How To Fix High CPU Usage While Downloading In uTorrent

How To Fix High CPU Usage While Downloading In uTorrent

Hey what’s going on guys my name is Alex
and welcome back to another video. Today I’m going to show you How To Fix High
CPU Usage While Downloading In uTorrent And before I start make sure you enable the
subtitles on my videos to understand Better what i say, and first of all I
know for a fact it works on uTorrent Because I tested it out of course, I do
not actually know if it works on BitTorrent or not but if you have BitTorrent
try it out if it works or not So yeah, let’s start. Two days ago I
started downloading Watch Dogs 2 as you Can see right here, I have already
downloaded and installed and while I was Downloading Watch Dogs 2, uTorrent or
μTorrent was using 80% of my CPU as you Can see with this screenshot after I
did that change the setting it dropped Down to less than 10% after you do this
change μTorrent will use your CPU from 5% to 20% If you see if
you see this kind of number again then Write down a comment in the comment
section to help you as much as possible First of all of course open μTorrent
go to “Options” then “Preferences” then Click here “Advanced” do not click the
cross box right here go in the “Filter” And type there “offers.left” and this
is setting we’re going to Change by default it’s going to be “True”
change that to “False” we’re going to Change one more setting go back to the
“Filter” type again “offers.” And now “…sponsor” I do not need to type
the whole word as you can see this is The setting we’re going to change
by default is going to be “True” as you Can see this black advertisement
right here is actually the ad if I Change it to “False” and click “OK” the ads
will disappear and it will only say “Upgrade to μTorrent Pro” and
hopefully you will see μTorrent will Start using your CPU less than 20%
and as I said if you have problems tell Me in the comment section to help you as much as
possible so, that’s the video guys, sorry If this was a really short video but I want
to make something quick and yeah Thanks For Watching Guys Like, Subscribe and Share And i’ll see you in my next video. See ya

40 thoughts to “How To Fix High CPU Usage While Downloading In uTorrent”

  1. Thanks. Seems to have done the trick. Will have to watch it for a while to be sure.
    And thank you for making this a short video. Too many others will try to stretch out a quick instruction to a 10 minute video to try to get more revenue.

  2. Still works!
    Also im curious why they have such an option in the client, because ads are there to make money for them, if someone can disable them w/o upgrading to pro then there's no point in having a pro version

  3. Wow!!!!!Thx Bro.That was really i was sufferin from that cpu was runnin in 99% and now it's runnin smoothly on 1 to 5%.Again.THANKS BRO!!!!
    NOTE: i didnt know that "" and "" are some Websites.

  4. It didn’t work for thanks anyway though. I think it’s a hardware problem. When downloads go over 2mbs my little nuc goes crazy. I’m going to try a usb WiFi adapter and turn off the nuc one

  5. I’m gonna delete the utorrent and try another program. My ex wife said to try qBittorent and one that begins with a d is it deluge? Utorrent wants to kill my little nuc. I don’t think I like utorrent no more

  6. this is my first time ever writing comment to any video but you deserves it.
    Thank you so much bro it worked like a charm and saved my day. <3

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