How to Play the Aluminum Foil Prank on a Co-worker

How to Play the Aluminum Foil Prank on a Co-worker

How to Play the Aluminum Foil Prank on a Co-worker. Giving your colleague’s office or cubicle
a makeover is a nifty practical joke. You will need Lots of aluminum foil A camera
and sticky notes. Step 1. Pick a time when you’ll have uninterrupted
access to your colleague’s workspace. Step 2. Take “before” pictures of the workspace. Step 3. Cover the walls and any windows with aluminum
foil. Paper the ceiling, too, if you can. Don’t buy the cheap dollar-store foil — this
is a job for the heavy-duty stuff. Step 4. Wrap everything in sight — from the desk,
chair, and computer right down to the last pen. Step 5. When everything is wrapped, refer to your
photos so you can put all the stuff back exactly where it was. Don’t want to spend money on foil? Swipe a stack of sticky notes from the supply
closet and cover every last surface with them. Step 6. Laugh your ass off as your coworker spends
his morning unwrapping your special gift. Did you know In 2003, an airline employee
sued Southwest Airlines for having her “arrested” as an office prank.

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  1. do more prank videos i'm getting tiered of seeing the same old tricks every day waiting for new ones

  2. That is not sarcasm, or at least you stretched it too far, because you started wondering that hmm, could've it been a fake fish? Idk.
    Sarcasm would've been if I replied to your original comment saying: Oh I think they did :(.

  3. Actually I thought about a similar thing, but I was thinking about making a huge air ionizing filter for the room. At least I'll know what it looks like now!

  4. How To Play the Aluminum Foil Prank on a Coworker
    Step 1: Cover the office with aluminum foil.
    Did you Know that Shit is brown??

  5. Haha! That's what you get for being middle aged, slightly overweight and lonely!

    Take that, Mr. Receding Hairline! This is why your kids don't love you!

  6. You will need
    1. kill everything like your in mortal combat.
    Did you know? you can kill everything and obtain a ninja suit.

  7. poor little fish. wherever it is burried if its dead i would put roses at the grave. be happy in heaven fishie. : )

  8. …. its obvious he didn't really wrap the fish in tin foil… why is everyone saying: awww poor fish. Like seriously..

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