How To Make 2020 Your BEST Year Streaming

How To Make 2020 Your BEST Year Streaming

– 2019 saw massive growth for
the live streaming market. Not only in terms of the number
of hours watched across all of the different live streaming
platforms but also in terms of the number of creators that
are able to reach partnership and hence, make a
full-time income out of it. This growth is predicted
to continue through 2020 and especially now, with
these platforms competing to make sure that the big streamers are streaming on their platform, the opportunity to make a
full-time career from streaming is greater now in 2020 than
it ever has been before. So, how exactly can you
take advantage of that and make 2020 the best year
for growing your stream? We’re going to be talking
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in just a few clicks. Check it out and grab yourself 10% off using the link in the description. Realistically, if you
want to make streaming your full-time income, you
need to start treating it as a business, not just as a hobby. In the past, when sites
like Twitch were smaller, fewer people were able to make
a full-time income out of it and hence, people were
just streaming for fun and growing organically. That’s why you get a lot
of the OG streamers, people that are incredibly popular now
but started a long time ago, saying that they just
started streaming for fun or because they were playing games anyway. The kind of growth that they have seen is because they were some
of the first adopters of the live streaming platform. So, they have grown
hand-in-hand as Twitch has. But now, in 2020, is a
completely different landscape. If you actually look
at the data, the number of viewers per channel on average has gone down over the last few years, as Twitch and streaming in
general, has become so popular. Now, the purpose of me
telling you this isn’t to demotivate you. It’s actually to motivate
you because so many of these streamers that are streaming are making the exact same mistake. Just streaming as much
as they can and hoping that one day they’ll get
a big raid or a big host from some massive streamer
and then instantly, overnight, they will become incredibly popular and that’s just not how
it works, unfortunately. If you want streaming to
become your full-time income, you need to start
treating it like business and putting in the work,
putting in the hustle required to get noticed in such
a noisy environment. The first thing that I
would recommend doing is writing down a list of
goals for the year 2020. That’s been something that
I’ve been doing personally and for the Gaming Careers
channel for the last few years and I’ve been really surprised at how much of a difference it has made. I’d recommend writing a list
of anywhere between three and, sort of, 10 things that
you want to achieve this year. And avoid writing any goals
that contain specific numbers for things like followers,
viewers or subscribers. These things, they’re all
kind of out of your control and actually require someone
else to take an action for you to meet your goal. Instead, you want to focus on goals that will help you improve
the content you are making and, therefore, increase the
likelihood of someone choosing to take an action like
following or subscribing to your stream. Some good example goals are to maybe learn some basic graphic design so you can create your own
emotes for your channel or to post X number of times to Instagram or Twitter per week, sharing
some aspect of your life with your audience. Or maybe you could write down a goal of attending a Twitch
Meetup in your nearest city to meet and network with other creators. Now, once you’ve written down these goals, there’s a few different ways that you could track
your progress with them. If they’re more longterm goals, then I find just putting them somewhere that you see them quite
often like on your fridge or maybe by your streaming PC
can help motivate you as to why you’re doing the
things that you’re doing. But if they’re more granular things, things that you need to be
doing multiple times a week, then you can use many different
types of apps to be able to track your progress and making sure that you’re keeping up with your goals. The second thing that
I would encourage you to spend some time working
on is your schedule. And I’m not just talking
about your streaming schedule. I see far too many
streamers just spending all of their time streaming. As soon as they get home
from work or school, they start their stream
until they kind of go to bed and they’re doing this
multiple times a week. Not only is this unhealthy but it’s also not a
productive use of your time if you’re looking for growth. Twitch, as I’m sure you know, has a massive discoverability issue. You need to be using more
discoverable platforms like YouTube, Twitter,
Instagram, even TikTok to grow your audience and
then you can bring them across to watch you on Twitch. The reason these other
platforms are more discoverable is that they rely heavily
on recommending content to their users and there are
countless examples of creators with very small followings
having their content recommended because it is good enough. So, what this means is you need to schedule your time more wisely. Not only when are you going to
stream but when are you going to edit, post to socials,
hang out with your community, record a podcast. All these other tasks that
are required now for growth, need to be scheduled as well. As a general blanket statement, I would recommend spending
anywhere between 25% and 50% of the time that you’re
currently streaming and spending that on growing
on different platforms instead. It might sound counter-intuitive but as long as you are
streaming, as well as, creating content for other platforms, it’s going to be a much
better return for your time. The third thing that I
would recommend you do is spending a few minutes
defining your content. What type of streamer do you want to be? Do you want to be someone
who is incredibly skilled at a particular game or genre of games? Who talks their way through
the actions and strategies so viewers can learn a
lot from you as you play? Or do you want to be more of a personality that people want to hang
out with and hear about what’s going on in your life? Feel free to really hone in here as to what you want your content to look like. Do you want to come across
as the type of streamer that is very family-friendly
and, generally, positive or maybe somebody a bit more divisive with some hard-hitting opinions? There really is no right and wrong answer. It’s just completely up to you as to what you want the content to look like. The reason this is such
a useful exercise, is because it makes you look at your content for what it really is. For me, personally, in Gaming Careers, I’ve got some really exciting
goals for the year of 2020. Some of which you’ll be
hearing about as soon as the next couple of weeks. So, if you do want to hear about updates and some behind the scenes of them, make sure to follow across
on Twitter and on Instagram. Also, if you haven’t yet joined
the Gaming Careers Discord, that is a great place to
post your goals, ideas and questions with a whole bunch of different like-minded
creators and links to all of their social medias are in
the description of this video. Hopefully, you’ve found this video useful and you are in the process
of writing down some goals for the year of 2020. I would love to hear from
you what your goals are so leave them down in
the description below or if you do join Discord,
post them in there. And, hey, if you aren’t yet subscribed to the Gaming Careers YouTube channel, we’ll have plenty of content helping you with your live streams coming this year. So, hit that subscribe button
and ring the notification bell so you never miss an upload. Thanks, as always, to my patrons who have helped support
the channel this month and I wish you all a Happy
New Year and looking forward to hearing more about your
streaming journeys in 2020. Peace.

71 thoughts to “How To Make 2020 Your BEST Year Streaming”

  1. BIG thank you to everyone who helped over on Twitter yesterday when my YouTube account was temporarily banned. Thankfully everything is sorted now but that was NOT the best start to 2020! 😅

  2. Would you still recommend 25% time to make content for other platforms for someone who can only do 12 to 18 hrs a wk?

  3. All facts! Making your hobby into your jobby 😅

    I feel like a lot of streamers get into this because it looks easy, but they don't recognize all the work it takes behind the scenes to grow and build a brand

  4. Dude I really have to say I love your content and thanks to you I started streaming on February 2019 and today from all your tips, all my ideas I´ve written down, all this great content helped me to get over 1700 Followers on Twitch and viewer from 10-20 per Stream, Its not much but its honest work and I love working with people and entertain them so they can forget a little bit about their stressy day. Keep the Content up you´re a great rolemodel of what is archievable through hard work ! Greetings from Germany

  5. A question : I already have a fan base (1k) on twitter and some others websites.
    However, they're 90% english speaker. Me, I am not, at least, vocally. I'm way more at ease vocally with my native language.
    So I was wondering, what is the right move to do there?
    Try to speak english more fluently in stream, or try to grow another audience in my native language?
    I also tried to do both language on stream but Twitch doesn't give that option + it's quite hard to follow somethimes.

    Any tips!
    Thanks! 😀

  6. Amazing video that alot of people need to see … thank you for all that you do. Met you at twitch con and have been watching your videos for a while you help me and others a ton

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  12. For me, I use to stream back in 2014 but stopped thanks to strep throat and other health issues. However for this year I want to get back to streaming. So for me the main goal is it stream more often, keep to a workable schedule and stick to one main series of games (racing games) and then do the odd secondary game when I know there isn’t a big race going on. I’m inspired by maximilian dood, who will focus on fighting games when new titles are released, but will do other games while there is a period of time when there isn’t a new fighting game coming out.

  13. best advive you gave was grow else where like im makinmg content on YT I learned how to edit and make custome thumb nails I got hundreds ans thousands of views once I feel its time ill plug my twitch

  14. Obviously twitch is majority of gaming streaming, so my question is can my YT channel be about something different that still targets streamers and gamers, ie: life skills?

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  18. This is a good video man, thank you for sharing it. I agree having a number goal isnt wise because like you said its out of your control and people will get discouraged if they dont meet those numbers. What do you think about spending say 5-10 mins before and at the end of the stream of just chatting with your community before getting into the actual content of the stream? This video has my gears turning. I have been wanting to use TikTok, but I just cannot think of an effective way to really use it to my advantage to drive people to Twitch or YouTube. Still brain storming ideas.

  19. 2020 Is going to be a great year for us! Bravo on the video Gaming Careers! I love the idea of Twitch meetups. Never thought of that. I would always be down if anyone was ever interested! In any case, happy streaming y'all! 😀

  20. This is great advice. I'm doing a lot of this already, but it's always nice to have some confirmation. Some nights it can feel like I "should be" doing something else, but following the plan is creating slow growth so far.

  21. Goals. Right now I'd like to get an in-stream Podcast going where I take a moment and go one on one with a viewer, Be more active on my discord and social media, Gain more experience in the advertisement field. It's a lot of work. I really just enjoy streaming and hanging out and meeting with new people.

  22. My goals for this rotation are: Learn graphic design (emotes, banners, panels), learn how to edit videos (YouTube videos, Instagram videos), post more on Instagram (not just game/twitch clips but photos & videos of things going on in my life, music related videos, and artwork), ATTEND TWITCHCON 2020!!! I'm so excited to meet up with my friends I made through Twitch and meet more other content creators!, practice more on my music goals (singing/screaming, guitar playing, piano playing), try and make some Tik Tok videos!

    Good luck with your goals Pete! As well as anyone who reads this – You got this!

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  24. This year I want to try creative creation content like 3D sculpting characters that could be used for games. My purpose is to show how I go about to creating those characters. My question is, whats the best free/public platform to do that? Twitch?

  25. This info is garbage.

    1. getting ur content to youtube is probably more harder to get noticable, bc utube is way bigger and u have to deal with growing ur own channel by making thumbnails and editing shit. That takes as much time as u would be streaming
    2. uploading shit on ig is completely useless, bc the demographic is not the same. if u are a hot girl streamer, then ig and snap would do wonders, otherwise dont even bother.
    3. updating ur community on ur discord or twitter might be worthwile, but thats just for updates. U dont grow bc u put content out on social media, ur just talking with ur fans.

    A good way to grow is to get a few good clips of ur stream and post it elsewhere (reddit, youtube, liveleak (irl), 4chan and get people to follow ur scuffed ass

  26. We mostly focus on D&D/Tabletop games. I think this year we're going to trim down our number of live streams and start growing our other presences.

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  31. Hi new somewhat to streaming on twitch, and a new fan. These are great advices, tysm. My goals would be to focus more on creating content, maybe relearn some desktop publishing, graphic designing & implement them with my Yt channel and talk about my journey with Twitch viewers, since I'm really artsy and love to play some pvp same time. Love the tips too, tysm!

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