How To Do Split Screen On Fortnite Xbox One And Ps4

How To Do Split Screen On Fortnite Xbox One And Ps4

yo my name is Jack Truong and in today’s
video I’m gonna show you how to do split screen on fortnite Xbox one and
ps4 so let’s get right into the video just like you guys know I’m doing a
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the video you splitscreen has fine come
for tonight although it’s not currently available on every platform right now
only PlayStation 4 and Xbox one player can play the game locally with a friend
but there’s a good chance epics will expend the functionalities to other
platforms like PC and maybe even new 10 I’ll switch sometimes in the future with
that being said here’s how to use split screen in fortnight on BS 4 and Xbox one
turning on split-screen and for night is as simple as pressing a button on a
Canseco controller first make sure player 2 is signed into
a PSN or xbox live account when you turn on a ps4 controller it makes you choose
a profile before you can do anything on Xbox one
press the Xbox button and navigate to the tab where you can sign in once
player 2 is logged into their PSN or Xbox Live account press and hold the X
button on ps4 or the a button on the Xbox one using the second controller to
add them to the game in Fortnite player 2 can then log into their epics account
to get access to all their skins and emotes
it’s worth noting that only player one needs to have Xbox Live Gold if you’re
playing on Xbox one PlayStation Plus isn’t required for Fortnight on ps4 so
neither players need to have a subscription to play for night online in
split-screen mode you only have access to select a few modes only duels and
squads aren’t available in split-screen you can’t play solos with your friends
but unfortunately you can’t play other party base mode like team rumble or
creative either hopefully epic would change this in the future but for now
you can all play duels and squads in local multiplayer player 2 also can’t
leave the battle bus on their own they have to follow player 1 like the
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