How to Play Music via bluetooth on laptop through phone

How to Play Music via bluetooth on laptop through phone

hi friends today i will be telling you how
to connect your mobile with bluetooth and play music via bluetooth. so i have samsung mobile android galaxy s
and sony vaio laptop then we will be start. first of all we will be going to my computer. and then after opening that we will go to
control panel.following then we will go to hardware and sound and then we will go to
devices and printers. it will take up time. click on add devices it will search so that
bluetooth device which is been is displayed . primary requirement for both devices is
that bluetooth should be started. and then just click on the device. wait till the processing is going on. ok then we will click on next. now we will be receiving the pass code click
on yes from both the ends. it will take time
we will minimize it for the time and we will again go to devices and printers . it is taking
a bit of time. and then double click that device. so you can play the songs easily. this screen will appear. then click on the music and audio connect
option. a dialog box will open showing the music player
now we can directly control the mobile songs from the laptop. we will click on the player to play the songs. this is only required for the first time. but for the next time it will be a bit different. close everything,again we will go to my computer. go to control panel and
go to hardware and sound and then to devices and printers. keep in mind that we are talking about the
second time user,….yeah i know the pc is slow… sorry for that part. so now just double click the device already
connected to the pc. again click to music and audio and click connect
. this is how you can play songs via bluetooth.. thank you very much …
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59 thoughts to “How to Play Music via bluetooth on laptop through phone”

  1. hey i am not getting that window of bluetooth control center and also didn't get status link i am using dell inspiron 5537 and have windows 10

  2. Ive iPhone 5s and windows 8.1 when i try bring it up it comes up with a shitty little properies window with limited options.

  3. J B TECHNO, Thank you for posting this, however it seems that many people (including myself) are not seeing the "Music and Audio" option in Bluetooth Device Control at 2:35 of the video. I am computer literate, and I have no trouble connecting the phone to pc's bluetooth.

  4. Hi guys..I have a small problem and unfortunately the microsoft couldn't provide me a solution for this…
    Since i upgraded to win 10 i could not play music from my phone through laptop speakers via bluetooth. I could send and receive files to and fro via bluetooth and the phone also gets connected/paired without any issues, but the music playing option is not happening. My previous OS win 8.1 had no problems in playing the music.I have a ASUS Vivobook S550CB laptop and BlackBerry Bold 9900 mobile.My phone specs shows it supports A2DP ( and it used to play in win 8.1).
    Pls someone could provide me a solution or a fix for this..?? thanks

  5. When I double click the paired phone , the properties box opens up.. the box showing the picture of the computer connected to the phone doesnt come up

  6. Am using windows 10 64 bit operating system . And wasn't able to get an option to connect to media while double tapping on my Connected mobile icon . Do u know what should I have to do ???

  7. SOLUTION: For everyone who can't stream their audio. Download the Broadcom driver "". I can confirm this is working on my Windows 10 PC

  8. error connecting to audio source please retry this operation getting this error i am using windows 10

  9. There's no fucking excuse for someone who has good technical knowledge and education to continue to use the stupid British accent that was taught to your great-great-grandfathers by stupid,uneducated British soldiers who occupied India!

  10. At the bluetooth device control page. its shows that bluetooth is connecting , but at the end its not connecting .it shows that there is no near by bluetooth . i have switched on the bluetooth . I can make it . please help on this. could you tell me what kind of bluetooth i should buy for this process. i have stream the songs through the play via my phone.

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