How to Download XBOX 360 Games Using NewsGroups - Part 1

How to Download XBOX 360 Games Using NewsGroups – Part 1

hi guys today's tutorial is going to go over use how to use news groups use nets to download Xbox 360 games now I basically came up with this tutorial because I searched around YouTube for a while and couldn't find anything but really shitty tutorials on how to use news groups and a lot of people don't really know how to use them or what they are or what they're for and I appreciate all the all the comments you guys have left on my other Xbox video tutorials thanking me for kind of basically how I explain how to how to go through and flash your xbox so I thought I'd go ahead and make another tutorial for how to use news groups to download Xbox 360 games yeah so here we go basically news groups are our paid services they're usually they have different levels news daemon is just one of them it's basically a server just like this company manages a bunch of server farms on the web with high speed connections and that's why you pay for it you're not going to get this for free you can use torrents download games but I honestly heard you know 7 to 10 to 20 dollars a month you can't beat the speed you'll get and the variety and reliable files servers that you can use to download these your games so you need to you need this so first off you need a software to download them so go over to I don't even know how to pronounce this gems comm sh e mes comm and download grab it it's a free software so I'm gonna go this tutorials gonna go through kind of what is a what is a newsgroup how do you use it how do we download a game and basically from start to finish setting up your you to do all that so let's go ahead and first download grab it so let's grab this that's quick alright okay so let's go ahead and get out of the way let's go ahead and install this will sort of run through the installation associate grab with ncb files NGB files you can think of them as basically torrent files they're basically a text file with pointers to the files on these Usenet servers newsgroup servers that you're gonna pull it from so I don't know how I'm gonna expert this stuff but that's how I kind of think of it alright cool so we got grabbed it installed let's go ahead and launch it alright so it's the first time you're setting up grab it cool now I want say Usenet hostname so here's where you have to pay for the server you can find a free one if you can find one maybe your isp provides one you can google search but honestly I recommend just paying for one so I recommend just get go ahead and get in the whatever discounted price you get or this seven dollar super unlimited plan which is they also give you like 30 gigabytes of online storage 50 SSL secure connections and unlimited speed so you can't beat it it's pretty sweet alright so what you'll do is you'll go ahead go into here select a plan or whatever you'll go ahead and fill out all this stuff payers your credit card these guys are been around for 20 some odd years and used that snoozer scripts have been around before the internet even started it's an old technology but it's it's still kickin and it gives you blazing you know super fast download speeds all right so you should have got your email after you go through this setup get an account you should have haven't you should have received an email so the news team in one we're gonna this tutorials gonna use news name and so I'm going to go through news news diamond comm hit next then you'll fill in your username password so you should have got an email with username pass we're going to fill it out here and then hit next fallen world should say gravity for use go ahead and click finish it'll load up the software it's gonna go ahead and update some stuff there's not much you got to configure on this you can't you should be able just use it straight out of the box and honestly you guys have brought if you've never used in these groups it could be somewhat confusing so I just recommend to go with the default stuff we don't care I just recommend going and editing the preferences and setting up your folders where you want the files to be stored because it'll default your C Drive so alright so you can see mine you wanna the folders you have a cache folder a download full and extracted files folder so this is going to it's gonna pull when it pulls a little file it's gonna throw in your cache folder I don't know what that and then the extracted files will be dumped into this 10 folder and then once the complete download is done it'll piece them all back together and throw it into the download folder so this is how I kind of structure it that's the only thing I really touch in the gravit software so I just basically set up where I want the files that go then go ahead and click apply and then ok to close out of that

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