How to Organize a Computer : How to Clean Out a Computer

How to Organize a Computer : How to Clean Out a Computer

Hi, my name is Pete D’Alessandro. This is
Expert Village. We’re in the middle of reorganizing this office and rebuilding the computer. It’s
all been cleaned up and tidied up. It’s placed correctly. It’s neat and easy, but the operating
system, it’s one of the most frustrating components of any computer, as I’m sure you know. I want
to take this through and clean up a kind of a Windows based PC, just a general overview
of things you can do just to get a little more memory, a little more speed and a little
less frustration out of your computer. I’m going to type in MSCONFIG, all one word. This
is kind of how operating system default boots up. It’s just this normal startup and there’s
a lot of these programs running all the time that you probably don’t use or you definitely
don’t need running all the time. By choosing selective startup, then I can get into the
startup menu, and I can start to check off which ones of these I use, which ones I don’t.
You’re not removing it from the computer, you’re just telling the computer not to run
it all the time and not to eat up memory constantly with it. So I’m going to disable everything
except a couple programs: anything related directly to Windows; or any anti-virus; or
any kind of Internet security program. Everything else is going away.

3 thoughts to “How to Organize a Computer : How to Clean Out a Computer”

  1. Although your comment is over a year old, I'll reply to it anyways.

    What you said is so untrue it's ridiculous: "will never have to tweak and optimize memory usage.." Unless you want a very slow computer, you will have to change some things. Computers tend to come with 2GB of RAM, sometimes even only 1GB. After some time with the computer, youll realize you do in fact need more.

  2. Not only that, but after having a PC for over a year, youll learn that what you put on it slows it down dramatically. You will definitely need to alter some settings to get the speed you want and NEED.

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