How to fix Bluetooth in Windows 7 – 8 – 10 (simple method)

How to fix Bluetooth in Windows 7 – 8 – 10 (simple method)

To fix this problem, just follow these simple
steps: To begin with, make sure that your Bluetooth
is off in your device. After that, go to the Start menu, and here
type for Services, right click on services and choose run as administrator… In this window, locate the Bluetooth Support
Service… OK.. It’s here… Open “Bluetooth Support Service”… and then
click on ‘Stop’.. and now, change startup type from Manual to Automatic… and then
click Apply, and then click ‘Start’… and then click OK. Now, close this window, switch on the bluetooth
in your device… Now, right click on the Bluetooth icon, You
can find it in the Task bar, and click on “Open settings” … Ok, here, check mark ‘allow
bluetooth devices to find this computer’, Check mark this one.. then click ‘Apply’ and
then ‘OK’… Now your problem should be fixed.. Thank you for watching this video by itech

71 thoughts to “How to fix Bluetooth in Windows 7 – 8 – 10 (simple method)”

  1. i cant turn off blue tooth so i cant chat in vr chat i hate every thing ;-; none of these things help me

  2. Hello Sir Maine window 10 hp main use kr raha hoon Waha Open setting main Allow wala Option nhi hai kaise show hoga Window 10 ka batao bhai Baki step apke bataye kr liye

  3. why does it say Windows 10 when it doesn't show how to do it on Windows 10? 10 is not like 7 or 8 or is that not obvious??

  4. bluetooth audio player is connected as bluetooth v9 headphone but under playback devices the bluetooth audio is not found

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