How To Learn Software Development – Learn These Skills First

How To Learn Software Development – Learn These Skills First

And in this video I’m going to take you guys beyond learning how to code… What am I talking about? What am I talking about??? Hey guys! Sylvester Morgan here with Sylvester and in this video I want to give you guys an idea of what kind of videos you can expect to see on this channel. In my experience there are some more important foundational skills and things you need to know before you can pursue something like becoming a software developer. So there are six main categories or type of videos that I plan to create and I’ll share with you guys why I think each of these is really important, maybe even more important, more needed than the actual programming tutorials and how to code. OK, so if you’re thinking, “Look, I don’t want any of your life advice or your career advice. Can you just show me how to code?” I’ll give you guys some resources if you’re interested in getting started today, but I’ll warn you, if you get stuck, if things get hard and you feel like quitting, then please come back and watch these other videos. Here are some resources: One, this is a free one, you can go to This is an awesome resource that I use throughout my learning. Another one I highly recommend is This is thirty dollars a month but it’s worth it. There’s also,, You can do a search on YouTube or Google: how to code, learn how to code. There’s going to be a ton of really good resources for you to use. You can go to your local bookstore or library and find a ton of textbooks. I’m going to be having a lot of videos to kind of help guide you, but for now if you’re trying to get started today, I would encourage you- don’t get caught up in what language to start with or what resources to use. A lot of the fundamentals are the same and they can transfer from language to language and different technologies. I think you’re going to surprise yourself to find that you’re able to follow along the tutorials. Just don’t get discouraged and if you do get discouraged then make sure you come back and watch these other categories. So for the first category of videos, we have motivational and inspirational videos. Learning how to code and becoming a software developer is not going to be easy but if you have the motivation and you’re inspired then it is something that you can accomplish. So I want to get you guys all pumped up and inspired but that’s not enough. It doesn’t matter if you’re really inspired and pumped up when you start to learn. When you start working through some of this stuff is going to get hard and you’re going to get stuck, but at that point, you need to character that it takes to keep pushing through it. So the second type of video is going to be related to character and life skills. You need to kind of habits and the mindset to be able to push through something that’s hard, to be able to learn something that’s difficult. It’s not easy but it’s possible and it’s something that you can do if you have that foundation, that mindset, those habits in place in your life. Having the right character is also going to allow you to be successful after you get the job. So now you’re motivated and inspired and you also have been working on and developing the character that it takes. So the next category of videos will be: learn how to code. Obviously this is the reason you’re here and in these videos I’m going to give you guys the advice and the guidance based on my experience what programming languages to start with, how long it’s going to take, what resources I recommend. Next we have programming and software development tutorial. These are the tutorials where I actually sit down and walk you through, show you guys how to set up the software on your machine and how to start coding, how to learn the basics and how to build apps. So I’ve been debating whether or not I would do tutorials because there are already a ton of tutorials out there. But after thinking through it, I think that it’s a lot easier to connect with the person and someone who you can trust and someone who explain things in a way that works for you to make even more options available for you. So I do plan on producing some tutorials for you, but don’t worry. You can get started now. There are already a ton of tutorials out there for you and I can point you in the right direction. OK, so after you get the basics down and you learn how to code, you learn how to get things done, and you’ve developed some real marketable skills, now it’s time to look for a job. So this category of videos will be career advice: how to get a job, how to market yourself, salary negotiations, interview skills: these are all things that I spent a lot of time working on, a lot of time researching. So I’ll give you the advice based on the thing that I’ve learned and my experiences. And lastly, financial management and advice. So there’s a lot of opportunity to earn a lot of money. This career pays well but if you’re making a lot of money and you don’t know how to manage it, then that’s no good. My wife and I are interested now in different ways to invest and build residual income so as we’re working through those things and learning things and growing, I want to share that stuff with you. I wanted to share with you guys what type of videos you can expect to see because they might not necessarily be released in that order but there’s a feature on YouTube where you can organize videos in a playlist. So I’ll try to put those in a playlist as they come out, put them in the right category so if you’re interested in a particular topic at the time, you can find those there. Hopefully that’s helpful for you guys. So again, thank you for watching. If you liked the video, please click the thumbs up and subscribe to the channel. If you’re interested in receiving more content like this. Again, check out the description below the video for other useful links. All right. Thank you guys and I’ll see you in the next video.

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  1. When are you going to do a tut of how to laugh incredibly loud (and possibly inappropriately) when your current boss talks to the "team"? I feel that would be very helpful. zippy ziippy zzzzzzipppy. What are those… forms?

  2. Thanks for the resources. I know you said dont get caught up trying to decide which language to learn BUT lol
    my goal is to create desktop software for both the mac and windows. I was about to start learning swift then C# but then after i bought a udemy course I found out about Electron and how you can build software for both with 1 language. What do you recommend? I apologize if your not familiar with this niche.

  3. If you started out with the mention link, and the book was published in 2015 it took you 2 years to code. And you said coding take years of practice. so exactly which year did you start coding?

  4. Zero experience in this field. Where do I start? only on lesson(28) into and it just seems more confusing with self teaching. Know of any more descriptive places to learn the basics? Bc I'll be out of work for 7 months from surgery soon and wanna upgrade myself with a better job

  5. Check out this new vid to find out how I became a software engineer without a degree: And why I created this channel! Thanks for the love and support!

  6. Hi sylvester am totally new in this field but can u give me a 1 year quick road map that i can follow am really ready to change my life for this plz am from

  7. I always thought that in every field that you put yourself into, there is always work to do and you want 2 become the hardest working person in that field. Helpful video indeed. Hope u inspire more..

  8. Hi Sylvester I really appreciate spending time to make this useful video , I wanna Ask regarding free lancer which is the best software Dev filed work perfect with free lancer developer are it 's mobile apps Dev or web dev which one you can Suggest and why . thx

  9. Which programming language should I learn? For what languages most pay and most opportunities available in America or Australia?

  10. there are a lot of tutorials, BUT there are not a lot of tutorials about ENTERPRISE app development. there are tutorials that teach fundamentals -calculator apps. not an actual calculator, but the apps do very basic things that can be generalized as a type of calculator and really just teach about the control structures, functions etc -nothing at all that would get one hired. there are not many tutorials for app development that can be used to get a job. there are not tutorials about how to get familiar with an open source code base so that experience can be developed there. because the code found there will look nothing like the code used in the above referenced calculator apps.

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