How to Download XBOX 360 Games Using NewsGroups - Part 2

How to Download XBOX 360 Games Using NewsGroups – Part 2

alright so rabbits all done here's your your your use usenet server that knees demons so that's all set up and we're ready to go with grab it so now all we need to do is get our nzb file now our NGB file you can get it from a couple in places so i don't need this anymore we don't need this you can get it from a couple different sites you could google search nzb and then find different sites that have nzb files on them I recommend a few basically nzb club com or nzbmatrix com or Merlin's portal dotnet nzbmatrix kind of it's a good site with the problem is that i'll have a way to pay the damn VIP thing membership which is only ten bucks really for ten bucks for ten years or whatever but they don't have a way to pay it online except for European mobile phones you can send a SMS payment or something so unfortunately I you can use it but you're limited in what you can find in the search so I usually stick with nzb club so ngv club com just to show you here is Merlin's portal dotnet and gb matrix you have to basically sign up for a membership on each one to even access the search but it's like a forum basically if you go through and find files okay so now what you want to do is you want to search one of the in the nzb site of your choice for your game or a file or whatever you want to download so in our example i'm going to load up nzb club calm and then we're going to search for modern warfare xbox 360 be careful what you search for because if it's really picky on on the keyword so if i search for this um once it loads oh it actually came up sometimes it doesn't because like these came up because Xbox is there 360s there but usually I just search like together with Xbox 360 so you'll get a bunch of results you want to go through and just find the one that probably you know looks like its legit coffee so I recommend always looking for the alt dub binaries games that xbox 360 that use group usually has most of the games in it and they're all pretty much legit so it's in there modern warfare 3 xgd3 game region free RF and then 8.77 gigabytes so that's probably the follow-on so now we do is we click on that link it will open another page and then there will be the nzb file so will download the nzb file downloads will just click it to launch it and that will open up into the Grabbit software and take a couple seconds to pull in that file to probably a 122 megabyte file of just a bunch of pointers that point to the files on the on the newsgroups service and then if you're all good you'll start pulling those files so there we go we got 10 connections open at one time I'm pulling a download speed of looks like almost 2,000 kilobytes per second which is really fast so for that I guess 9.37 or 10 gigabyte file we have about an hour left so you can tell see how fat like even the speeds are getting bigger better so that's pretty much how it works in it once it's done downloading it'll basically piece everything together for you and you'll go into your folder that you set up in your preferences and there will be sit in the game um and just to show you you can use this for things other than just Xbox games let's say you want to find a movie Fight Club search for that give you some results you have all these different kinds you have the blu-ray edition blu-ray version you have looks like a bio high definition AC 3d ac3 rip usually the eight seven hundred megabyte files are good enough seven 720p so like let's say this one so same thing and just click on that and then click on the nzb file download it and then click it to open it it'll open up and grab it so there it is and it's just in the queue basically there's 128 jobs in the queue most of which are for modern warfare but it's pulling it and already added the other movie to the end of that so now we have you can see the fights downloaded to pulling the stuff and then once it's done it'll have your files in that directory and just to show you um earlier I just queued up battlefield 3 it was 16 gigabytes it took literally about an hour and a half only to pull that all that down and there's what I'm left with basically the iso files DB files the AP 2.5 stuff so yeah that's it pretty much basically it's just a lot more reliable than utorrent or torrent torrents in general because these files are all there whereas when you download torrents you're downloading from other people it depends on their speeds you're in your speed obviously and then your way you might be waiting on certain parts of that file because it's not available because the guys seeing it is offline and use group groups basically all those files are available on the man 24 7 365 days a year and available through high speed networks so getting your files is easy and fast a little bit more effort to find the file initially because there's so much data out there on these youth group so you gotta search a bit a little bit but once you figure it out you can get these files a lot more a lot faster and a lot of the files that you can't find a lot of times if you search for torrents on twin sites you can't even find certain games but use nets just save or print everything anyone's ever uploaded to them so that's pretty much it hope you guys enjoyed um and hope you can kind of go through this tutorial and get yourself up and running in no time hope you enjoyed thanks

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  1. Hey man, loved your videos and its very clear to me.One thing that would be great is if you can help me to show how I can burn these games to a disk in order to play on my flashed xbox, I would really appreciate it.Hope to hear from you soon.

  2. Hello,

    Great Videos…Why do you use an NZB program at all…Can't you just download from the newsreader program and skip that step? After the game is downloaded do you have link for how it gets into the xbox 360?

    Thank you.


  3. btw, does grabit only allow 10 connections? Newsdemon supports 50 connections but I only get 10 in grabit..

  4. What network are you on and is it cheap? I right now have tells and we ever I torrent or download it slows it down to 17 megs and I usually would get 300

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