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  1. Surprised you didn't use an AMD processor with real cores and not theoretical hyperthreaded intel cores

  2. For anyone looking this trades 3 monitors fine + games every game currently 🙂

    i7 4790k

    gtx 970 (Thunder Master)

    16GB DDR4 RAM (corsair)

    SSD (Samsung Evo8)

  3. please make sure before touching any components to get rid of all static electricity by touching some kind of metal like the case or a metal table etc.

  4. One tip is to use 2 hard drives (or 2 partitions) if you plan to also use it as a personal computer. Then have one disk dedicated to trading only, no extra downloads, cruft, etc.. and reboot into the 2nd windows disk if you plan to use it for personal use.

  5. Hey Clay can you also do video about what tablet is good for trading on the go. Most of the day I'm in the car. I would like to know if tablet or laptop would be good to use. Also, is ipad also good for trading? I'm also curious if you can pimp a car and make a trademobile out of it. 😁

  6. Does it take something all that beefy? All's I have is a laptop and I haven't gotten into anything yet, but I didn't have knowledge of needing higher tech gear.

  7. i have a bunch of questions. Why a quadro gpu? why not a faster nvme ssd of similar pricing? e.g samsung sm series or 961 pro. why not more cores for the same price or higher?

  8. I love building pc's! Went with a Quadro? That's an interesting choice lol if you don't mind me asking why not an nvidia 1080gtx? Or a gtx of any kind really?

  9. dont buy windows on disk, buy it on USB. windows sells it that way. much easier for installs, and dont need a cd drive anymore

  10. im buying a 2017 imac, would you say getting the more expensive I7 core version is worth it or I5 would work good??

  11. One huge tip for any computer build. Do your "board build"!
    Install CPU (with fan and heat sink), RAM, video on motherboard and connect the power to the motherboard from the power supply. Connect the monitor to the video card. User a screwdriver to short the pins for the power button…or connect the power button, but that might not reach. Shorting the pins by touching the screwdriver tip to the pins (locate the pins using the motherboard manual diagram, you have the manual…right?? lol) is just like hitting the power button. If you get video to the monitor (POST screen only as hard drive is not yet connected with operating system) and the CPU fan spins, you're in business. If not, you just found out you have some troubleshooting to do. Better to realize this now than after you've gone to all the trouble of getting everything mounted in the case, and then realize there's a problem.
    Defective motherboards are common. This is a good way to make sure yours is good before mounting it in the case. Same with video card, but those are less likely to be defective. CPU and RAM even less so as they are generally more solid.
    Once you complete the board build, disconnect the monitor, remove the video card, unhook all power, and install the motherboard with CPU and RAM in place into the case.
    I'm not seeing any specific videos on this. But this is how I learned back in the day as a PC tech working in tech shops. We'd normally have a separate workbench for board builds with a dedicated monitor, etc.

  12. Don't forget to take off any plastic covers on any of the components. Especially on the cpu heat-sink!!! @8:20 you can see the cover is still on the bottom of the heat-sink. Clay if you see this, check up on the computer!

  13. Also $AMD new Ryzen chips are out more powerful and cheaper than i7, don't waste your money on Intel, you will overpay for less performance

  14. The "backplate" you installed is actually an IO-Shield. A backplate the on the back of the motherboard on some bigger cpu coolers.

  15. I'll put my MAC up against anything these Dorks who waste their time and Money building! I spend less money at end of the day..and buy the Most expensive top MAC every couple of years. I spend my free time chasing Tail. Have fun running Windows and spending time with software debugging and viruses. Most people will never learn their conditioned to think this Paperweight is a Ferrari. I just buy the Ferrari save myself from being a Dork!

  16. I just bought on ALIENWARE- Aurora (high performance gaming computer) from www.dell.ca, changed from one video card to Dual AMD Radeon RX580 video cards (+$150) and upgrade from 16 GB ram to 32GB (+$250), can run 6 monitors at once. Very good deal for the new year. (Intel® Core™ i7 8700K (6-Core/12-Thread, 12MB Cache, up to 4.7GHz w/ Intel® Turbo Boost Technology)

  17. As I mentioned somewhere earlier,I was intimidated with all the computer screens behind u in ur videos. …so ,do we need 2-4 computers to trade?….omg….not sure if I will ever get into this trading…

  18. WTF you dont need a fuckin i7+Quadro+16gb ram for trading, a i3+1050ti+8gb ram will be more than enough. But maybe if you want more screens go with a different GPU, but for 2-3 screens the 1050ti is more than capable

  19. Newly bought motherboards have 5% DOA/RMA rate as a norm for the industry. Might be better to spend $2k on a new 27" iMac with applecare. Pugetsystems.com have expensive but very reliable computers and many articles on parts reliability.

  20. Curious question. If you are trading from a physical PC, you run the risk of internet or power cutting out. You can use a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) to deal with the power going out, but the internet, maybe if you have an alternative, one would cut out and the other would have to connect. So, isn't it better to use a virtual PC that is hosted, rather than a physical one? Also, if you could host closer to the exchange, I think the BUY/SELL messages will be executed quicker. Am I wrong here? Cos I was thinking what PC to buy, and wondered if my wizz bang PC would just be an interface to connect to a more reliable faster virtual PC hosted close to the exchange, and hence, anything more than basic would be a waste of money. Thoughts?

  21. Hi Clay, Happy Thanksgiving. Big Thanks for the sharing, I learn a lot. This video was done a year ago. If you have to do it again with the latest Gadgets /Parts available at this time, what would you change in the part list or a new recommended part list ?

  22. I am physicist also and trader.After reading about radiation and its biology i hate cpus and pcs .I now only trade from my ipad.I hate computers.Well i am trading from ipad always.Ans it was remotely can go here and there.I have desktop 10years old 😂 , dell vostro but it was first model of celeron duo at that time.Costed me 230$s at that time.

  23. Complete building noob holy shit know ur parts before doing a build guide man what tha fuck ur no different from a derp

  24. I wanna learn trading but now i work at a place fixing computers and you made this build look so easy– you rock

  25. its not a m.2 hard drive or a m.2 card its a m.2 or m.2 ssd
    its a optical drive not a cd drive
    the reason you dont touch the bottom of the cpu is because you could easily bend the pins
    use a pea size dot on the center of the cpu
    the placement is not different on every motherboard
    its a io shield not a back plate

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