How to Quickly Record Your Computer Screen (Screen Capture Video Tutorial)

How to Quickly Record Your Computer Screen (Screen Capture Video Tutorial)

Hi, I’m Erin from TechSmith, and today I’ll show you how to record your screen! [music] So you need to teach someone how to use a website, do a software demo, or maybe you need to share a quick report and don’t want to type a long email. Time to fire up Snagit! Snagit is great for screenshots, and quick and easy screen recordings. It’s perfect for when you want videos that look great but don’t take hours of editing time. Don’t have Snagit? There’s a link for a free trial in the description! Here’s how to do it. First select the video tab from the capture window and make sure “region” is selected from the drop-down. Then smash that beautiful red button The Snagit crosshairs appear. Use them to select an area to record. Notice how the selection snaps the windows you have open? Pretty sweet, huh? To record your voice, select the microphone. And if you want to record the sounds from your computer like the beeps and boops you hear, select this option. When you’re ready, click record and Snagit counts down. Now anything that appears in the recording area is captured. If you want your viewers to see your beautiful face, click the webcam button to toggle between recording your webcam or your screen. Then click stop. Your video appears right on the canvas, in the tray below, and is ready to share. No waiting for rendering, no waiting for that loading bar, the video is ready to go! Click play to preview it. If you find mistakes or parts you want to remove, make a selection with the play head and click ‘cut.’ And if you’re looking for in-depth, super-powered video editing, Snagit might not be the tool for you. Snagit is simple, gets the job done, and is easy to use. When you’re finished with your video click “Share” and choose the option that’s best for you. If you’re not sure what to choose, we recommend Screencast. You get an easily shareable link that you can paste in an email, Slack channel, or wherever! Plus, it’s free! If you enjoyed this video, give it a like! And make sure you’re subscribed to our channel to be notified when we release more of these videos. Thanks for watching! [outro music]

5 thoughts to “How to Quickly Record Your Computer Screen (Screen Capture Video Tutorial)”

  1. I would love to have a keystroke shortcut to immediately capture either video or image! Any possibilities there?

  2. awesome I had never heard of snag it before! I'm trying to make more Youtube videos so I can get monetized… I need 4,000 hours of watch time and I currently have 2…well on my way

  3. Had SnagIt for years and can’t work without it. Didn’t know about these other tools that I usually use on CamtasiaStudio. This looks so easy. And Erin is so easy to learn from! Great job! FYI SnagIt is dirt cheap.

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