How To Monitor Your GPU in macOS HACKINTOSH for FREE !!!

How To Monitor Your GPU in macOS HACKINTOSH for FREE !!!

Hi Hackintosh friends 🙂
I’ve got another quick and useful tip for you today. Maybe you already tried to find some utility,
that will show you more details about you GPU, like to monitor your GPU frequencies,
temperature and fan speed. Have you found anything? As I know only iStatMenus is able to display
some kind of informations about your GPU, but it’s a paid app. So what about I will tell you, you can monitor
your GPU and get more informations then iStatMenus shows and absolutely for free? Let’s have a look. In my High Sierra Hackintosh I have AMD RX
560 dedicated GPU. You can monitor your GPU usage by native Apple
app called Activity Monitor. Just in the Window menu enable the GPU history,
or press Command + 4. So here you can monitor your GPU usage. Application called iStatMenus is able to show
your GPU temperature and also Memory and Processor usage. But this app costs 15 dollars. So here is my free solution 🙂 In video description
you can find now this command. Simply copy it and paste into Terminal application
and hit Enter. Now as you can see, it gives me Fan Speed,
Core Clock Frequency, Memory Frequency, Fan Speed RPM and Temperature. In the command there is number 3, this means
refresh rate, so every 3 seconds. I like it faster, so I’ll set 1 as a 1 second
refresh rate and paste back the command. Now it’s refreshing every second. I put my GPU under load, so you can see the
changes in real time. My core clock is low now, aswell fan speed
is at zero, so not running at all. And now it’s start to rise and my core clock
is at maximum. I can hear already your question – but does
it work also in macOS Mojave Hackintosh? Sure 🙂 So I will show you now an example
on macOS Mojave and RX Vega GPU. iStatMenus shows me incorrect GPU temperature,
but shows me more info here. So I’ll try the same command again. Great, it’s working too. I’ll put the GPU under load, so you can
see the changes again in real time. The GPU usage is at maximum, so in short time
my fan starts to spin at higher speed as temperature will rise. Here we go. It’s working like a charm. Nice, isn’t it? And for free 🙂 All you need you have already
in the system after basic installation. I hope you’ve found this tutorial useful,
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35 thoughts to “How To Monitor Your GPU in macOS HACKINTOSH for FREE !!!”

  1. I tried many times to install Mojave on a custom build computer, but no matter what I do, I can not get past the boot screen ( when installing ).
    My specs for the built machine are:
    MB: Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Gaming 5 ( intel 1151 300 series )
    CPU: Intel i7-9700k 8-core
    CPU Cooler: Corsair H-60 AIO Liquid cooler
    RAM: Corsair Vengence 3000Mhz 32gb
    BootDrive: Samsung 970 EVO NVMe PCIe M.2

    I used the Tonymacx86 method at least 5 times, and still can not get past the boot screen. I have tried the install -v ( verbose ) but the only information on the screen is, starting random seed, end random seed and then it reboots. So no help at all. ( here is a link to the screen at boot )

    I have disabled XHCI handoff, as suggested somewhere else, but I still fail with the install. Any thoughts? Any suggestions?

  2. Hey Morgonaut! Thank you for your videos! I really love them! Quick doubt I have: for a Vega 64 GPU vanilla installation, do you need anything special for it to work, or because they are already MacOS compatible, you don’t need to change any settings?

  3. Thank You! My gigabyte Aorus Master started to freak out due to bios bug so I ended up getting an Asus Rog Maximus Formula z390. So far Majove is working great just need to fix the chipset audio and use this code to monitor GPU Temps since is all watercooled. 🙂

  4. Hey Morgonaut! I just want to say thank you for helping me install Mojave on my Dell Laptop! I was about to give up, Then i saw your tutorial! Thanks so much!

  5. Hi to all, i am on a macbook pro retina 2015, Mojave 10.14.2.
    Yesterday i tested the Terminal command and it seems in my situation, the 2 FAN values (% and RPM) just stay at zero, also when i can hear the fans kicking in.
    Wondering if any other Mojave user experiences the same.
    Or is this Terminal command only working properly on a Hackintosh ? (which i can't imagine really).
    Warm Regards !

  6. Hi @Morgonaut, thanks for the nice tutorials, could you please prepare another one on how to edit your GPU fan curve in hackintosh? AMD Vega 56 or 64

  7. Hi Morgonaut , great video (again)! Is there a solution to to have a CPU monitoring the same way? (in the activity monitor we can't have the clock speed value) thx again for everything:)

  8. Everybody has success with the command… except me!?

    I copy & paste into terminal (Sierra) and press return. The command looks to execute (the widow header shows repeated command text) but what displays is only carriage returns (lines and lines of nothing: no prompts, no text at all. I can control-C terminate it.

    Seems simple instructions. What went wrong? This is not a hackintosh, a mini (2012). But should still work?

    Very helpful videos. Will be doing your Vanilla install very soon.

  9. Hi Teresa, thank you so much for your videos. Just a question, of all macOS's released by Apple , which one is the most robust and glitch free in your opinion?

  10. Love it! I was worried about my rx 480 on my hackintosh, but it's fine :), had been searching for a while to monitor my gpu temp on my hackintoshs, hellyeah

  11. Hi Terssa hi Hackintosh Community i Build a Hackintosh like Terssa but Davinci Resolve and Apotheke program dont cand Fine CUDA.
    Guys i need help.

  12. Code doesn't work for me on Z390 Designare, 9900K, Radeon VII. All show as zero, any idea why? Also I have iStatmenus but the GPU thermal zone 2 always shows at 28 degrees c regardless of load so not sure if accurate. I'm using your EFI. Have you tried rehabman-fakesmc and HWMonitor? Also i've noticed strange audio using the front headphone port on my case, it's like it detects when the audio is too loud and clipping and does some sort of noise reduction. Have you noticed this on your build with headphone port (if you have one?).

  13. Hey Morgonaut! I ve been following you channel for a wile and i have built an almost identical built to your mac pro killer. i9 with z390 designair and a vega 56. All working great, i use it most of the time to make music, soo thanks a lot for your help! The only problem i have is that on HWmonitor my gpu die says 127 cº as yours show in this video, sometimes the fans start working very fast when i am not using a lot of gpu. is there a way to fix this problem? thanks fa lot for your good work!

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