How to pronounce P vs B (WITHOUT confusing them) | American English Pronunciation

How to pronounce P vs B (WITHOUT confusing them) | American English Pronunciation

Hey there! It’s a Hadar and this is the Accents way. And today we’re gonna talk about how to pronounce the b sound and p sound. And how to not confuse them.
Now let’s begin at the beginning. These two consonants are a consonant pair
where they’re both pronounced the same except for one thing that distinguishes the pronunciation. Now that one thing is the voice.
The P sound is produced with the lips closing the air pressure builds up and then you release
the air with a puff p, p, Here it’s just the air that comes out for
your mouth. For the B sound, everything happens exactly
the same way. Only this time the vocal cords are vibrating. b Take a look at my lips
p – b Same thing, right? pay-bay The P sound is usually aspirated in American English when it appears at the beginning of the word or at the beginning of a stressed syllable
as in the word “pay”. So it feels like you have a little H right after. p(h)ay, p (h)eople It’s like you’re whispering before you are
pronouncing the vowel that comes after the P. p(h)eople p(h)icture Okay? So that’s the P sound. For the B you want to activate your vocal cords. Now to understand how to activate your vocal cords intentionally let’s try it with a different consonant pair. So let’s start with an F sound where the bottom
lip touches the top teeth. f-f Now put your hands here on your throat f-f. Now turn it gradually to up you sound a V sound, v-v We created a different sound but we haven’t
changed anything here, right. let’s do it again
ff-vv Now did you feel the vibrations here, on your throat? These are the vocal cords vibrating creating a different sound but still while keeping everything the same. So same thing with a P sound and the B, b-b To make the B sound you want to activate your
vocal cords. So again let’s start with a f-v sound for
others maybe the S verses Z sound, S versus Z might be easier to practice.
So try this: ss-zz The most important thing is that you recognize when your vocal chords start vibrating ss-zz, ff-vv and then the same thing you want to start
doing with P sound and the B. p-p Activate the vocal cords. p-b Now what we’ve done here is we learned how
to pronounce the B sound for people who already know how to pronounce the P sound and tend
to substitute the B with a P. However, some speakers may do the other thing. They know how to pronounce the B but the P is difficult for them. So let’s start now from the B and understand
how we pronounce a P sound. So let’s start with a B which might be easier
for you. For example, for Arabic speakers, there’s
only B in the language and not a P. So let’s start b, b.
Now say the word “bay”. Bay, like Baywatch, right. And now I want you to whisper this word: bay, bay Now when you’re whispering a B sound you’re
actually pronouncing a P sound. Listen: pay, p(h)ay The beginning is the same the whispered “bay”
versus the word “pay” pronounce normally. So again a whispered B sound is actually a P sound. So that’s how you can start practicing it. Let’s say you want to say the word “pack”, “pack” and what comes out is “back”, “back”. So let’s start with whispering the word: back, back and then start with a whisper and move on to the word “pack”, “pack”. And make sure that you control your vocal
cords so they don’t vibrate as you pronounce the P sound. Pay, picture, people and pack. Okay, that’s it. Thank you so much for watching. Now I want you to write down in the comments below as many minimal pairs as you can come up with of B and P. For example, bay-pay, back-pack. Okay? I’m waiting to see all your comments and also it’s going to be an excellent practice resource for the community. If you like this video then be sure to subscribe to my YoutTube channel and click the bell to get notifications and you can also come and check on my website where you’ll find a lot of free stuff and
you can subscribe, suBscribe not suPscribe. It’s a B sound, not of a P, Hadar! Subscribe to my email newsletter and then you can get a new video to your inbox every single week. Have a beautiful week and I will see you next
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    You are a wonderful teacher Hadar :3

    God bless you for your kind efforts <3 <3 <3

  2. Great lecture. I really appreciate your videos in which you've taught me about vibrations in the throat that has been really useful.

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    Bill – Pill
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