How to Install 2 Hard Drive in 1 Laptop | Dual Drive Setup Tutorial (SSD + HDD )

How to Install 2 Hard Drive in 1 Laptop | Dual Drive Setup Tutorial (SSD + HDD )

Hey what’s going on guys !! This is Aamir Hussain and you are watching Trick i Know YouTube channel 🙂 In this video I will show you how to install 2 (Two) hard drives in 1 (one) laptop all general laptops have only one hard drive slot to install a primary hard drive but in this video I
will show you how to install a second hard drive in a single laptop in my last video I installed a SSD in this laptop there is not any other slot to install another hard drive on it I have only this SSD with the operating system installed on it so now the problem is this SSD have only a limited space of 120 gigabytes and here is a DVD drive which is totally useless to store data and all I need to install a secondary hard drive in this laptop but I cannot install it here and there. So guys !! Now I am going to install this hard drive as a secondary hard drive using this second hard drive caddy. Which allows you to
install a hard drive on a laptop instead of the DVD ROM so here is our caddy with one screwdriver and four screws and in the back there is a circuit for conversion so guys now I’m going to install this hard drive the installation is so simple you just have to plug the hard drive like this then in the left side you have to tight those given screws tight each screw one by one and keep holding your hard drive with your fingers now in the right side there are two more
screw points okay guys !! Now our hard drive is strongly connected with this caddy now our next step is to take out the DVD room from this laptop to do that first of all you have to unplug your laptop’s battery then you have to find a
room symbol in the back of your laptop like this if you found this symbol on your access door that means you have to open your access door. Now here we got one more DVD ROM symbol and just near it there is a screw that means its a screw off DVD ROM. after opening that screw take a pry tool like this and just slide the clip of the DVD ROM this will pop out the DVD room from the side so guys now our DVD ROM is out now you have to do two things first remove the front cover of this DVD ROM and secondly you have to open this back clip use the tiny screwdriver to open this clip then tight it on the back of the caddy as it was on the DVD ROM just like this now to open this front cover you need to eject your DVD ROM you can do it without powering it just take a tiny needle and insert it in this hole this will manually eject your
DVD ROM then open those internal screws with the help of this tiny screwdriver now if you see carefully the ROM cover is attached with these clips very carefully unplug those clips to take out the cover you have to open this cover without breaking it now the cover is out successfully without breaking it now insert it into the caddy like this then press it to lock the clips. So guys !! now our second hard drive is ready to
install in the laptop just insert it like this Tight the screw close the access door now plug the battery into the laptop. Now guys !! it’s time to turn on
our laptop let’s check how we did the installation. So now here are the new drives appeared that means our installation is successful now I can see and use my old data here and also I can store new data as per my requirement. So guys !! you just learned how to install a 2nd hard drive on a laptop using a second hard drive caddy if you want this caddy you can check out the link in the
video description and if you enjoyed my video hit that like button and subscribe my channel with the bell icon for more latest updates like this. So this is Aamir Hussain signing out See you guys in my next video 🙂

63 thoughts to “How to Install 2 Hard Drive in 1 Laptop | Dual Drive Setup Tutorial (SSD + HDD )”

  1. bro my laptop hp note notebook 15 can i install ssd on cd drive as i did not change the hard drive and can i install 8gb ram pllz tell

  2. And bro? When you install an SSD is there a need to install The Operating system again? Or any issues with a Data Loss ??

  3. Great ..!! As expected awesome video.. ☺️☺️
    I will try it soon.
    Will contact you for installing Linux in ssd and and window in hhd..
    Both wanna run in same laptop like dual boot on my asus x540la.😊😊
    As expected video thanks.. 🙂

  4. this My Pc : Core (TM) i3-7100 3.90GHz

    2.Graphcis Card 1050Ti : 4GB

    3.8GB DDR4

    4.Monitor Acer : 1920×1080

    5.Hard Drive 1TB and 640GB

    6.MotherBoard H110M-K

    7.Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

    8.Intel HD Graphcis 630
    9.New Keyboard
    10.New Mouse

  5. i too have a 9mm optical drive in my lenovo laptop and i want to install a ssd. Please tell me where can i get the caddy (i live in new delhi and if you do too then suggest me a place where i can get 9mm caddy)? And how much did it cost you for the caddy? thanks in advance.

  6. I think DVD drive slot is going to bottleneck HDD speed cause DVD drives ports are very slow right?!

  7. Is it possible to boot from both the 'new windows 10' on SSD & 'old windows 8.1' on the HDD in the caddy instead of the DVD?

  8. Thanks for your useful video. I have successfully installed my hard drive in dvd bay. And my dvd interface in sata 3 6gbps. It is working as earlier.

  9. i can remove my DVD drive the same way you removed your battery, no screws or unmounting cover needed, will this HDD caddy fit?
    my laptop is a fujitsu lifebook e756

  10. I have the same laptop lol , with i5 and 16gb ram installed … , I only used this caddy to clone the os to the 480gb mx500 and then I installed the cd drive back on cuz I need that feature a lot…

  11. Bhai mera question yeh hai ki mein meri hdd mein meri window 10 hai toh mein best speed ke liye ssd ko hdd ki jhaga lga du aur drive mein hdd lga du toh speed fast rhegi kya aur hdd mein window 10 hai toh ssd mein kaise convert karu pls help me

  12. Can i replace current HDD into caddy and new SSD in Place of HDD? I need performance of SSD
    Mera windows delete ho jayega?

  13. Very helpful video, however I believe it will have serious impact on the Battery as it has to spin the traditional HDD as well as run the new SSD. Please clarify if you see any such thing practically. Thanks.

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