How to Record Computer Screen (PC & Mac)

How to Record Computer Screen (PC & Mac)

have you ever wanted to record your
computer or Mac screen for a YouTube tutorial but just had no idea how to
well today I’m going to show you how you can do that guys with a free software
called OBS hey guys my name’s Tennille and welcome back to shore social where I
help you increase your YouTube views subscribers and revenue like I just
mentioned guys we’re going to go through a program called OBS it is a free
program that allows you to record your computer screen or Mac screen and it
also allows you to livestream as well but I’ll be making a separate video on
that soon so let’s jump into the computer okay so firstly of course
you’re going to want to head to the first link in the description down below
to grab your copy of OBS studio like I mentioned it is 100% free so just head
to that link and pick your platform that you’d like to download it from ok so
once you’ve downloaded it of course go ahead and install it is really
straightforward and once you do open it this is what it’ll look like inside OBS
for you I’m going to go through it quite quickly so please follow along so
firstly of course we’re going to want to set up your scene and your recording
area so this is basically what people will see when you record a video you
will see everything that your viewer sees here in the preview menu just so
you can see what’s going on in your recording so firstly let’s go down to
scenes and we’ll add in your own scene so I’m gonna just call it tutorial to
start off that’ll open up a new area and let’s go ahead and add in a monitor
capture so just click the plus symbol and then click display capture and just
name it something like display so it’s gonna look a little bit weird on the
screen at the moment because it is reflecting itself hundreds of times but
you’ll get a properties display and it’ll let you pick which display you’d
like to view I’m gonna go ahead and leave it on my desktop just you can see
what’s going on like I said mine is gonna be reflecting because it is
viewing itself but next you’re gonna go ahead and add in a webcam if you’d like
now I have two I’ve got one in front of me and I have one to my right so I’m
gonna add in the one to my right again click plus window capture device
and you usually have to go ahead and add your new face cam but I’m gonna add in
one I’ve already added in and use it perfect so now that that is added in you
can see that I’ve got two cameras set up and it looks a bit funky but it works
and you can move this camera wherever you like okay so now that
you’ve got your display capture and your optional face cam we need to go ahead
and make sure all of our settings are correct so head on down to the bottom
right and click on settings we’re going to ignore general and stream and go
straight to output make sure your output mode is set to advanced and then head to
the recording tab my type is set to standard make sure you set up a custom
file path just so you can locate your files faster my recording format is dot
mp4 because I edit with the DOE premier and I’ve found that other file formats
are a little bit trickier to deal with I use two audio tracks one my desktop and
game audio and then my microphone just because if you have them both together
but one of your audio levels is too high and you need to lower it you’ll be
lowering both and vice versa now I have a Nvidia graphics card which
is why you can see NV e and C h.264 you can just use the x264 if you don’t have
this option if you have another branded graphics card there will be another
option there and I always suggest using your graphics card first but if you
don’t just resort to the x264 moving down to the most important section your
quality control now mine is set to constant bitrate which is abbreviated to
CBR this means I have a constant level of quality so mine is set quite high
mine’s at 50,000 if you’re just starting out and you don’t have a great computer
I would probably start at 10,000 and start to move your way up just to test
that quality but OBS actually has a website as well we can punch in your
computer and your specs and they can give you some information on that so
I’ll provide that link down below as well and then just copy the rest as it
is so to high quality main auto zero 2 then moving on to the audio tab as you
can see I’ve still just got my two audio tracks game and mic but both of those
are set at the highest quality possible– now a lot of people there is
a lot of big debates out there that you should have it at maybe 192 instead of
320 because you can’t really hear the difference I like to max it out because
I like to know that my microphone is getting its full potential and full use
and who likes listening to horrible audio on YouTube no one once we’re done
there guys head over to the audio section my microphone is a 48,000
kilohertz mic and my channel is stereo and then I
just got my desktop audio going through some apple headphones and then my
microphone which is my podcast are moving on to the video tab like I
mentioned before I don’t downscale at all so my base resolution is 1080p and
then my scaled resolution is also 1080p so there’s no scaling they also have a
downscale filter just in case so I use the lenses and of course my FPS are set
at 60 now we’ll jump into the Advanced tab just for you guys out there that
want to take a look I highly suggest not messing around with this too much
because you will have to reset OBS if you stuff something up so pause the
video here if you want to take a deeper look into this now guys that is pretty
much it for today’s video but I just want to ask you guys if you have any
further questions about OBS or you if you think I’ve missed something please
do leave me a comment down below and I’ll be sure to get back to you as soon
as I can like I also mentioned I will be making a video on how to livestream with
OBS so keep an eye out for that well I hope you found this video super helpful
if you did make sure you hit that subscribe button and tap the
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go on see ya

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  1. Recording your screen can be so important for your videos. It helps you guide or explain certain aspects of your niche and topics, and makes your video easier to watch.

    What other ways do you make your videos easier to follow and professional?

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