How to fix crackling sound output in windows 10???

How to fix crackling sound output in windows 10???

Hey guys! Today I would like to share you
all a fix for crackling sound output in windows 10.Generally this problem occurs due to incompatible
version of drivers.To update your speaker driver, First right click on the speaker button
in the task bar. Now select “playback devices”.Now in the sound dialog box,select on the speaker
which is faulty.Then select “Properties” button below.In the Speakers properties dialog box,under
general tab,in controller information section,click on “Properties” button.This will take you
to the speaker’s driver page.Now click on “Change settings” button below.This may need
your administrator account password to update your speaker drivers.If you want to update
any of your system drivers you may need your administrator account access.Now in order
to update your speakers driver, click on Driver tab and select “Update driver”.Select the
first option which is “Search automatically for updated driver software.” This will automatically
install a new driver software available for your speakers.Since I had performed this operation,You
may not see the drivers installation process.But this method will definitely resolve the crackling
sound output in your windows 10 PC. Thanks For Watching

20 thoughts to “How to fix crackling sound output in windows 10???”

  1. Windows 10 is crap at finding the right driver…
    it installed a generic keyboard driver for my LED lit keyboard on my $2. 3k gaming laptop, disabled my touchpad, and physical mouse buttons.

    Worse upgrade ever and the audio has popping and crackling on brand new audio drivers as well as the beta drivers.
    It doesn't crash, but maybe it should so that I get a place relative to what exactly is going on within the memory dump.

    Anniversary of a bad launch… yay.

  2. did not work, driver was up to date and the problem was not fixed. maybe you should not say at the end it will definitely fix the problem

  3. Search WR2zmfRrFn0 for I did a tutorial that might help you with problems like this, with voice recording ^^

  4. My update driver button is grayed, cannot do anything more. Shame to Microsoft, each time they did a Windows update, they must do a compatibility test with different user hardware.

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