How to Buy a Computer : How to Connect a DVD Drive

How to Buy a Computer : How to Connect a DVD Drive

Hi this is Matt Dinatale representing,
and in this clip I want to show you how to install a DVD drive. Now what you leave outside of your case is
some type of power connection. You look for a free molex connection power cable. As you
could see on the back of a DVD rom drive here, it is for your power and you also need a available
IDE cable for the connection for you computer. If you don’t know what those are you look
into your motherboard manual that should of came with your PC to locate your IDE connections.
Now you may have you may have one available that is also connected to another drive. Now,
there is where this little pin here comes into to play you have master and cable selected.
Now what that is now lets say that I already had a DVD on here, more then likely it is
going to be a master. So if you go down to the lower connection it would probably be
a slave. Now cables select that would mean that if it is cable select that means that
it would automatically find it would pick the selection for you. But, if it is cable
select all your drives need to be cable select in order for that to work. So let me show
you before I install how the connections go. I like to connect the power first so if you
see here plug in the power and if you notice there is a little red stripe on one side of
the ribbon cable here now that goes towards the power so right straight to the power.
Also there is a notch on the IDE cable letting you know that it is only going to go one way.
The easies way to figure it out is just looking at the red stripe. So that would go in like
this and make sure that is snug in there. So now lets go ahead and install the drive
into the bed that we want. I’m going to put it on the top one. So it is simply just lining
up the rails. Hear it click. It is in, plug in the cables. Make sure that it is snug in there. Making sure that your cables inside are not
on any fans or in the way of any moving parts and then getting your face, putting that back
on. Most of them just simply pop right back in. there we go. Put in the side panel back
on and turning on the PC. Now your DVD rom drive probably did come with software so once
you plug in your computer, turn your PC on you would need to install the software so
you could utilize your DVD rom. That is installing a DVD rom drive.

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  1. This was EXTREMELY HELPFUL! I didn't know what I was doing at first, but now I can watch vids on my computer, THANKS! 😀

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