How to Record Your Desktop Screen! + FREE SCREEN RECORDER for PC & Mac!

How to Record Your Desktop Screen! + FREE SCREEN RECORDER for PC & Mac!

no-no-no trying to record the desktop
screen there’s like static lines on it didn’t you learn anything from the last
video and that’s why I’m going to show you how to record your desktop properly
using form or screen so you can record things like game shows tutorials but the
first thing you need to do is go ahead and download form or screen now you can
try yours free by clicking on the link here or in the description box below and
if you’re new here go ahead and leave us comment below
and you can join the community so I’m gonna give you five seconds to do that
while I take a sip of coffee alright let’s get started so once you’ve downloaded tomorrow
screen you want to go ahead and open it up and the menu screen there you’ll have
three different options get started quick capture or video editor I want you
to go ahead and click on get started so for this tutorial I’m just covering
screen recording I’m not going to talk about audio or the webcam feature so you
can go ahead and deselect audio now for the screen settings there’s only two you
have to worry about you can choose what area of your screen you want to record
and the frame rate so for the screen capture I’m gonna pick full screen but
you do have the option to set a custom area so if you only record half your
screen or a certain portion you can do that as well and for frame rate I’m just
going to set it to 29.97 when selecting a frame range to know that a higher
frame rate will give you less lag but will take out more harddrive space and a
lower frame rate will have more leg but take up less space on your hard drive
I’m selecting 29.97 because this is a very common frame rate to use for video
and then go ahead and click capture and now it’s set up to record all you
have to do is hit the record button there and you’ll get a countdown three
two one and it’ll start recording for you so do whatever you want on your
screen and then when you’re ready to stop it hit stop recording you will get
this window that opens up you can then export your screen recording or you can
send it to the for more screen Video Editor I’m going to do just that and the
femoral screen Video Editor you will have all types of options to add your
screen recording you can trim out effects text animations and highlight
the mouse cursor once you’re finished editing your screen
recording then you can go ahead and click on export when you go to the
export you can name the file select the destination folder and change the video
settings I like to keep my video setting it’s the same as how I recorded them so
I’m gonna make sure my frame rate stays the same at 29.97 frames per second and
the resolution is set to 1920 by 1080 and then you can go ahead and click
export and it will save your screen recording to your desktop that’s all you
got to do so there you go you can record games shows tutorials whatever you want
don’t forget to leave us a comment below like and subscribe and we’ll see you
next time you

100 thoughts to “How to Record Your Desktop Screen! + FREE SCREEN RECORDER for PC & Mac!”

  1. Filmora Scrn 2.0 is now available.
    Try it free:

  2. Hi, I have tried using it and it's so good. It's a user friendly, and I love it. By the way, I am starting a vlog and planning to do a tutorial video. It's going to be my first video to upload but when I hit on export, it asked me to register. Can you help me finish my export free?

  3. I'd be more willing to try your free software, but I'm hesitant because of the watermarking you guys do with the film editor. I'm fine with free editing software having watermarks, but there's a difference between a watermark on the corner/bottom of the screen and one that takes up 70% of the screen and makes a video unpresentable for even the most unprofessional of purposes.

  4. thank you this video is my favourite video (nov:D) an thank you for this video and ı be a youtuber because of this video and its very god

  5. The app is not letting me export my file. When I click export at the top of the screen the "create video" icon does not light up and allow me to click.

  6. I want to record my artwork in progress but there's no way to remove the mouse pointer… because of that, the pointer is freezing any time I touch my screen to draw. It works very well however, but this is a bit annoying.

    Edit : WEEEEEEELLLL Never mind, there IS a way to remove it, THANK YOU i LIKE YOUR WOOOORK!!!

  7. This is actually good, glad to know there are some easy-to-use recording/editting softwares out there

  8. Thanks for this I found it so help full! 🙂 And I loved the intro you guys did!!

    This also can film me playing a game like rob lox bloxburg! 🙂

  9. Hello I just found you channel and I just wanna say you have amazing explanation, I understood everything but one question, do I need to pay for the programme for it to show 29.97 in frame rate? It was also glitching a lot and more…I’ll buy it at the end of the month but I need to know if the 29.97 will be available at the full version/the payed version?

  10. this is what i've been looking for. The instruction is super easy to understand. Will review once i've downloaded and install and ……

  11. I just tried your program.

    It is darn good man! And easy to use.
    I have some things to ask/add.

    29.97 versus 30. What is the difference?

    I have problems with my headset. The microphone has waaay to much noise in the background. And the speech itself is very low.
    Please advice. Any will do.

    Once I start making video's, and can use this program. I will put the link in my descriptions.
    If I feel like needing more functions. I will order a full version (as long as it isn't monthly payment). This program might help me grow.

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