How to Disable Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service – Win/PC

How to Disable Adobe Genuine Software Integrity Service – Win/PC

Hey everybody, Shewtur here. I’ve got a quick tutorial to show people how
to get rid of the annoying Adobe Genuine popup. It comes up all the time. So you’re in Photoshop or something and you’re
just doing your thing, minding your own business. Trying to make something cool right? Bam. Adobe software you’re using is not genuine. Oh, my goodness. Whatever will we do? I have an idea. Let’s open the task manager. Control+Shift+Escape. There we go. Make sure we’re in the processes tab up here. And we’re looking for this little fella right
here Adobe Genuine Helper. All you do is right click open file location and that shows us the culprits right here. So go back to the Task Manager. We wanna kill this process you can hit End
Process or delete. Bam, get’s rid of the popup. Back over here we wanna delete these two files the Adobe Genuine Helper Adobe Genuine Launcher And you can see the file is located in this
folder here. And that’s it! I don’t know why it’s so hard for other YouTubers
to try to figure this out but that’s all you do. So next time you wanna open an Adobe program you just do it, and there’s no crazy, annoying popups. Very nice. Look we can do a cool gradient like that. Oh, my goodness. Anywho, that’s all you do and that takes care
of it. So… yeah, you’re welcome. Shewtur out.

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  1. Yeah my friend! This worked for me. Another YouTube video I watched just had me stop the adobe genuine service – but that didn't work. Deleting those two files has stopped the popup. To be honest I block the Photoshop program from even assessing the Internet. So don't understand why this pop up is appearing all of sudden. Anywhoo – this worked and Thanks!!

  2. For those who have this coming back after a few days; Open "services" in windows, find any service that starts with "Adobe genuine…." Right click it, select Properties than change Startup Type to "Disabled"

  3. +Shewtur great work,… and I have a MAC. If anyone else is having this problem Jan 2018 hit like and I place it here. other than that I'll assume all went elsewhere.

    P.S. Turn of your adobe suite auto update. I purchase this program years ago and still get a dump taken on me instead of CD installs like old times

  4. It seems that whenever I try to edit something in premier a green filter essentially ruins the entire video. I can work in it, but the outcome is pointless. Am I screwed at this point?

  5. That didn't work for me, still getting the pop up but mine says I have 40 days before photoshop is disabled ;o( any ideas?

  6. You have to find the whole Adobe Genuine folder where all its annoying tricks are located! When you find them, right click on each and at the bottom change with password the Read/Writes and to just "Read only"…. Once you have done that (don't close the current page where you located all the file) launch Photoshop and at the top "Help" click on "Updates". Let it launch the Update tab and "un-click" all the programs…everything so the whole suite won't update automatically and reinstall the annoying Genuine detector behind your back! Remember, Adobe has STOPPED SUPPORTING CS6 a few years ago so you won't get any new updates anymore, that's it!!!!

    Now go back to the Adobe Genuine folder that you were previously on and go back to the main Genuine fold that has everything that detects the software and DELETE, TERMINATE, DESTROY etc…. it!!! Clean your computer from any traces, leftover folders etc. with a good cleaner such as CCleaner and reboot your computer! This will solve permanently this annoying issue that Adobe has created in order to force everybody to buy/subscribe to their bullshit monthly bogus cult!

    * p.s. This worked very well in Mac's using the same process and its been weeks and no annoying popup warnings from Adobe!

  7. Can you explain what those files are for? Why delete it, if its there for a reason..? I dont have those pop ups, im using Adobe premiere for video editing. I just want to disable it from running on background when i start up my computer. There are like 7 programs like: CE helper (2x), creative cloud, genuine software service, IPC broker and update service.

  8. This shit just came to me yesterday. It never in all my life having "off the charts" Photoshop 😛 So how the hell it got onto my computer is beyond me, maybe some adobe shit got updated / installed and put that on, sneaky fuckers. Thanks for the tutorial.

  9. Thank god I found this. When I finally got rid of it, I was like "MWAHAHAHAAAAAAA GET THE FUCK OFF OF MY COMPUTER!"

  10. For those wondering if this works on Windows 10, it does, I've been using it every day since last fall with Win10 and all is well. 🙂

  11. This video is perfect. IT'S PERFECT. Narrated. To the Point. Solves this Shit. P E R F E C T I O N.

  12. I am leveling up and i'm getting closer and closer rank PC-MASTER everytime i watch a video with a such high ratio of Quality/Quantity of information in this short amount of time.

    That "How to" Video&Audio is optimized close to perfection.
    I honestly appreciate people like you who don't waste time, especially my time.

    Also, the comment section is full of valuable information that might help or clarify specific conditions.

    Edit : Overall, i wanted to let you know that the world would be a better place with more people like you, thank you

  13. This video was posted on 1/27/2018 and I just got the Adobe message today, 7/5/2019, for the first time. Why is that?

  14. Thank you for helping me out by showing me how to do it the "right" way😊☺
    P.S. not everyone figures out how to do this the "helpful" way "without" failing or commonly having a different proccess☺😊🤞🏽

  15. Adobe are being really bad towards all it's loyal users some of who have been with Adobe since 1992/93

  16. For MAC users who have this coming back after a few days: just delete all Adobe GCClient (library/ApplicationSupport/Adobe/Adobe GCClient) folder content. It worked for me

  17. I uninstalled photoshop couple years ago but this shit was left behind an was monitoring me whole this time. I just deleted whole C:Program Files (x86)Common FilesAdobe folder and now I classify programs/folders/registry entries with word `adobe` as a malware – exterminate with delete button!

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