how to fix  no sound problem Computer Motherboard

how to fix no sound problem Computer Motherboard

Hello everyone Welcome to SRAdvice Today we are going to talk about sound computer sound problem Update the sound driver first check whether it is installed properly or not Even if the sound does not come then check the connector in the back pannel Check the Speaker Even if the sound does not come then it is a problem of motherboard South bridge or PCH controls sound section in motherboard So problem can be come from the south bridge But maximum time sound problem comes due to the sound IC damage you can see here one IC named VIA which controls the sound Keep the finger on the IC and see therre is such a big hit then this IC is damage Replace the IC with same number If no more hit and sound is not coming then re solder the IC Many companies made this chip Like VIA, Realteck, ATI etc Realtech IC is available in the maximum motherboard- This is a Gigabyte board Realteck IC fitted here and number is ALC662 ALC662,655,888 many such numbers are seen in IC what is the problem being on the motherboard if you are sure then clean and re solder the IC If not resolved then remove and replace the IC If the problem is not solved even after installing IC then -update sound driver after installing IC or install the Sound driver again problem will be fixed so Friends, if you want any solution for computer motherboard problems then Subscribe my channen and click the bell Icon

11 thoughts to “how to fix no sound problem Computer Motherboard”

  1. 1) bhiya mera pc may new ups lagane ke bad vi jab ghar ka kowi tublight or fan chala rahahun to tab kabhi kabhi pc re-start ho jaraha hay, is ka karan kiya hay,…..or
    2) pc ka processor jaldisay bohat hit-up ho raha hay, & 30second bad pc blue screen horaha hay, karan kiya hay….?

  2. Sir mere computer Mai realtake install hai but icon show nahi ho Raha hai audio nahi hai correct problem bataye reply fast

  3. Sir mera board Asus 945 hai usme sound icon open hai but sound nahi aa raha hai, aur external soundcard lagate hai to sound bahut kam aata hai . Pls suggest me.

  4. i have installed lot of driver and reinstall windows and i see all driver installed but i dont hear sound and also in computer startup i hear some bad sound in speacker ..
    is that mean sound card dead ?

  5. I have toshiba L 850 laptop and water drop on it i fix the keyboard problem but No sound ever in laptop can this Fixed if ic replaced ???

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