How to Connect Multiple JBL Speakers Together

How to Connect Multiple JBL Speakers Together

Hey everyone. I’m Max Dalton, and in this video I’m going
to show you how to connect multiple JBL speakers together. The JBL Connect feature available on most
JBL Bluetooth speakers, such as the JBL Clip, JBL Flip, JBL Charge, and JBL Xtreme, lets
you connect up to 100 JBL devices together. If you have multiple JBL speakers and don’t
want to invest in a larger stereo system, this can be a great option for increasing
your audio output. Additionally, connecting two or more JBL Bluetooth
speakers together is straightforward and can be done in a few seconds. Now let’s walk through the steps to connect
multiple JBL speakers together. Step 1. Power on any of the JBL speakers you want
to connect to each other. Step 2. Ensure that any JBL speakers you want to connect
together are connected via Bluetooth to the same source. In this example, I’m looking at the Bluetooth
screen on my iPhone, and I can see that both my JBL Flip 4 and JBL Charge 4 are showing
as connected. If you need instructions around how to pair
your JBL speaker with a Bluetooth device, I link to a video in the description that
will help you. Step 3. After both JBL speakers are connected, start
playing your audio. The audio will play through one of the speakers. Step 4. Press the “JBL Connect” button on the speaker
playing audio. The JBL Connect button looks like an hour
glass with a plus sign next to it. Now, press the “JBL Connect” button on any
of the additional JBL speakers that aren’t currently playing audio. After a few seconds, the audio will come through
those JBL speakers as well. Congratulations! You now know how to connect multiple JBL speakers
together. Thanks for watching. Leave your thoughts and questions in the comments
section below. If you liked what you saw here, click the
video link on the right side of the screen to check out another video, or click the logo
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55 thoughts to “How to Connect Multiple JBL Speakers Together”

  1. tried to pair 2 jbl flip 4 speakers through an iphone (with and without the jbl app) and we kept getting choppi-ness / cut out in 2nd speaker. any suggestions?

  2. I have had a flip4 and just bought an Xtreme. I followed all your steps, but only the Flip 4 is
    playing. The flip 4 has a + mark on the connect button but the xtreme (which is
    newer) does not. Is that the reason? Is there a work around?

  3. I connected two flip4 to my laptop. When I press the connect-button, the first speaker stops playing and the second starts playing. But as soon as I press that button on the second flip4 the audio stops playing from it and starts playing on my laptop. And no matter how long I wait, both speaker do not play the audio. How can I fix that? I can stop the music playing from my laptop by using the buttons on the speaker, so I guess they are well connected to the source.
    Thank you in advance for your answer 🙂

  4. I have 3 JBL speakers. Can I connect 2 Charge 3 speakers together for stereo sound but also have a JBL Boombox connected although it's not in stereo. 2 in stereo mode and 1 in party mode all together? Kinda like simulating a surround sound set up

  5. so Marshall Killburn has a pairing feature to pair to other marshalls speakers. My friend has a JBL with the pairing showed in this video. Is it possible to link the two together? or is completely different tech?

  6. JBL Boombox and Extreme 1 won’t pair together. Boombox uses Connect+ and the Extreme uses Connect.

  7. When you pair speakers does it become true left and right stereo? You get left and right out of one box as it sits. Mono stereo from the factory

  8. Thanks for the vid, Max, very nice.

    Do you know if either of the following can work?

    Use a 3.5mm audio splitter to input to twoJBL Flip 4 speakers (I think these are only JBLs w/ AUX input)? Seems logical, but JBL won't commit to telling me it works.

    Play music on a Flip 4 using an analog 3.5mm cable connected to AUX port, then use Connect+ to connect to 2nd Connect+-enabled JBL speaker, so the 2nd one also plays the input from the AUX?

    Thanks for any insight

  9. UPDATE: Please note that a JBL Connect speaker can only connect to other JBL Connect speakers, a JBL Connect+ speaker can only connect to other JBL Connect+ speakers, and a PartyBoost speaker can only connect to other PartyBoost speakers. Also, the process to connect multiple JBL speakers with the newer PartyBoost is exactly the same, it's just a different technology. Thanks!

  10. Hi there Max Dalton, if You connect 4 jbl Speakers, can you have a Stereo set, two left channel speakers and two right channelspeakers? Or You only have a Party mode?? And do You have an e mail ??

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