How To Install Kali Linux 2017.3 in Laptop & Desktop PC ✔

How To Install Kali Linux 2017.3 in Laptop & Desktop PC ✔

Hello Everyone, what’s up? And you are watching my Youtube channel, SSTec Tutorials. So guys, today, in this tutorial I am going to show you How to install Kali linux 2017.3 By using your laptop or desktop PC. So, without talking too much, let’s get started. If you are new on my channel, Press that subscribe button, and boost my youtube channel. Also, you can contact me on my Facebook page, and Facebook group. okay First, download the iso Kali linux file from the official website then, click out of the tab and download the Rufus installer. you can get every download link in the description. I have already downloaded both of the files. (His accent is too thick idk what he said.) Now open up rufus installer. and make kali linux a virtual usb. I already have kali linux as a virtual usb. so, I’m just gonna start the process. (After this, the accent get’s hard to hear over music and is hard to understand. Anyone else who wants to try the rest, go at it.)

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  1. Thank you for making this video! For a suggestion on another video I would say how to create a persistent Kali USB (both encrypted and not encrypted). Keep up the awesome work dude.

  2. I have a problem while installing kali linux 2017.2 while installing a problem has arrived like "grub boot dummy installation failed.This is a fatal error".While rebooting i get like "Minimal bash line are supported" Could you please help me to fix this error

  3. can you make a video about how to create a Kali Linux live flash with persistence and ntfs partition which will work in Windows. I tried to do it myself. Works or persistence, or ntfs partition, but not both

  4. Bro in my PC there are three drives C,D and E. D and E haveing the data but c is only for os.. I want to install Kali but without loosing the data just give me clarity bro

  5. Bro how to install firewall and set up kali linux to be safe when im not hacking 🙂 and can you create site and forum for your videos???

  6. it says failed to determine codename for the release and an installation step failed yilou can try to run the failing item again from the menu or skip and choose soemthing else the failing step is install the system

  7. Bro when I choose my bootable pendrive in DELL pc by pressing F12 ,it is not running but it is performing system diagonalize
    what I have to do
    my pc is DELL i5 processor

  8. sir i want to install kale linux only . on my laptop and not a usb or dual boot. i want only kale linux os on my laptop how can I

  9. He moves much too fast. Made no sense for me to even attempt what he was flying through. I found a better video.

  10. u can use virtual box too , i've tried this step and it has lot of errors like grud etc event with "mount and it won't work but virtual box works nice

  11. I install kali 2018.3..but i login kali..that time the screen is freze..not move the mouse pointer…plz hang

  12. Nyc installation guide before watching this video i am can not install the kali linix but after watching this video i am successfully installed the kali linux…. thank you very much sir….😊😊😊😊😊

  13. Hey when it shows me the CD ROM error y pull out the Kali Linux iso USB and insert it again and still have the same problem. Please tell me what can I fo

  14. Hey buddy!
    I can't do it its not working …
    Please how to make dd or something that mi.tion by someome here in coments please help me out

  15. my hardware:
    mobo: asus prime B450-PLUS
    cpu: amd ryzen 3 2200G
    gpu: amd rx560 4gb oc (from pulse)

    and if i try to install kali on my desktop it says some stuff about not detecting some usb devices and continues as normal but my keyboard and mouse don't work

  16. Hello,

    If we install kali like this so in this case do we need to a wifi external adpater or not please reply!

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