How to Download Facebook Videos on MAC & PC!

How to Download Facebook Videos on MAC & PC!

– In this video, I’ll
show you how to download Facebook videos on your
Mac or Windows computer, including Facebook lives, ready
for re-use or repurposing. (calm bouncy music) Hey it’s Justin Brown
here from Primal Video, where we help you amplify your business and brand with video. If you’re new here, make sure you click that subscribe button and all the links to everything
we mention in this video, you can find linked in
the description box below. So let’s jump into it. Now if you’ve got videos on Facebook, including Facebook live streams, that you’d like to download and repurpose from your Mac or Windows PC, unfortunately, the process is not as straightforward as it can be. But the good news is that there
are a few options to do it and we’re gonna run through
the best ones right now. Now each option does have its
advantages and disadvantages, so make sure you stick around to make sure that you’re using
the best solution for you. So the first option I’m
gonna take you through is just using,
using the website to download your videos that way. And the process is a little bit different between a page, a profile and a group. So I’m gonna take you through the couple of different methods to download your videos that way. But I do wanna let you know
that the next two options that I’m gonna take you
through after this one will actually let you download higher quality versions of your videos, then Facebook actually lets
you download using this method. So make sure you stick around for those. Okay so we’re over on Facebook,
I’m just on my profile now. We’re gonna navigate through and find a video that we wanna download. Here was a test live
stream that I’ve done. Let’s say this is the
one we wanna download. So what you do here is you
click on the date itself that the video was uploaded. That’s gonna open that
post in a new window. Pause that when that comes up. We don’t need to listen to
what this guy’s talking about. All you need to do for your profile is come up to these three dots
in the top right-hand corner and hit download video. And once that loads,
you could be presented with one of two things. The first one, I’m using Google Chrome and this is what’s displayed. This is the video itself. All I need to do to save
it is to right click on it and choose save video as and that video, I can then save it to
my computer from here. Or depending on which
browser you’re using, you’re either gonna see this exact same window here as I have or you’ve actually just gonna
see the download window pop up to automatically start that downloading. So that’s the first way and that’s how you can
download from your profile. A page or a group can be
a little bit different. So I’ve just jumped across to our Primal Video Accelerator group. I’ll come down here to videos and I’ll find a video that
I have posted in the group, this one here. Let’s click on this, I’ll pause it. Again, we don’t need to
hear what I am saying. And then I’m gonna need to do
is come down the bottom here. Again we’re looking for these three dots and we just choose download video. We’re then presented
with that same window, just with the video itself in it. Right click, save video as to save it or you might’ve already been prompted to download at this point already. Okay, so that’s option one for downloading your own videos posted
on your own profile, your page or a group where
you have made the post. The next two methods I’m gonna show you, will let you download
higher quality versions of your own videos than
following this method, and they’ll also let you easily download other people’s videos as
long as they are public. So not posted inside of a private group. Okay so this next option,
option number two, is where we’re going to be
using third party websites to manage the download for us. So I’m gonna take you through that now. So you wanna come across and find videos in either a page, a profile or a group that you wanna download. Again, if it’s a group,
you gotta make sure that it’s not a private video. So I’m just gonna go
here to see all videos. Let’s pick one of these, how to rapidly grow leads
and traffic with YouTube. I’ll click on that. We’ll pause it so we don’t
have to hear me speak. But all you need to do is to grab this link at the top here, the video URL. Now for some reason, if you’re
not seeing the video URL, you can right click on the video itself and choose show video URL and you can see the two of them match, they’re exactly the same. So I’ve selected, right click, choose copy or press
command C or control C on your computer to copy that. You then wanna come across
to one of these two websites. The first one is and the second one is Now really, you can get great results with either one of these two. My personal preference
currently is But all you need to do
is just to paste that video link into the box
here, press download. That’s gonna go and generate
your download links for you. Scroll down the bottom here and then pick the highest quality version of your video for you to download. So in this case, this video must’ve only gone up in standard definition. You can see it’s 5.88 megabytes. We just hit the download button and either, again, one of
two things is gonna happen. It’s either gonna pop up in
this new window like this, where we can right click
and choose save video as or it’s just gonna pop straight up with that download window for you to save your video to your computer. And just be aware that these websites do have quite a few ads and
those sorts of things on them, and may, at some point, have
some pop-ups or anything. So just ignore those and this is the only piece that you’re interested in down here. So that is option number two
is using third party websites. Again, like or Option number three which
is my personal favorite is actually what I use all the time is a piece of software for Mac and PC called Parallels Toolbox. And Parallels Toolbox is
so much more than just downloading Facebook
videos or YouTube videos, it is a suite of tools
that you can install on your computer to do
some pretty cool stuff. Like there’s a do not disturb mode; presentation mode to stop all alerts and everything while
you’re live streaming; you can hide your desktop icons if you’re gonna be sharing
your computer screen and you wanna hide everything. Any mess or clutter on your desktop. You’ve got things like airplane mode, you’ve got a built in video converter. So there’s a heap of cool little tools and things in here that are really useful and you can currently
grab Parallels Toolbox on Mac or Windows for 19.99 per year. And there’s, as I said, it’s
something that we use a lot. Not just for the downloading part but for a lot of the other tools
and things in here as well. So how do we actually use it
for downloading our videos? All we need to do is to come
up to Parallels Toolbox, click on download video and we get this little
window here that pops up, I’ll move it off to the side here. What you wanna do is make sure that your setting are all correct. So just press on settings, you get to choose your preferred quality. What I would suggest is that you’re pressing the
maximum quality available. You also have the ability to
convert any non-MP4 files. So if you’re gonna be downloading any videos off the internet
or off any websites that aren’t in MP4, then you can have this automatically convert to MP4 for you. And you also get to select
your download location here. So I’m gonna hit done. But to download that
video, all we need to do is to paste in that
Facebook URL that we copied, the direct URL or the
direct link to our video. We’ve still got that copied
but I’ll copy it again now. Come back to our video downloader here and we’ll just hit paste and the video itself
just starts downloading. Now watch this too. You can see that the file
that we’re downloading is 9.5 megabytes. This is a higher quality file than the previous one that we downloaded. That was, I think it was
5.4 or 5.8 megabytes. So that’s why I’m a really
big fan of Parallels Toolbox. I think for the 19.99 per year, with all the tools and
everything built in, but also giving you
the ability to download the best quality Facebook
and YouTube videos. I think it is an amazing offering. So that’s how easy it is to
download your Facebook videos. Now if you’re interested
in repurposing your content across other platforms,
including portrait platforms like IGTV, then check out the
video linked on screen now for all the strategies and best practices on how you can easily do it. And I’ll see you in the next one.

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  1. Thank you, Mr. Brown! You ROCK, Sir!!!

    Dave Lounder
    #AnimalRescue #DriveInResuscitation

  2. You have downloaded own video. Can you download a video which is posted by others? Because there is no download tab showing on videos which is post by others.

  3. Justin i from Malaysia…my channel is not proper yet…because i use phone to upload video to my channel…just to get your attention…can you make video how to register YouTube account, upload video and all the things with smartphone… thanks you mate!!

  4. Thank you for this very interesting Iv tried to down load videos on Facebook and not succeeded 👍

  5. This didnt work on LIVE videos. Once the person stops broadcasting, we can still access their video, but there is no where to click on the date of the video because the date isn't there.

  6. Hi and thank you Justin.. this is what I never thought of so thank you for the foresight for this tutorial and reviews too

  7. I've tried in the past but the downloads are always stripped of audio. Not sure why. But your suggestion of using Parallels should take care of that. I appreciate you showing that to us! Sounds like it's definitely worth $20/year. Thanks, Justin.

  8. Problem – your videos are great as always, but I've got a problem with making this work.

    I'm a group admin.
    The group is closed.
    Videos and Facebook Lives were uploaded/created by another group admin.

    The option to download isn't appearing.
    Maybe it can only be downloaded by the person who created/uploaded it? .. that person is not at all techy so this could be a long process!
    Could you advise at all?

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