How to power a amplifier using a computer power supply

How to power a amplifier using a computer power supply

hello!! And I’m sure you will not find this anywhere on the net
The first person is me Because here I was researched Here is only part 2. Invite you to see the next part tomorrow Please subscribe to the channel, to watch the next episode Here I have made feedback circuit and protection circuit for amplifier When the amplifier gets too high voltage and low voltage drop, it will self cut off. Moreover, it will automatically stabilize the output voltage without dropping the voltage while the amplifier is operating I have wrapped each side 4 times. You can wrap it by the size of 1mm x 2 wire Use 2 wire 1mm wrapped in parallel. However, you can use smaller wires in paralle Here is only part 2.

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  2. What's up Alfred , question..I got a jl audio hd750/1 that I am trying to hook up at Home to 2 jl 12' w6's ,got myself a 360w power supply ,my question is will that power supply be enough for what I am trying to do? Thank you.

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