cool features in here as well. This one is a popular one with gamers, its got a heap of screen
recording features specifically for gaming,
like bringing up your frames per second on screen, allowing you to have a picture in
picture from your webcam, so that you can have
your cell phone screen while you’re recording your
game or recording your screen, so there’s some pretty cool
features like that in there. There is a free version
of this available as well, but the screen recording
is limited to 10 minutes and it has a watermark on it, so $39 is the one that we’re talking about here, no watermark, unlimited record time, you’ve got some pretty cool features like, as I’ve just said, being
able to record your webcam and bring it as a picture in picture, so you can show both on screen. You can also do annotations
and draw out things on your screen recording
at the time of recording, so there’s no post production in Bandicam. Meaning that it’s not editing software, so once you’ve finished your recording, you’re left with a video file, so anything that you do, all the tools for annotations and things,
are there for while you’re recording live, once you’re done, if you wanna make any further changes, you will need video editing software. Option number three is, Snagit,
now Snagit is an awesome screen capturing and
screen recording tool, not just for video but for
still images of your screen, it’s got some really
cool features in there and it’s actually probably
one of the leaders when it comes to screen
capturing on Windows. Now just like Bandicam, you do have the ability to record your webcam as well, simultaneously, so that
you can do some basic editing and switch between your webcam and your screen recording while you’re creating these videos. There is some really basic
editing built into Snagit, more so around the annotations and arrows and text and things that you
can overlay on your videos to help your viewers follow along with what it is that you’re showing them. Now if you are looking to edit
your screen recordings down after capturing them, then you’re probably better off looking at either standalone video editing software or
look at Snagit’s big brother which is our option number four, Camtasia. Now Camtasia’s a big step
up price wise from Snagit. Now Snagit was 49.95 USD,
Camtasia sells for 199 USD, but both Snagit and
Camtasia are cross platform, meaning you can install
them on both Mac and Windows and if you’re working
with different people or across different computers, you can share your projects and they’ll both open and work the same on both. But where Camtasia really stands out is that it’s a complete
end to end solution on Windows for screen
recording and editing. So not just annotations, it’s also actually editing the video files down, editing your webcam footage
in with your screen captures and having the ability to
bring one up fullscreen, move it around to a
picture in picture effect, to really add titles and
create professional videos, Camtasia is really the go
to, end to end solution for a lot of businesses
out there for creating professional screen captures
and professional videos. Now in regards to the
actual screen recording, if you’re comparing Snagit to Camtasia, there is a lot of similarities, I mean essentially, one’s
just a cut down version of the other, but really
the main differences come in when you’re looking at
simultaneously recording your webcam or external
microphones and external audio as well, that’s where Camtasia is the much more professional solution. If I’m looking for one
program that does everything and I don’t need to export and reimport into different programs
and do other editing there, Camtasia’s really the no brainer here and at the $199 price
point, it is actually a very solid video editing application regardless of the screen capture or not, it does have color
correction, it does have motion graphics and motion titles, it’s a solid solution for a
$199 and that would be my pick. So those are the paid options, now let’s take a look at a free option. Now you can also get really
good results in this option, but you won’t have any
editing capabilities, so if you’re already using
other editing software to edit your videos and that’s not gonna be a deal breaker for you. Through my opinion, the best
free screen recording software you can get on Windows, is OBS
Studio and it is 100% free. Now typically, OBS or
Open Broadcast Software is live streaming
software, but it also has screen recording capabilities built in. It’s also a really popular
option for screen recording on Windows because it
really doesn’t put your computer system under a heap of load, so it’s a low CPU and low GPU
usage while you’re recording. So a lot of people use
it for recording games, a lot of people use it for recording their live streams as well. But it’s definitely not the
easiest program out there to use, you will get a heap of
options and advanced options around the different sizes,
resolutions, bit rates and codecs that you can do
your screen recordings in and it will let you
either draw out a section of your screen or record the fullscreen and it will also let you bring in webcams and position your webcam as a picture in picture as well. But once again, you won’t
get that control afterwards in your editing to resize that webcam, it’s all baked in,
whatever you’re recording at the time of recording, is what your end file is going to be. So in summary, there
are four paid solutions that are worth considering,
the first is We Video, which is a cheap option,
that will allow you to store your screen recordings and edit them collaboratively with other team members. You’ve got Bandicam, which
is a bit more expensive but gives you a heap more options around your screen recordings. You’ve then got Snagit,
just a little bit more again at $49.99, which gives
you a whole suite of tools for your screen recording and
for your screen capturing. But it still doesn’t have all
your full editing capabilities or you’ve got the complete
end to end solution, Camtasia at $199 and you’ve also then got the the free option of OBS Studio, which once again, has no
editing capabilities built in. So what’s my recommendation for you? Or what I’d suggest is that you grab the trial versions
and give each of these a go and see which one works best for you, for your workflow and
for the types of videos you’re going to be creating. The only real complete
end to end solution here, is Camtasia, so if you’re looking for one application to do
all your screen recording and all your editing start to finish, then it’s a no brainer, Camtasia
is the software for you. If you’ve already got editing software, then that’s where you can look at Snagit, you can also look at Bandicam, you can also look at OBS as well. Or if you’re looking to edit
your videos collaboratively and edit them remotely
and with team members anywhere in the world, then We Video will be the one for you. Now if you’re shooting
video with your iPhone or your Android smartphone, then we’ve put together a video that
runs through the step by step process that will make a huge difference in your results vast. Check out the two videos
linked on screen now, and I’ll see you soon.

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  1. Thanks for the vid Justin. I just discovered your channel and subscribed. I have a question… you know of a screen capture application that allows me to enter the start and stop time? That way, I do not need to be sitting in front of my laptop while recording. There have been several free webinars that I would have liked to record so I could view them later when I'm available. thanks

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  20. OBS studio + a $60-$70 (Corel, Magix, Vegas) video editor will more than match Camtasia's video editing features. Or better yet, give the free versions of Lightworks or DaVinci Resolve a try.
    Can't assign recording a specific program in Camtasia
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