How to Do the Calculator Prediction Trick

How to Do the Calculator Prediction Trick

How to Do the Calculator Prediction Trick. Your friends will think you can read minds
when you use only a calculator to guess their secret number. You will need A friend Paper A pen and a calculator. Step 1. Tell your friend to write any number on a
sheet of paper. The number can be as many digits long as they
want. Have each person in a group contribute one
digit to form a final number that you can use in the trick. Step 2. Tell your friend you will predict the final
number they will have at the end of the trick. Write the number nine on another sheet of
paper, fold the paper, and set it aside. Step 3. Have your friend scramble the digits of their
number and write it down. If the original number is 435, they might
write down 354. Have your friend write the larger of the two
numbers above the other number to avoid getting a negative total when you subtract. Step 4. Have your friend use the calculator to subtract
one number from the other. Step 5. Have your friend add the digits of the number
together until only one digit is left. Be sure that your friend uses the calculator
when doing the math calculations. This trick won’t work if the math is wrong. Step 6. Show your friend your prediction on the piece
of paper. Ask, “Is this your final number?” and prepare
to watch their jaws drop in amazement at your magic skills. Did you know A Greek mathematician in the
second century invented the basis of modern algebra when he began using symbols for representation
in math problems.

100 thoughts to “How to Do the Calculator Prediction Trick”

  1. Just try any 2 digit number and do not use multiples as ten such as 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90. I tested it twice and i won!!!

  2. @anticorncob6 we would have neve gone to the moon? how come the summerians the first civilization on the planet, knew about the solar system , and how many planets were in our solar system. we couldn't predict eclipses, how did the mayans predict eclipses 50 years before they happen?and about the population , instead of population it must be the depopulation becuz thats what our governments doing, with all the earthquakes around the world, with their HAARP project. Search everything i said

  3. Man fuck that calculator sleazy tricks. Thats just math.
    I know ho to predict a footbal match for example .
    I also know how to draw the same thing you drew on a paper.

  4. @kroasana Haha you fuuny wittle guy you fuuny! I'm kidding my friend said that when she saw that video too! I'm her only friend, shes a geek. Anyway, she doesn't like me cuz I'm a tomboy! She said Damn when she needed a friend sucks for her, she's in jail now for an assault, on me! πŸ™

  5. I tried to do this with my mom shes 41 and so i was like pick a number and then scramble it and she was like how and then i showed her an exaple then she put the same number and she showed me and then i showed her again i was like put the bigger one on top and she still didnt know how to do it ughh what a artard

  6. @bigguy7878
    cuz hes Arab the oldest proof of the existance of algebra is in ancient Egypt ancient China and ancient Babylon
    and the word algebra comes from the word al-jabr

  7. Step 1 Go on the streets and try to buy a friend.
    Step 2 Try to play this trick with him.
    Step 3 I can predict that your friend what you found is ginger.
    Step 4 Success Now you have got your first friend
    Did you know if you are trying to do this you are a ginger or computer nerd.

  8. LOL it'd be awesome if he showed the prediction upside down and the guys like LOL THATS NOT MY NUMBER DUMBASS!

  9. Hmm… well i went to Walmart and asked people where i can buy a "friend," and everybody i asked just looked at me like i was crazy for some weird reason…

  10. Outstanding clip. Youtube is wonderful for this type of thing.

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  11. it says add them until you reach one number, so in your case you will do….

    431-134=297…2+9+7=18…1+8=9 πŸ˜‰

  12. No F you, algebra is cool, if it "made your freshman year living hell", you're just stupid, either that or you have a bad math teacher.

  13. You seriously think all technology around today could have been invented without algebra? Are you retarded?

  14. I honestly completely forgot I'd written this comment and I'm sorry if I offended you, that was not my intention. I don't care for algebra myself, but it's great that you are so passionate about it. People who are good at math make it much easier for those of us who aren't so great to focus more on what they're better at. I apologize if I offended you at all.
    P.S. I actually did not have a bad teacher. I got an A in algebra, I just don't care for math.

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