100 thoughts to “How to Clean a Laptop Screen”

  1. Isopropyl alcohol is the same as rubbing alcohol , you fucking idiot. I have yet to meet someone who's got no rubbing alcohol. -_-

  2. What You Need:
    Baby Wipes
    Step 1: Take a baby wipe and put it in a circular motion on your screen.

  3. Are you kidding me? It says on my isopropyl alcohol bottle "WARNING:Keep away from electronics, may start fire."

  4. *thumbs up if you turned your laptop upside down read this*. it is nothing unusual its just upside down writing. but people didn't like the joke and voted down

  5. Unfortunately while cleaning the laptop distilled water has fallen on the screen. Screen does not have any guard. After i turned on my laptop, on bottom left of my screen there is a thick line is being shown. How can I remove this. Is there any suggestion???
    Thank you

  6. can i use just normal water with vinger and is it seriously gonna harm my screen like who in the commenrs say?

  7. Water or alcohol-based cleaners are not good choices. There are lots of other parts of your phone that can potentially get damaged by too much liquid. In this digital age, it's easier and effective to sanitize your laptop screens by using UV light and for mobile devices is by using a phone sanitizer. I'm using atom cleanse device which is more effective in getting rid of bacteria and germs present in our phones, ipads, etc.

  8. To blow dust from the notebook's screen before using a towel (to avoid scratches) does it matter if you use a simple dust blower with a dustfilter or should it be antistatic like the 'Visible Dust Zeeion Blower'?

  9. tf is the point of alcohol and/or vinegar? does it actually prevent scratches or something or are ppl trying to eat spaghetti off of their screen and worried about germs? water seems fine for smudges and all the what not

  10. Step 6 enjoy your computer screen, then a few seconds later….."did you know 50-90% of computer users have eye problems" lol.

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